About Us

Weedit.Photos is a team of professional retouchers, designers, and digital drawing specialists from all over the globe. We work remotely and accept orders from clients living in different countries. We have been engaged in this activity for almost 20 years and become one of the most reliable services with a very moderate pricing policy.

Beginner and professional photographers, small and large enterprises, as well as individual users, choose our company because of a large list of editing services, high level of quality, attentive approach to work, responsive tech support, and quick turnaround.

We have established a trustworthy partnership with the most influential representatives of different spheres related to photo editing and manipulation. We work with Adobe and Wondershare products, Dell and Wacom supply our experts with cutting-edge equipment, which helps us handle your order quicker. The range of our partners is constantly growing, and both parties achieve their own benefits.

If you are looking for high-quality and timely picture post production services, contact Weedit.Photos.

Our Main Services

When people look for a service to outsource their editing tasks, they typically want to find an all-purpose variant in order to delegate different types of tasks to experts. Our list of services covers all existing photography genres, so regardless of your current project, we will help you out.

It comes as no surprise that people want to look their best in photos. That’s probably the main reason why we receive so many portrait editing orders every day. This is the most popular service on our list, and the range of requirements vary from basic (remove skin defects, fix color tone, make a nose straighter, get rid of dark circles under eyes) to more sophisticated modifications (face reshaping, eye color changing, and removing glare on glasses). We always listen to client’s ideas and try to bring them to life in the shortest period possible.

Wedding photo post processing is no less popular and involves many techniques used for portraits. The biggest issue here is to find a perfect balance between realistic changes and artistic manipulations, but our retouchers never fail to do it. While working with colors, we always ask clients what mood and feel they want their photos to evoke – dramatic atmosphere and joyful, airy vibes require a completely different approach. Once we get detailed info, we can get down to work.

When it comes to glamour and high-end editing, the process can be more time-consuming, especially if you need creative manipulations. In most cases, we work with model’s skin tones, retouch hair and makeup, correct colors, remove wrinkles from clothes and glare from accessories. You can also order background removal/replacement, adding artistic effects, and more.

Before editing images, we always encourage clients to list their requirements so that we can fully understand their wishes and choose a suitable editing style. If you aren’t sure what changes you want to see in pictures, look through our portfolio with samples or refer to our retoucher.

Our Blog

In addition to offering premium photo editing services, we share many useful recommendations and tips with our audience. The blog contains articles about gear, different lighting systems, the best programs editing or management, good-looking poses and makeup, DIY props, concepts for photo sessions, and more. All articles are complemented with our pictures so that you can get inspired for your next photoshoot.

If you want to order photo editing services from Weedit.Photos, call us or leave a message, and we will discuss all the details.

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