Natural Frames in Photography 17 Amazing Examples

photography natural framing

When it comes to building a composition, natural framing is a great starting point. The main essence of framing is to highlight the core subjects and instantly direct viewers’ gaze to them. Besides, if you frame your scene properly, you will get not only objects located nearby but a story that spurs interest.

Using natural frames in photography is a rewarding activity but it requires some practice. With the ideas listed below, you will grasp how to find frames around you more quickly.

1. Create Partial Frames

natural frames in photography partial frame

No need to chase natural frames that cover 4 sides of an image. In fact, if you manage to find a natural object that creates a 2- or 3-sided frame for a shot, you will get a very eye-pleasing photo. Sometimes, even a 1-sided frame works perfectly for accentuating the main subject.

I also recommend paying attention to concave shapes around you. This can be something like a bridge, arch, entwined plants, or hands. Such elements cover 2 or 3 sides of a photo and make a composition balanced.

2. Include Body Parts

natural frames in photography body parts

If there is nothing around you that can serve as natural frames in photography, you can ask a model to hold her/his arms or hands in such a way that they make an interesting frame. In case you work with professional dancers or athletes, they are flexible enough to make such frames while moving. The result will be surely fantastic.

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3. Incorporate Natural Rock Arches

natural frames in photography natural rock arches

Nature is magnificent and places with rock arches look especially atmospheric. You can find such objects in national parks, as well as on beaches and shorelines. It isn’t necessary to look for large stones to receive a spectacular photo. In fact, smaller rock arches are no less impressive.

4. Visit a Topiary Garden

natural frames in photography topiary garden

Dealing with natural framing in photography, you shouldn’t neglect natural objects that were shaped in a specific way by humans. This mainly refers to topiary gardens where bushes and trees are trimmed by people. Visiting such a place, you will see lots of picture-perfect shapes, complete and partial frames that can become a wonderful background for any image.

5. Experiment with Light and Shadows

natural frames in photography light

Keep in mind that frames can be fixed and movable. The latter are very interesting to work with but you have to monitor them meticulously to achieve an arresting result. The most popular sample of movable frames is shadows and light.

natural frames in photography shadows

If you manage to photograph your model in the space between highlights and darkness, you will get a terrific silhouette shot or an abstract image. Besides, you can use shadows to create a dark background and draw viewers’ attention to what is depicted in the foreground.

6. Compose the Shot with People as Frames

natural frames in photography people

If you are going to take images at a crowdy celebration or similar gatherings, you get a fantastic chance to experiment with photography natural framing, involving masses. Of course, such a process requires thorough preparation but pictures with many people making up a frame always look awe-inspiring.

7. Eliminate the Negative Space with Framing

natural frames in photography negative space

Every shot has negative space but sometimes it occupies a too large piece of composition. If this is your case, you should conceal it with natural frames. Look around and think about what natural object you can use. These can be sky, trees, etc.

natural frames in photography negative space

If you fill the negative space while shooting, you will have to spend less time cropping, cloning, and airbrushing your images in photo editing software for photographers later.

8. Shoot Through Windows

natural frames in photography window

Windows are unrivaled if you want to add intrigue to your pictures. Whether you photograph a person from the front or the back, an image will instantly spike interest and make the audience think out the entire story. You can use windows in buildings, as well as car ones. Ask your model to look pensively through the window or mimic any other emotion.

9. Add a Frame within a Frame with Mirrors

natural frames in photography mirror

If you have some experience in manipulating natural frames in photography, you can use mirrors. With them, you actually get 2 photos in one – the scene in the mirror and the scene outside it. Wedding photographers frequently use such a technique while capturing the bride’s and groom’s reflections.

natural frames in photography mirror

Since such mirrors usually have decorations, you receive an aesthetic framing option. Using mirrors, you can add a bit of mysticism to a composition as well. Besides, such props serve perfectly for realizing creative self portrait photography ideas.

10. Experiment with Frame’s Shapes and Sizes

natural frames in photography shape

Nowadays, we can find frames of different shapes and sizes. Though we are accustomed to square and rectangular frames, when it comes to photography, you’d better choose something less trivial.

natural frames in photography circle shape

I highly recommend using triangle and circle frames as they immediately add visual interest to a picture. There are no stringent rules on how to arrange such frames. Everything depends on your creative vision and ideas.

11. Create Vignetting with Natural Elements

natural frames in photography vignetting

Vignetting is a highly popular technique that aims at focusing viewers’ attention on the main subject by reducing the impact of other items. In general, vignetting is a darker or lighter halo in the corner of a shot that gradually fades away as it gets closer to the center. If you want to use such photography natural framing method in your pictures, you should ensure there are no protruding branches and other elements in the middle of an image.

12. Capture Frosty and Foggy Windows

natural frames in photography foggy windows

Frosty patterns on glass not only add festive vibes to photos but can also create a “window within a window” effect. You can receive a similar mood by shooting through a foggy window. However, you need to clean a small piece of glass and photograph through it.

13. Keep the Frame out of Focus to Add Depth

natural frames in photography focus

Adding depth to a photo, namely, its foreground part is actually very easy. You need to keep the lens at a short distance from the object so that it can’t focus properly. Thus, you will achieve beautiful blurriness and softness in photos. When the foreground items are out of focus, an image looks very intriguing, enticing people to look and scrutinize it longer.

14. Use Trees as Frames

natural frames in photography trees

Natural frames in photography can vary. But when we need to find lots of them in one place, we should head to the nearby forest or park. Trees and bushes usually create fantastic frames that require no adjustments. Examine the spot, think of what image you want to get, and start photographing.

15. Frame the Subject with a Door

natural frames in photography doors

If you work indoors or want to incorporate an ornate architectural element in your photo, you should use doorways, arches, and windows as frames. They make it easy to choose a proper focus and experiment with angles. Door frames are ideal if you need a full-body portrait. You can ask a model to pose in front of the door or on the side of it.

16. Make Sure the Framing Adds Context to the Scene

natural frames in photography context

If you decided to experiment with natural framing in photography, you should depict a logical connection between the subject captured and the frame. For example, you can photograph newlyweds in the ancient church with arches that serve as organic frames.

natural frames in photography context

Or you can take images of ballet dancers on the stage when they are moving and bending their bodies in such a way that you can trace frames. There are lots of offbeat pencil vs camera ideas you can use in this case.

17. Select an Interesting Subject

natural frames in photography subject

Undoubtedly, finding a cool frame for a composition can totally overhaul its perception. However, this is only half a success. The subject you photograph is no less important. You need to interest viewers with the scene in the first place and retain the evoked interest with captivating framing.

natural frames in photography subject

If you are doubtful about whether you’ve chosen the subject properly, there are several important photoshoot tips you should use. First off, evaluate how interesting the subject without framing is. Secondly, add the frame and check out whether the overall interest is ramped up. If you say “yes” to both questions, you’ve done everything properly.

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