27 Photo Poses for Men to Emphasize Male Masculinity

photo poses for men

In this article, we have shown the best photo poses for men, which are suitable for men of all ages and body types to get amazing and stylish pictures. From seated to standing, static to dynamic, all of these poses will help you look your best in photos and highlight your strengths.

Tips from WeEdit.Photos retouchers will come in handy for both beginners in the world of photography and pro-level photographers. Poses are suitable for different photo shooting formats, from outdoors to fashion.

1. Repeat Classic Contrapposto Pose

contrapposto photo pose for men

To do this famous pose, straighten one leg, put your weight on it, and slightly turn your arms and shoulders away from your legs and hips while bending your other leg.

Play around with this base to make the pose dynamic or relaxed so you don’t just stand up straight. Considered more suitable for men, this pose will perfectly decorate a female photo shoot. Going by research, this pose can make a man look more stunning and enhance his handsome features.

2. Take Multiple Profile Photos

profile photo pose for men

A profile photo, like any other portrait shot, first of all, conveys the character of the hero. By slightly lowering your chin, you will convey the desire for victory. On the contrary, by lifting it, you will show your superiority.

You can reach a compelling effect if you place the light source behind the object. The photo will show a clear silhouette. To make the silhouette stylish photo poses for men more spectacular, set the exposure value from -1 to -3. Try different values ​​to see what works best for you.

To improve the skin condition in a portrait shot, and make it clearer and brighter, contact WeEdit.Photos professional retouchers. They will make light and color corrections and select the appropriate contrast and saturation settings. What’s more, specialists will make your hair well-groomed and the skin of your face attractive.

men photoshoot weeditphotos

Professional retouchers will fix lighting & color issues and improve the look of your skin, eyes, lips, and overall portrait. The result will not be long in coming and will be ready within a day.

3. Pose with the Arm Cross

the arm cross photo pose for men

This easy, but at the same time striking pose, is perfect for those who have no experience in posing and are stiff in photo shoots. All you have to do is stand up straight, cross your arms and look directly into the camera. The message conveyed by this pose will depend on your gaze and facial expression. You can portray strength and power, harshness and defiance, and so on.

4. Keep Your Hands in Your Pockets

the hands-in-pockets photo pose for men

This traditional pose will help solve the age-old problem: where to put your hands when taking pictures. Depending on the look you want to create, you can choose to put one or two hands in your pockets. There is only one rule here – do not put your thumb in your pocket, otherwise, you risk creating the appearance of cropped hands and it will look unattractive. Since this pose is easy to do, it makes sense to combine it with other suitable men poses for photoshoot from my list.

5. Focus on Clothes

adjusting an outfit photo pose for men

Another option to keep your hands busy is adjusting your clothes or accessories. Pay attention to your cufflinks, collar, sleeves, tie, cap, or watch. Not a single fashion shoot can do without this pose since it implements two ideas at once – the ease and relaxation of the model, as well as an emphasis on the advertised item or accessory.

6. Play with Surrounding Details

play with surrounding details photo pose for men

It is not necessary to arrange photography around a set of cool photo poses for guys. Find details at the selected location with which you can interact. It could be plants, architecture, or even a fountain.

men poses with surrounding details for photoshoot

If you cannot find suitable staff, add them yourself. Bring a chair and newspaper, for example. Also, you can attract attention with the help of fire. Such spectacular fall picture ideas will be a great and compelling contribution to your social media feed or portfolio.

7. Stand by the Wall

leaning on a wall photo pose for men

One of the positions that will suit absolutely every man is to lean. By leaning, you can create a relaxed or powerful atmosphere. You can lean on your back and shoulder, and not only on the wall but also on railings, trees, a bar table, or even a flagpole.

To create more powerful body contours, the legs should be straightened, and for a relaxed vibe, you can bend your leg or place it on the surface you are leaning on. What’s more, this pose is universal in terms of angle – it will look good from any.

8. Take a Walk

walking photo pose for men

This imitation of a walk is a great option among the suitable poses for stiff men. Get a good distance away and just walk towards the photographer. This will help you relax and tune in to photography, as well as replenish the frames with dynamic photos.

To spice up these poses for photos male a bit, try walking in a different direction, such as past the camera. This pose may seem uninteresting and hackneyed to you, but it is considered one of the most common model pose for photoshoot for a reason – it creates casual and natural atmosphere.

9. Touch Your Neck

touching the neck photo pose for men

This pose is suitable for you if you want to take a sensual and revealing photo. Place your hand on the back of your neck and adopt the appropriate facial expression to convey your message. It is better to take such photos at close range and combine this pose with the body movement or the turn of the head.

10. Placing a Jacket Over the Shoulder

photo pose for men with a jacket

Among the best photo poses for men that came to us from the fashion industry is a jacket thrown over the shoulder. It works great both statically and dynamically and conveys ease and relaxation. If you do this while walking, then the jacket flowing in the wind will add even more dynamics to your shot. You can direct your gaze both to the side and to the camera – it will look harmonious. It is only important to choose a jacket that will match the image of your model.

11. Fix Your Hair Naturally

the hair-swipe photo pose for men

Ask the model to fix her hair, run her fingers through thick strands, or just touch them. At the same time, the mood of this pose can be very different – sultriness, relaxation, ease, spontaneity – it all depends on the facial expression of the model.

I advise the photographer to use a long lens and focus on the face to make the photo more eye-catching. To add drama, ask the model to look directly into the lens. You can also dilute this image with other poses.

12. Place the Hands on Hips

the hand-on-hip photo pose for men

In addition to hand-in-pockets, among the stylish photo poses for men, I can also highlight a similar one – with hands on your hips. Keeping your arms open or closed, you can turn them forward or back, put them higher or lower – these are all great variations of this pose.

