Frequently asked questions

How is my image retouched?
All images are retouched by a professional touch-up artist. Please check the retouch examples on our site.
What types of photo editing can you do?
We edit image of different types/styles. Being our client you can get high quality portrait retouching service, professional glamour portrait photo retouching, photo enhancement services, wedding photo editing services, image background removal services, airbrushing service, photo correction services, high end photo retouching as well as the photo culling services.
What is the way to send you the photos?
You can send them via DropBox/WeTransfer or please e-mail them at
If I need just a quote, how is it possible to ask for it?
E-mail us the photos and intructions at
We’ll get in touch with you ASAP.
Is there any limit for the photos I can submit?
There is no limit to the photos you submit.
When will I receive my ready order?
Typically you`ll receive up to 20 photos within 2 days since the moment we`ve got the payment and full instructions with the examples. An editing process for more photos could take up to 3-5 days. A color correction for up to 100 – 200 photos takes 72h.
What is the shortest delivery time?
Either 24 hours with the extra 75% of the order cost or 36 hours with 50% added to the final price of the order (up to 20 photos). For a bulk order the shortest delivery time is 48 h, +75% to the order cost and 72 h, + 50% to the initial cost. The photo editing prices you will be able to find on our site.
Can I send in any type of pics to be worked on?
We work with all file types but it is better, to send us RAW files.
Which output is it possible to ask for?
Jpeg, psd, tiff, dng. The orders for the color correction can be returned either as jpeg files or as the LR catalogue. Culled photos can be returned in the original format without any changes. The retouched orders will be emailed back at your email through the DropBox link.
Do you do heads/eyes swapping, persons/objects inserting?
Yes, we do such type of retouching – the extra edit will be applied.
Should I provide you with reference photos when I order the color correction service?
Our company offers the wedding photo post production as well and yes, submitting the order for the color correction this is obligatory to give us some examples of the style you are looking for, thus we will be able to follow the edit style you’d love to get as the result!
Why is it important to put in instructions?
The more specific you are, the better the end result will be. The best work is done when we know what you want.
What happens if I am not happy with my picture after it has been retouched and will you charge for any remarks I may have?
Just let us know which reworks are needed to be done. We’ll modify the image at no charge if the retoucher missed some of the comments given originally.
Is it possible to change my instructions to the artist once it has been submitted?
Yes but not at your account on the site. Please just email us the additional instructions or any other kind of changes you need to.
Is any trial of no charge offered?
We do offer it, please send us the images at or use WeTransfer/DropBox or any other cloud files storage.
Are my orders secure?
Certainly yes! No worries about using our photo post processing service as the outsource photography editing.
We take care about privacy of our clients’ orders. We won’t ever use your pictures for any other projects.
Are your products guaranteed?
YES! We strive to make sure you are fully satisfied with every photo.
Do you offer any discount?
Yes, we’ve got discount system. Please contact us via e-mail.
How do I pay?
As soon as we’ve got the order we will send the bill. A weekly-monthly payment system can be applied. We’ve got a lot of return clients who prefer to pay us monthly. It is possible to pay via PAYPAL and with the Credit Card as well.
How do I contact you if I have more questions?
We’re happy to give you more information and/or discuss your needs in more detail– simply email us at.
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