20 Fall Picture Ideas for Different Genres of Photos

fall picture ideas

Did you get lost trying to come up with interesting fall picture ideas? Our team is ready to share their experience and give you some cool tips for the fall photoshoot. Here you will find many concepts for family sessions, portraiture, landscape, love story, and even pet photography.

Most of these ideas are suitable for late September – mid-October. At this time, trees have already turned yellow, but leaves have not fallen yet. However, if you missed this period, you can adapt some of these ideas.

1. Take a Close-Up Portrait with a Bright Leaf

fall picture ideas close up portrait

A classic close-up portrait is one of the most popular shots. Include a bright autumn leaf in the composition to match the theme. Put the leaf to your face and play with it. You can cover one eye with it too. Try different options to see which one looks the best.
I recommend using portrait mode to get a sharp face and a beautifully blurred background. With this mode, you can take professional pictures with iPhone.

2. Take a Fall Portrait Lying on the Grass

fall picture ideas lying on the grass

Lie down on the grass or soft cover of colorful autumn leaves and let the photographer shoot you from above. If you want, you can lay out the leaves in a certain way to implement your autumn photoshoot ideas. Such a photo does not require additional props, especially if you put on cozy autumn clothes or complement the image with a warm accessory.

fall picture ideas photo correction services

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3. Make a Wreath of Autumn Leaves

fall picture ideas wreath of leaves

Using a wreath of leaves as a prop is one of the original fall pics ideas. It is suitable for absolutely any genre, including even studio shooting, as you can make a wreath in advance and take it with you to a photo shoot. Plus, it can be a creative self-portrait idea.

4. Take a Fall Picture in a Framing of Leaves

fall picture ideas wreath of leaves

If you decide to book an autumn photo session with a professional photographer, ask them to take some portrait shots of your face framed by autumn leaves. This is also a good idea for fashion photography. Don’t forget to take care of the appropriate make-up and hairdo. Choose the best poses to look beautiful in the picture.

5. Photo of Dance with an Autumn Leaf Instead of Dress

fall picture ideas leaf dress

One of the creative photoshoot fall picture ideas is to take a picture of a dancing girl and cover a skirt or dress with a bright leaf. You are unlikely to cope with such a task yourself, so invite an assistant to a photoshoot. They will hold the leaf in such a way that it resembles a dress or a skirt. You should also consider the dance poses in advance.

fall picture ideas leaf wings

To make the photo even more unusual, you can use leaves as wings. Such pictures will definitely stand out among others.

6. Highlight Some Detail of the Fall Outfit

fall picture ideas outfit highlighting

Preparing the right clothes is one of the most important steps for a successful fall photoshoot. To implement fall picture ideas, you should choose soft, warm, and cozy clothes and accessories. It can be a knitted hat, textured scarf, mittens, and more. Capture a piece of clothing by emphasizing it.

7. Bring to Life a Creative Fall Idea in Halloween Style

fall picture ideas halloween style

Do not miss the opportunity to take some original photos during the celebration of Halloween. A creative costume for a masquerade is a good reason to get some beautiful pics. You can choose to wear a full outfit of some character or use only one element, e.g. a pointed witch hat. You can choose from a variety of images, from various monsters and zombies to seductive images of movie sorceresses.

fall picture ideas halloween style props

Props are a key part of such October photoshoot ideas in Halloween style. Think in advance about what things will complement a model’s look: a basket of flowers or leaves, books, candles, a skull, pumpkins. There are many options, so you should decide depending on your main idea.

8. Try on a Dramatic Image While the Fall Photoshoot

fall picture ideas dramatic image

A fall photo session is not only about different variations in yellow and red leaves and cozy knitted hats. I like the idea of taking some unusual concept photos. Create a dramatic look. Wear a black dress, dark make-up, gothic jewelry or a baroque crown. You can take pictures against the backdrop of a dark autumn forest.

However, make sure that there is enough lighting. If necessary, you should use a flash, an additional light source, or even candles.

9. Silhouette Fall Picture Idea

fall picture ideas silhouette

Capture a charming autumn forest from a distance. To get a silhouette in soft light, take pictures at sunset.

You can use a leaf to emphasize the figure afar. To implement such photoshoot fall picture ideas, you should roll the leaf into a tube and place it in front of the camera so that it creates a tunnel.

