20 Photo Ideas for Instagram from Famous Influencers

instagram picture ideas

If you dream of having a visually captivating and beautiful Insta feed, then you’re probably constantly on the lookout for new photo ideas for Instagram. To stay relevant on this social media platform, you always have to be in tune with the current trends while adapting popular ideas to your own style and Instagram photo editing approach.

1. Bright & Moody Travel Photos

Insta accounts for inspiration: @ashleighsutlive, @sejsejilija, @earthpix

photo ideas for instagram travel

Taking travel photos is one of those foolproof Insta photo ideas that you can always rely on. When it comes to Instagram posts, your best chance of interesting your subscribers is publishing travel pictures of you or other people.

While you can upload multiple stunning landscape photos as well, your feed will look more appealing when it features images that show your hands, legs, or a prop that you’re holding.

photo ideas for instagram travel from plane

One of the most popular photo ideas for Instagram that you’ll regularly see in the feeds of most bloggers is a picture of an airplane wing/tail taken through a window. To ensure this image looks interesting and unique, pick a moment where you can see quaint clouds in the background and include the window frame in the shot to receive natural framing on such photo posts.

2. Insta Shot with a Pet

Insta accounts for inspiration: @jiffpom, @cobythecat, @theaestheticanimals

photo ideas for instagram with pet

If you have a pet, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be the hero of a couple of your Instagram photos while you let your creativity run free. You should also consider employing a free dog photo editor to ensure the pet picture looks more appealing.

photo ideas for instagram with pet family look

You can take elevate this idea to the next level by creating similar looks for you and your pet. You can wear the same clothes, similar elements and details, and your post will be bound to catch a lot of attention online.

If you want to achieve certain photo effects, make use of premade Lightroom presets for pet photography.

3. Luxury Plus Fast Food Idea

Insta accounts for inspiration: @jiffpom, @therealfashionblogger, @ericasgirlyworld

photo ideas for instagram luxury and fast food

A lot of Insta bloggers frequently rely on contrast in their posts. For instance, they wear luxury attire or a party dress while eating pizza, pasta, or a burger. Such a photo looks more creative and instantly attracts the attention of the subscribers.

4. Beauty Routine at Home

Insta accounts for inspiration: @amyserrano, @christaallen, @lyssamariexo

photo ideas for instagram beauty routine

If you prefer lifestyle Instagram feeds that are filled with candid everyday photos, then this idea that doesn’t require any special preparations or effort should be right up your alley. Simply take the picture while you’re going through your regular beauty routine and post it online.

Apply the mask and use a couple of homey props. Those can be a drink, a book or magazine, some flowers, or anything else that you want to include in the shot. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, consider doing milk bath photography since it’s guaranteed to grab the attention of your subscribers.

photo ideas for instagram beauty routine with daughter

Do you have a daughter? Then include her in the beauty routine and take a picture together to capitalize on this popular family picture idea.

5. Creative Birthday Photo

Insta accounts for inspiration: @sienna.and.i, @mariotestino, @the_wild_bride

photo ideas for instagram birthday

Make sure to take a special photo for your birthday. The more creative it is, the better. One of the latest trends is coming up with a well-thought-out evening look (possibly a dramatic one) and sitting near a cake. Implement this birthday photoshoot idea and your Instagram post is bound to get a lot of attention.

6. Street Style Pic Idea

Insta accounts for inspiration: @jodielapetitefrenchie, @itsyuyann, @allisonjwhalen

photo ideas for instagram beauty routine

Make your feed more captivating and trendy by taking advantage of street fashion-style Instagram photo ideas. Such photos heavily rely on properly chosen attire, accessories, and having someone take a candid photo of you. Gather inspiration by looking at model poses for photoshoot sessions that have the subject look natural and relaxed while walking.

7. Instagram-Styled Love Story

Insta accounts for inspiration: @couplegoals, @howfarfromhome, @BrinsonBanks

photo ideas for instagram couple

Instagram should be mostly focused on your daily life, so save the majority of your couple photoshoot ideas for the family album.

Take a photo during a walk or whilst you’re out having fun. Don’t be afraid to look silly, as this will only make your photos look more special, and make sure your feed stands out from loads of similar ones with staged images of couples in love.

photo ideas for instagram couple eating

If you’re having a hard time relaxing in front of the camera or don’t know how to interact with your partner to receive candid photos, grab some food. Simply eat, talk, laugh, have fun, and pretend the photographer doesn’t even exist.

8. Selfie Variations

Insta accounts for inspiration: @laurenconrad, @sincerelyjules, @pilotmadeleine

photo ideas for instagram selfie

It’s impossible to discuss ideas for cute pics for Instagram without mentioning selfies. If you want your photo to stand out from the rest, search for some creative self portrait photography ideas and make all the necessary preparations.

9. Photo on a Beach

Insta accounts for inspiration: @jannesonbense, @tiffwang_, @petehalvorsen

photo ideas for instagram beach

You won’t surprise anyone on Instagram with a seaside bathing suit photo, which is why you can benefit from looking for more interesting beach photoshoot ideas. Even if you simply replace your bathing suit with a summer dress and take the photos late in the evening, you’ll already stand out from most other bloggers.

photo ideas for instagram sand

If you’re frequently updating your page and prefer to carefully plan your content, you’ll need some transitional shots for your feed. For instance, you can take a picture of your hands while sand is running through your fingers.

