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Wedding Photo Editing Services

Editing hundreds of wedding images may become a tedious task, especially if you are just a beginner or it’s a high season now. You can always refer to Weedit.Photos and receive qualified wedding photography editing services. Contact us, if you need fast and professional help.

Our Wedding Photography Editing Services Include:

  • wedding photo editing Service color correction
    Color correction
    from $2.50 per photo
  • wedding photo editor Services makeup adjustment
    Make-up adjustment
    from $2.50 per photo
  • wedding photo edit Services Backdrop replacement
    Backdrop replacement
    from $2.50 per photo
  • wedding photography edit Services Skin tone retouching
    Skin tone retouching
    from $2.50 per photo
  • wedding photo edits Services Stray hair removal
    Stray hair removal
    from $2.50 per photo
  • wedding photography editing Services Clothes editing
    Clothes editing
    from $2.50 per photo
  • wedding editing Services Object removal
    Object removal
    from $2.50 per photo
  • marriage photo editing Services HDR editing
    HDR editing
    from $2.50 per photo
  • wedding photo retouching Services Complex manipulations
    Complex manipulations
    from $2.50 per photo
    20,000+ Images Processed Daily

    It takes just 24 hours to accept an order, discuss the details with a client, improve photos and send them back.


    If you have any questions concerning the ordering process, prices, offered services and whatnot – you can contact our managers 24/7.


    We always follow current wedding retouching quality standards to deliver images of top quality. Our retouchers edit photos without losing quality.

    • wedding photo edit
      Photographer, North Kingstown, Ri

      Thank you for your service. I’m very happy with the job you did. I will recommend you to all my friends. thanks again

    • wedding photography edit
      ALLISON G.
      Mount Meridian, In

      I needed to remove strangers from the background and enhance the skin and teeth.

    • wedding photo edits
      Portrait Photographer, Los Angeles, Ca

      They are BEAUTIFUL!!! Whoever edited my photos I hope I can get them AGAIN! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    • wedding photography editing
      Family Photographer, Williamsville, Ny

      Thanks you guy always do a great job.

    • wedding editing
      Family Photographer, Hampton, Il

      Awesome. Thanks so much. I’m impressed.

    • marriage photo editing feedback
      Portrait Photographer, Lynchburg, VA

      Thanks, I’m happy:)

    • wedding photo retouching feedback
      Portrait Photographer, Hostyn, Tx

      Thank you very much. I am quite pleased with your work, price, and fast turnaround time!

    • wedding photography editing service review
      Street Photographer, Peoria, Il

      Very satisfied thank you very much. You guys were the first editing company that did the job I expected, you are truly amazing. Looking forward to be sending more work with you guys.

    • wedding photo editing service review
      San Antonio, Tx

      I really like how people look  after photo editing by your service. Wonderful results!

    • wedding photo retouching services
      REBECCA J.
      Street Photographer, New York

      Amazing work! thank!

      Professional Wedding Photo Editing Pricing

      0.06 USD / per image

      Services Applied:
      • We Charge for the Total Photos Quantity
      • We Carefully Select the Best Photos for You
      Color Correction
      0.25 USD / per image

      Services Applied:
      • White Color Regulation
      • Contrast Improving
      • Exposure Regulation
      Standard Pack
      119 USD / per wedding

      Services Applied:
      • Maximum 700 Images for the Color Correction
      • It Takes 3-5 Days to Complete the Order
      Pro Pack
      199 USD / per wedding

      Services Applied:
      • Max 700 Images for the Color Correction
      • Simple Editing Work for 20 Images

      Professional Wedding Photo Retouching

      wedding photo editor
      wedding photo editing
      • wedding photo retouching
      • wedding photography edit

        Wedding photographers work hard to take fabulous photos of a marriers, guests, ceremony, decorations, etc. but due to a tight schedule and numerous tasks, they can’t do without professional wedding editing assistance. That’s where Weedit.Photos appears on the stage, helping amateurs and seasoned wedding photographers from all over the globe with a wedding photo editing routine.

        Starting from basic culling and proceeding with artistic wedding edits, we can bring tears to your clients’ eyes.

        Extra Level – US $12.00 (per image)

        • Hair retouching
        • Skin smoothing

        • WB fixing

        • Dodge and Burn Effect

        • Sky replacement

        Wedding Picture Editing – Bright Colors

        wedding photo editing services
        wedding picture editor
        • marriage photo editing
        • wedding photo edit

          If color modification drives you crazy or you don’t know how to achieve the desired color style, just drop us a message and we’ll help you in wedding colors improvement. Our retouchers will make a wedding dress pure white and remove a dirtish tint from the groom’s suit.

          Then we will alter colors of the rest of the objects so that the finished wedding picture looks great yet realistic. With the help of wedding photography retouching we can also make color images B&W to highlight emotions instead of objects in the frame.

          Extra Level – US $12.00 (per image)

          • Hair retouching

          • Body retouching

          • Liquify

          • Skin smoothing

          • WB fixing

          • Dodge and Burn Effect

          • Objects Removal

          Professional Retouching Headshots

          Wedding Photography Retouching – Background

          wedding photography retouch
          wedding retouching
          • wedding photography editing
          • wedding photo editor

            When editing wedding photos, there are many elements we have to enhance or remove, and the background is definitely the most complicated. Since the background in wedding images should serve as a beautiful surrounding for a couple, we can make it blurred, remove distracting items, make colors less flashy, add matching wedding props, fix saturation issues, etc.

            Photographers often ask us to replace the initial background with a more fitting option. We always discuss the wedding picture editing details with our clients, it is very important for us to understand your vision.

            Extra Level – US $12.00 (per image)

            • Background replacement

            • Color improvement

            • Background removal

            • Erasing distracting items

            • Adding props to the background

            • Eliminating harsh shadows

            Wedding Retouching – Props & Accessories

            wedding photo retouch
            wedding photography retouching
            • wedding photo edits
            • wedding photo editing

              While editing macro wedding images of props and accessories, we try to preserve the natural look of objects depicted, just slightly improving colors and removing distracting elements. If we have to improve images of wedding rings, we primarily remove glares and fingerprints.

              Weedit.Photos retouchers fully rely on the clients’ wedding photos retouching demands. We may edit wedding props that are already present in the frame, while in other cases, we may add fitting objects or, on the contrary, remove them.

              Extra Level – US $12.00 (per image)

              • Face retouching

              • Improving white balance and brightness

              • Red-eye effect removal

              • Make-up correction

              • Stray hairs removal
              • Natural skin retouching

              • Brightening Jewelry

              Frequently Asked Questions
              Find Answers to
              Common Questions
              Is culling included in your wedding packages?

              – Photo culling is charged separately. It usually takes 3-4 rounds of revision to select the best images. You can name the approximate number of photos you want to get in the end.

              How can I be sure my order is secure?

              – We follow a strict security policy, so each image we receive is fully protected from third parties. When the editing is over, we send you retouched images and never use them for other projects.

              What is the turnaround time?

              – 3-5 days. It doesn’t include the time a client has to wait for a response after test photos have been submitted.

              What paying methods do you offer?

              – We use a PayPal payment system: credit/ debit cards, eCheck are accepted.

              Can I send you my presets for photo editing?

              – You can send your presets in the Lr-catalog or as JPEG files. Besides, you can attach them to your order. Thus, our color correction experts can achieve the best results with your images.

              Have you photo format restrictions?

              – We accept all file types but you’d better send us RAW files.

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