17 Classic and Trendy Wedding Party Photo Ideas

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Yeah, it’s the bride and groom who naturally receive all the attention on such a big day. But realizing wedding party photo ideas also involves other guests and invited artists in each ceremony. But how can you take the guests and put them all in one shot?

With this list of classic and “not so” ideas, you can easily figure out what resonates with you, what props you want to include in pictures and what shots are out of the question.

1. Bridal Party

wedding party photo ideas bridal party

Capture the real excitement and anticipation that goes along with the wedding preparations. Concentrate on the behind-the-scenes action that takes place as a bride prepares with her bridesmaids. Film the putting on of the make-up and hair, the laughter of the friends putting on the wedding dress, the touching scenes, such as the one where the mother puts on the veil with a delicate touch.

To help everybody relax, why not toast with the bridesmaids? Enjoy this chance of getting some laughs on camera, through the period that is joyous.

wedding party photo ideas bridal party staged

Snap a few posed photos with your friends – embrace them, express your thanks for their support. A stunning women photo pose is having all your bridesmaids facing away from the camera while you stand in the center, turning your head towards the lens – a moment brimming with anticipation and elegance.

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2. Groom Getting Ready

wedding party photo ideas groom getting ready

The groom’s getting-ready moments with his friends are just as interesting and should be captured too. A good wedding party photography idea is to take an image of groomsmen assisting with ties, getting dressed, and sharing a joke. Snapshots of the groom having his hair done or perfecting his tie make wonderful photo poses for men.

wedding party photo ideas groom with friends

Make sure to take images of dad sharing words of wisdom or friends offering a toast to the special occasion. Besides, remember to highlight the strong connection between the groom and his close group of friends, whether it’s through laughter, toasting, or a simple group photograph.

3. First Look

wedding party photo ideas first look

Think about including a first look wedding photo in your must-shot list. Thus, you will show genuine reactions of the soon-to-be-spouses seeing each other for the first time on their special day. It’s a lovely way to preserve true emotions before the joyous ceremony starts. Besides, this idea translates beautifully into a black and white wedding photo.

wedding party picture photo ideas look family

Who says first looks are only reserved for the bride and groom? If you are after touching wedding party picture ideas, you can capture the first look with all the important members of a wedding party: your parents, your bridal squad, and perhaps even your children. This concept will evoke many deep emotions.

4. Traditional Party

traditional wedding party photo ideas

There’s nothing quite like that timeless wedding moment when the newlyweds stand front and center, flanked by their nearest and dearest. Whether it’s a spontaneous burst of laughter or a poised and serious pose, it’s all about capturing sincere emotions.

symmetrical wedding party photo ideas

There’s something truly enchanting about the symmetrical wedding shot. This concept stems from the colors of the bridal party and the backdrop, merging them to create a captivating portrait.

alternating wedding party photo ideas

Photographers also enjoy shaking things up by alternating between bridesmaids and groomsmen for a playful twist on wedding picture ideas.

wedding party photo ideas friendship

Photography ideas for wedding party are endless, but the one best lies in capturing the group candidly as just they would be taken in everyday life, irrespective of it being on the wedding day or not. Such is the setting that unfolds quite naturally when bridesmaids and groomsmen are gathered in a known setting; oftentimes, laughter or banter also accompanies the assembling of these people. Make fun of everything, classical posing is enough.

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5. With Kids

wedding party photo ideas with kids

What could be a sweeter tribute to the day you unite your lives than including your children? If you and your partner have a newborn who won’t be at the reception, make sure to realize adorable baby photoshoot ideas either in the morning or immediately after the ceremony. Ensure the baby is well-fed before starting the photoshoot.

6. Capture Wedding Party Details

wedding party photo ideas details

The little things are what may slip away from memory over time, so it’s crucial to capture them in photos. Your wedding gown, accessories, the bride’s bouquet, and the rings – you invested your heart and time in selecting each of them to ensure your special day is perfect.

wedding party photo ideas venue

Photographing the intricate details of the celebration is just as important as taking bridal party getting ready photos. Concentrate on the venue decorations, the gifts and flowers from your guests, etc.

Highlight the location where you’re celebrating; after all, you chose it with great consideration. Take photographs of both the venue’s ambiance and the newlyweds against its picturesque backdrop.

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7. Heartwarming Photos with Parents

wedding party photo ideas parents

A much-loved wedding family photo idea with a couple at the heart of the frame, surrounded by their parents on either side. This usually happens post-ceremony and a picture typically includes both immediate and extended family members.

While the couple typically features in most family photos, photographers also aim to take individual portraits of mom and dad.

wedding party photo ideas grandparents

As you take wedding photos with parents, be sure to also snap some shots with your grandparents. Whether it’s individual portraits with them or group photographs of your entire extended family, these images will touch hearts every time you look at them.

8. Take Some Candids

candid wedding party photo ideas

If you’ve hired a photographer specializing in reportage wedding photography, you are likely to get an abundance of natural, unposed images. These often result in some of the most captivating wedding photographs.