10. Create Rain Using Autumn Leaves

fall picture ideas leaves rain

An umbrella is a great accessory for many fall picture ideas. Put the leaves into the open umbrella and then flip it sharply above you letting the leaves rain down on your head. This idea is especially popular with children. So, it is also an interesting option for a family photoshoot.

11. Use Pumpkins in the Background


If you want to do something other than a photo in the leaves, but still keep the fall theme, take some pics with pumpkins in the background. This is a great fall decoration. It is suitable for sessions in various styles, including individual portraits, family shoots, children’s photo shoots, love stories and lifestyle pics.

Using simple editing programs, you can apply filters and effects to change the mood of your images, from vintage and retro to super-saturated.

12. Take a Fall Picnic Photo

fall picture ideas picnic

Organize a picnic by the river, in the autumn forest or park and experiment with some cute fall photoshoot ideas. Thus, you can take bright photos for a personal album or social media page, as well as capture the beauty of nature in the picture.

Please note that for this photo, you need to think through the entire composition as much as possible. Choose the image and props so that the shot looks harmonious. I recommend using a checkered blanket. Add a basket with autumn flowers or fruits (apples, pears, pumpkins). Wear something comfortable and casual like jeans and a knitted sweater in orange, red, brown, and other warm colors.

fall picture ideas girls

Team up with friends and take joint autumn photos in nature. Realize the autumn best friends photography idea of a picnic with mugs or thermoses of tea. You can create a special atmosphere by wearing rough boots or rubber boots, plaid shirts, and adding a hat, scarf, or other accessories.

13. Organize Fall Love Story

fall picture ideas love story

Try some fall photo shoot ideas with your beloved person. Capture genuine emotions, tender feelings and a romantic mood without any long preparations.

fall picture ideas love story

If you want to make your autumn couple photoshoot more creative, you can use the original decoration for the frame. Find a large bright leaf (a maple one, for example) and cut out a heart inside. Then, while you are posing, you should place it in front of the camera lens as it is recommended in the natural framing of photography guide.

14. Take Relaxed Fall Pictures with Family

fall picture ideas family

You can organize warm family photo shoots in autumn. Bright-colored trees can be a great backdrop for photos with your kids. You do not need to think over any staged poses. Just start playing and having fun, and you will get great natural images filled with happiness and joy.

15. Use Colored Fall Nature as a Background for Capturing Special Events

fall picture ideas family

If the period of early-mid-fall coincided with any of your celebrations, you can take stunning photos of natural autumn scenery. There are plenty of fall pics ideas that you can try out at family gatherings, whether it’s a birthday party, a maternity shooting, or wedding pictures.

16. Take a Photo of Your Walk in the Autumn Forest

fall picture ideas walk

You can take some cool pictures while walking in the woods. Such shots are always very lively and emotional, as you just walk around relaxed while you are photographed.

17. Take Funny Fall Pictures

fall picture ideas covered with leaves

Give yourself some freedom to fool around in the leaves by throwing them or burrowing into them. Don’t think about how you look at this moment. As a result, you will get candid photos that show true emotions and undisguised joy. Children especially like this idea. So why not join them for some fun and emotional shots?

fall picture ideas puddle jumping

If it’s already late autumn and it’s raining a lot, I can suggest some November photoshoot ideas. Put on your brightly colored rubber boots and raincoat and jump through the puddles. Offer this idea to children as well and enjoy the process. As a bonus, you’ll have a pack of bright family photos.

18. Photo of Pet in Bright Autumn Leaves

fall picture ideas pet

If you have a pet, don’t miss the chance to take some colorful photos with the leaves. Often dogs like to play in the autumn foliage. Take a photo of them at this moment.

fall picture ideas with pet

Take also joint pictures with your pet. There are many variations of fall photo shoot ideas with a pet. It can be a well-prepared photoshoot or candid photos taken when you are walking with a pet.

19. Autumn Photo with Leaves under Feet

fall picture ideas from above

Other creative autumn photoshoot ideas involve capturing the abundance of yellow-orange leaves under your feet. You can lay out a heart from the leaves or decorate them in any other way. To make the photo atmospheric, you should carefully choose the shoes and clothes. They should look harmoniously and associate with autumn.

20. Capture the Beauty of Autumn in Detail

fall picture ideas leaf

It is also a good idea to photograph some details of nature. For example, you can capture a single yellow or orange leaf on the water surface, some rain drops on the burnt grass, various dried flowers, etc. If you like macro photography, you can also take very beautiful bright photos of leaves, flowers, grass, tree bark and other natural objects.

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