You can give this pose any vibe – from relaxed to intense, from feigned to natural, and so on. The photographer here needs to remember to hold the camera slightly below the model’s eye level.

13. Pick a Prop for Shooting

photo pose for men with prop

A prop, of course, is not a pose, but each of them can significantly decorate your photography and make you take a different, interesting pose. Small props like glasses can be put on or adjusted by hand, which will add some dynamics, and something big like a car or motorcycle can completely change the mood of the shooting and show the model from a different, previously hidden side. Try to keep the props, atmosphere, and model in the same vibe and style so that the photos turn out to be harmonious.

14. Emphasis on Facial Expression

facial expression photo pose for men

This pose is suitable for both self portrait ideas and professional shooting with a photographer. To emphasize the chin line, use hard lighting and contrast.

15. Take the Thinking Pose

the thinking photo pose for men

To act thoughtful, place your elbow on your knee and rest your chin on the hand that is inward toward your body. This boys pose for photoshoot will work well to emphasize the seriousness of the model. It personifies deep thoughtfulness and even heroic moods.

16. Sit Cross-Legged

the leg-cross photo pose for men

This simple pose has many variations that convey different moods. For example, if you sit cross one leg over the other and rest your ankle on your knee, it will be something about business and more serious. If you sit cross-legged on the floor, bed, or sitting place, you will look more relaxed and comfortable.

17. Sit in a Backward Chair

photo pose for men in a backward chair

All you have to do is sit on a chair facing its back. Then just improvise. Rest one or both hands on the back, cross them, rest your chin, fix your hair or touch your neck – use whatever you like from our list of men poses for photoshoot or come to your mind.

18. Sitting on Stairs

sitting on stairs photo pose for men

The staircase is a real find for any photo shoot, and the men’s one is no exception. This is because there is a lot of space to play around with perspective. Sit on any step and put your feet on two different levels – this will make the photo deeper and more interesting. Body language is a great way to convey different moods. Use it to lean back on steps, or vice versa, to lean forward while sitting.

19. Performing an Activity

photo pose for men while performing an activity

When exercising in front of the camera lens, you can get amazing action shots. Try to throw the ball on an eye-catching basketball field and go for a run in the stadium. Do the sport you like to get natural shots with cool photo poses for guys.

20. Try the Squat Pose

try the squat photo pose for men

If you’re tired of classic and traditional poses, and in search of something fresh and noticeable, try squatting. Hands in this pose can be kept together or crossed on your knees. Such poses perfectly complement the street style and urban views of the city.

squatting photo pose for men

Before you shoot such a pose, think carefully about portrait background ideas so that everything is harmonious and complements each other. I advise photographers to play around with angles, as this pose looks different from the most unusual angles, especially when combined with a stunning background.

21. Clasping Hands Together

clasping hands together photo pose for men

By clasping your hands in front of the camera lens, you can achieve a humble and approachable vibe in your photo. For this boys pose for photoshoot, you need to put your elbows on your knees or just rest your elbows as close to your body as possible. When taking this photo, also take a couple of close-ups of the model’s arms if he’s wearing tattoos or wristwatches and jewelry. This will add further emphasis.

22. Laying Down

laying down photo pose for men

For more relaxed and intimate shots, ask the model to lie down. If you are shooting indoors, let it be a sofa or a bed, and if you are shooting outdoors, then a flowering field is a great choice.

Try to shoot from above for a spectacular shot. If you are outdoors, make sure that your shadow does not fall on the model.

23. Take a Frame with Tilted Head

tilted head photo pose for men

One of the most difficult but spectacular men poses for photoshoot is the head tilt pose. This is because the body should not rotate. The photographer should focus on the face of the model, who tilted his head in the opposite direction. For a peaceful image, close your eyes and relax.

stylish photo pose for men with tilted head

Play around with the degree of tilt and angles. At different angles and inclinations, you can achieve a sharper nose, cheeks, and chin, or vice versa, a visually thicker look. Therefore, carefully select the appropriate angle that will decorate your model.

24. Bend One Leg at the Knee

knee up photo pose for men

This simple pose looks beautiful and stylish in the frame. All you have to do is sit on any surface and raise one knee. Slightly turn your chest towards the lens, and put the elbow on the knee. Touch your chin or neck, or run your fingers through your hair.

This pose also opens up the freedom of angles. If, for example, the lens is below the model, whose gaze is directed upward, then you can get the effect of thoughtfulness in the frame.

25. Place your Hands on Your Face

touching the face photo pose for men

A mysterious look can be obtained simply by touching your face or slightly covering it with your hand in the frame. Such intriguing boys pose for photoshoot will demonstrate the desire to be the center of attention while hiding yourself. Take different hand positions and look in different directions while hiding or revealing different parts of the face. Depending on how you touch your face, you may look strong or vulnerable, or both.

26. Sit in a Chair Unusually

photo pose for men in the armchair

This easy, but at the same time striking pose, is perfect for those who have no experience in posing and are stiff in photo shoots. All you have to do is stand up straight, cross your arms and look directly into the camera. The message conveyed by this pose will depend on your gaze and facial expression. You can portray strength and power, harshness and defiance, and so on.

27. Lie on Your Hands

lie on your hands photo pose for men

Sitting at the table, lean on your hands. You can lean on one hand or both. You can also simulate self-hugging by allowing one hand to reach to the shoulder, and the other to remain at the level of the armpit.

This is one of the best photo poses for men, which will look better if you shoot a little from below. Also, in addition to full-length shots, it makes sense to take close-up shots.

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