While spouses are usually the main heroes of wedding photos, photographers also relish capturing moments that reflect the personality of a bridal party. These spontaneous interactions often occur during group posing where everyone is encouraged to engage in casual conversation.

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To improve the quality of your wedding party photos, consider delegating image editing to skilled retouchers. With years of expertise, they perfectly understand how to refine your pictures, even if there are many different defects.

From photo culling and color correction to replacing backgrounds and removing objects, these professionals are capable of satisfying any request you may have.

9. Photos with Siblings

wedding party photo ideas siblings

The wedding party pictures will remain incomplete without the pictures of the couple’s siblings if they have such people of course. Sometimes these pictures come up in a playful and spontaneous nature, while on the other time, the same picture may have a heartrending or somber tone in them.

A photographer must know how to catch the mood of the day and trust his/her own instincts to take them perfectly. Take a picture with your sibling and the newly added brother- or sister-in-law. Make funny poses or just tell each other jokes – make everything lifestyle.

wedding party photo ideas cousins

Besides your siblings, your cousins are often the first friends you have in life. If you’re a tight-knit group, bringing to life some friends photo ideas can be very advantageous.

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10. Group Walk

wedding party photo ideas walk

The classic wedding photo that will truly capture the excitement and romance of the day is a shot of the couple walking together. That could be either a scenic trail, hand in hand, bathed in breathtaking surroundings, or walking across their guests.

Best done in a way where the couple walks naturally and comfortably, relates to each other in their natural manner, and the environment becomes relaxed and intimate.

wedding party photo ideas walk golden hour

During the golden hour, the sun dips low in the sky, enveloping everything in a soft, warm radiance. This lighting effect can produce a romantic and enchanting mood, much like that seen in the best celebrity wedding photos.

11. Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

wedding party photo ideas flower girl

It’s common to have a flower girl in many wedding celebrations, often a daughter, niece, or a special person close to the bride and groom. Therefore, capturing a photo of the flower girl walking down the aisle or posing with the bride is a must.

wedding party photo ideas dog ring bearer

You can also involve your pet in some way in your wedding party photoshoot. This furry companion will gladly play the role of a cute and amusing ring bearer.

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12. Emotions During Vows

wedding party photo ideas vows

If you plan to include reading of own wedding vows, make sure to inform your photographer in advance. This way, they can be prepared to capture such precious moments. Just imagine the romance of a photo depicting a couple as they read their personalized wedding vows to each other!

wedding party photo ideas vows reaction

Another picture-perfect moment to capture and hold dear in your album is photographs of VIPs and other guests during the vow exchange. Whether it’s witnessing tender tears or heartfelt smiles, these emotions will be treasured for a lifetime.

13. Party with Pets

wedding party photo ideas pets

Pets are as much a part of your family as anyone else, so why not include them in the celebration? It’s advisable to plan this with your photographer beforehand and arrange for someone else, like a cousin, to take care of them and handle their transportation to and from the photoshoot.

14. That Kiss

wedding party photo ideas kiss

A tender kiss with the newlyweds in the foreground and the bridal party in the background is another worthy couple photo idea. It highlights the couple while symbolizing their closest friends and siblings standing by them for a lifetime ahead.

wedding party photo ideas that kiss

Bridesmaids can toss their bouquets into the air while groomsmen cheer with their arms raised. Feel free to experiment with various angles, perspectives, and portrait background ideas.

15. Religious Traditions

wedding party photo ideas religious traditions

If religious customs matter, it’s a must-have to discuss suitable wedding party photo ideas with your photographer beforehand.

If it is a Jewish ceremony, go ahead to break the glass to symbolize fragility. If it is a Hindu wedding, tie the knot to symbolize unity, or simply develop your own interesting ritual. Just make sure you write them down somewhere to make your wedding narrative more colorful. Besides, doing so, you can show the traditions to the coming generations and your kids.

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16. Wedding Party Speeches

wedding party photo ideas speeches

Wedding speeches are what you would want to treasure for the rest of your life. Whether it is the heart-touching father’s speech at the beginning or the brother’s touching toast, don’t forget to ask the photographer to take several shots.

wedding party photo ideas speeches reactions

Besides photographing the speechgivers, capture the reactions of both of you and your guests. Such heartfelt emotions will look especially touching in the pictures, believe me.

17. Fun on the Dance Floor

wedding party photo ideas first dance

Most wedding photography packages usually include the first dance and after then a photographer leaves the party. Thus, in case your wedding has unique first dance photos, do well to ask your wedding photographer if they can stay late. Also, let him/her know in case your first dance is choreographed or structured in a special way so the photographer can be aware of what to capture.

wedding party photo ideas dance floor

You’d probably like to have pictures of you and your guests going wild on the dance floor. Ask your photographer about their fees for staying longer to take fun and awkward wedding photos.

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