10. Spontaneous Candid Shots

Insta accounts for inspiration: @tannermmann, @nicoleamcintosh, @lifetolauren

photo ideas for instagram accidental shot

Nothing is more suitable for Instagram than unplanned photos. The images that have small flaws from a professional photographer’s point of view are especially valuable. That’s why if you notice a bit of blur in your photo, don’t use apps to unblur pictures to get rid of it, since it’s far more important to preserve the natural look of the photo.

11. Flatlay Insta Ideas

Insta accounts for inspiration: @the_good_elements, @missomalondon, @tyciadchannel

photo ideas for instagram flatlay

Flatlay images are particularly popular among Instagram users. While it might seem like such photos contain randomly placed props, in reality, you need to have in-depth composition and color theory knowledge to create a unified picture.

For this photography style, you’ll need to select props that share the same theme, for instance, those can be makeup products, jewelry, or household items as long as they are centered around the same idea, concept, or style.

use smartphone to take travel photos

Depending on your idea and Instagram feed style, the props in the flat lay image can be laid out in straight lines instead of the chaotic arrangement used by most people.

12. Adding some Warmth

Insta accounts for inspiration: @peonyandhoney, @polly.florence, @rusticwildarrow

photo ideas for instagram cozy

If you prefer to take a picture to post on Instagram that has more warm tones, then you should consider using elements that convey a warm, comfortable mood. Use “homey” props like a cup of freshly-made coffee or tea, hand-woven items, lights, candles, etc.

photo ideas for instagram books

While homey photos are a good fall picture idea, more neutrally-themed photos are more universal. For instance, a shot that contains books, vintage tableware, and other similar elements will fit any feed regardless of the season.

13. Insta Breakfasts

Insta accounts for inspiration: @breakfastwitaview, @cannellevanille, @thefauxmartha

photo ideas for instagram breakfast

An aesthetically pleasing and appetizing breakfast is an inseparable part of most Instagram feeds. You can implement this idea nearly anywhere – at home, in your hotel room, at a resort, in a street coffee shop, or in other suitable locations.

The key here is using photogenic food and shooting at a location with sufficient daytime lighting to avoid editing food photos in Photoshop.

14. Having Fun with Friends

Insta accounts for inspiration: @groupphotos, @oliviarink, @drcuerda

photo ideas for instagram having fun

Add even more positive, emotional photos to your Instagram feed. Pictures that show you having fun with your friends are the perfect fit for this purpose.

If you’ve decided to organize a group photo shoot to take Instagram pictures, select the most creative and unusual friends photography ideas available, find interesting locations, and come up with fitting looks.

15. Promote Sport Activities

Insta accounts for inspiration: @adrienelouise, @kayla_itsines, @yasminkarachiwala

photo ideas for instagram sports

If you’d like to promote positive values to your subscribers, post photos of you doing sports. Find beautiful attire that highlights your figure and choose appealing photo poses for women to motivate the viewers to take up sports as well.

photo ideas for instagram sports levitation

Would you like to showcase your athletic figure more creatively? Put in a bit more effort and implement one of those photo manipulation ideas that will make you look like you’re floating.

16. Coffee is a Must Have

Insta accounts for inspiration: @driftmag, @acmeandco, @manmakecoffee

photo ideas for instagram coffee

Coffee is a mainstay subject in Instagram posts, so it will probably end up being a part of a lot of your images. Regardless of what context you go with, such a photo is bound to look good in your feed.

17. Collages

Insta accounts for inspiration: @formandtype, @clashing.squirrel, @from_delphine

photo ideas for instagram collage

If you have a lot of similar photos and want to show as many of them as possible to your subscribers, you can create collages in Photoshop or another specialized application. To make sure the collage looks natural, make sure all the photos are taken in the same style while the background and borders match their content.

18. Party Details

Insta accounts for inspiration: @beautybird, @brides, @geronimoballoons

photo ideas for instagram cake

When you’re taking photos at a birthday party or other event, remember to take pictures of specific details. Popular Instagram picture ideas focus on the cake, festive table, or décor details, among many other suitable options.

19. Unusual Makeup

Insta accounts for inspiration: @maryphillips, @babskymakeup, @jilliandempsey

photo ideas for instagram make up

This idea is mostly only suitable for creative individuals since it requires a lot of preparation and is hard to implement. Apply bright makeup and add glitter, flowers and petals, small branches, etc.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to perform complex image corrections to ensure the photo looks professional, which is why you should probably leave that task to WeEdit Photos experts.

fall picture ideas photo correction services

Professional retouchers will handle all aspects of the image editing process, getting rid of imperfections, improving the skin tone, smoothing out wrinkles, and performing other necessary manipulations.

20. Show Off Some of the Backstage Processes

Insta accounts for inspiration: @rachelryle, @damienhirst, @pichiavo

photo ideas for instagram behind the scene

If you’re promoting any kind of services on your Instagram account, show the manufacturing process to your subscribers. Depending on what exactly you’re doing, there are all kinds of behind the scene photography ideas you can explore: the process of creating a painting, crafting jewelry items, baking a cake, etc.

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