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Photo editor jobs that are offered in this company open new horizons for those people, who see their future working with photo industry. This firm suggests choosing online photo editing jobs which are focused on different retouching brunches. This article contains photo editor job description of every type of suggested position. Every job deals with some particular type of photography and photo drawbacks. Therefore, every editor will find exactly alluring brunch of editing and get a dreamed position.
Photography Post Production
Get employed for photo editing jobs online that is connected with direct help for photographers that do not have spare time for professional and deep image processing. Here it is needed to know the basis of culling and general enhancement, which is also called starting editing. Direct cooperation with photographers is inevitable, but there is a probability to co-work with permanent clients.
Professional Portrait Retouching
Often portrait editing is seen as separate filed of editing work, but in wedding retouching it also occupies not the last place. Portraits usually compile the bulk of wedding photo sessions. Thus, becoming a master in this sphere will be quite a successful decision.
Fashion Photo Editing
Wedding editors deal not only with private retouching. Often magazines and fashion agencies ask to enhance pictures for printing and displaying as some pieces of advertisements. Therefore, here knowledge of the latest trends will be a great bonus.
Photo Color Correction
Modern editing programs enable to improve a picture considerably without any artificial manipulations. Sometimes, when an image has been done quite successfully and professionally, good color changing and saturation are enough. When a professional seats in front of a monitor, colors become a powerful tool for picture correction.
Background Removal
These widespread photo editing online jobs deal only with photo backdrop without any touching any other sphere. If concentrating on limited tasks is preferable for you, then choosing this variant is beneficial. Still modern editing options enable to reveal all shades of imagination and creativity.
Wedding Photography Post Processing
People who have got this position will deal with raw wedding images that must be sorted, as usually the number of shots is more than one thousand. Profound knowledge of culling is obligatory as well as good communicative skills. This position combines the necessity of theoretical knowledge and readiness to understand customers.
High End Photo Retouching
This editing has not much in common with private editing, as it is focused mainly on retouching for magazines and fashion catalogs. Here the aim is to make final image bright and shining so that they are eye-candy.
Digital Photo Enhancement
This work will require digital editing, which is the most convenient way of modern retouching. Here specialists are asked to do versatile photo manipulations and collages. Be confident that final results are also beyond any expectation.
Photo Retouching
If there is hesitation what limited sphere of editing to choose, start working with the most basic one. Here it is necessary to know all brunches of retouching. That is a more complicated task, but still the working horizons are wider and the common process of editing is more fascinating.
Wedding Photography Editing
There is an exceptional possibility to work with wedding pictures and watch how they are changing and enhancing. The number of possible tools to use is wide. Therefore, these photo editing jobs cannot be named as boring and limited ones.

Photo editor jobs – find your one

Photo editing jobs are versatile occupations that are the most widely asked in the contemporary market of image enhancing that lure young specialists. Usually various newspapers, publishers, websites and editing companies employ editors in order to get posted photos of high-quality to make their advertised or displayed products catching for clients. Therefore, those who have chosen online photo editing jobs, are usually tasked with culling, position and retouching of pictures to be used either for private need or e-commercial publications. Depending on the aim of editing the whole process may come through various make-overs and photo editing jobs may acquire particular specialties to be noticed.

In general retouchers process and prepare images for some particular projects. Before working clients announce their requirements and recommendations to be followed. Very often, in case of collaboration with experienced photo makers, editors should take into account the presence of a unique style. Sometimes, retouchers may be asked to organize an existing staff of photographers in order to get the raw material of the highest possible quality. Often editors may work as also photographers. But still this state of affairs is common for smaller organizations. In this firm there is a certain set of duties and photo editing jobs online contain only enhancing tasks.

Requirements to get photo editor jobs

The first thing that is needed to become a pretender for photo editing jobs is proper education. Typically, photo manipulators have a bachelor degree in a special problem that is related to modern visual arts, contemporary photography or digital media. Still, the availability of education certificate is not enough as all skills will be tested before photo editing jobs online or not less demanding freelance photo editing jobs will be given.

Moreover, for employing for photo editing online jobs having a previous experience as a photo maker is preferable. This way a candidate will have deeper awareness of working algorism of contemporary photo editing services for photographers.

In case you pretend not only for common freelance, photo editing job at home or some starting photo editing online jobs, certificate of master`s  degree program is inevitable for having. This certificate will lead you for getting advanced online photo editing jobs.

And the last requirements, but still not less important is availability of retoucher`s portfolio. From pictures that have been processed by your hand it will be clearly seen the average level of your editing. Moreover, comparing your first and last works the progress of retouching will be understood. And that is quite important for applying for photo editing job at home or standard photo editor jobs.

Photo editing job at home – have a home-made career

Not only office photo editing jobs can be selected in the firm. Our specialists are widely offered to be employed for versatile online photo editing jobs from home. These positions should not be confused with freelance photo editing jobs. The difference is in the working process and future duties. If you obtain photo editing job at home, that means that a regular amount of editing tasks will be offered. You will have an opportunity to choose the most comfortable working time, but still deadlines will regulate your work. Additionally, online photo editing jobs from home imply that you will receive photographs for enhancing all month round as a common office worker. And if your choice falls on freelance photo editing jobs, you will get editing tasks only on your request. But still there strict deadlines are also taken into consideration.

Among the pluses of photo editing job at home absence of early wake-ups and necessity to stay in traffic jams can be named. For some specialists these things become crucial when it comes to choosing a position.

Get photo editing online jobs and become a part of a team

Due to completely reasonable photo editing prices and qualified staff this company enjoys the permanent flow of versatile customers. In order to fulfill the desires of every client, a wide set of possible editing brunches are presented. Potential editors may apply for every of the mentioned position.
  • Wedding photo editing job
  • Photo color correction job
  • Fashion photo editing job
  • Portrait retouching job
  • High end photo retouching job
  • Black and white retouching job
  • Background removal job
  • Body retouching job
  • Family photo editing
  • Professional photo enhancement

The process of registration also does not cause considerable problems. For doing this it is demanded to have a curriculum vitae or as it is simply called CV. It should contain all information about the potential candidate. In case there are some unclear questions, specialists from this team will message you.

Additionally, you will have to be registered on our website. This way you will learn more about the company you want to have a work with and see the average level of necessary retouching. In both case this will be practical for you, as one photo editor job description cannot cover all questions. The process of registration is simple. In case of facing troubles, you will see a pop-up window in the lower right corner. Enter you question there and our managers will contact you.

The next important thing is portfolio. It should consist of the most successful samples of your editing. This way it will be possible to assess your skills. Still notice that both for office occupation or online photo editing jobs from home the requirements are identical.

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