40 Wedding Picture Ideas: Romantic and Funny Stories of Love

best wedding pictures ideas

The average price for a photo session in the U.S. is about $200 per hour. Professional photographers know how to use advanced camera features and implement a variety of wedding picture ideas. Their clients want to capture their memories about this special day and preserve them for themselves, their parents, and future generations.

Beautiful wedding photos will become great family memorabilia. The WeEdit.Photos have collected the best ideas that will help you get unique pictures.

1. Covid-19 Pandemic Wedding Photo

Many people all across the globe still have to live under lockdown. However, you can turn this situation in your favor. This wedding photo idea involves wearing matching masks. You can also ask your guests to wear such masks to make the photo even funnier.

wedding pictures ideas covid pandemic

Such a picture will help you capture the spirit of the time and minimize the risk of spreading the virus. While there is no need to wear masks in every photo, this idea will be perfect for group pics. It’s probably not the wedding photo that you wanted to take, however, your children and grandchildren will definitely appreciate it for its unique feel.

2. Classic Bridal Portrait

If a bride wants to look gorgeous in her wedding gown, this idea will help her to emphasize her beautiful dress. Make sure to relax since it will help you look more confident and allow your photographer to take a stunning bridal photo.

wedding photo editing weedit photos

You can also contact our professional photo editors and ask them to enhance your portrait. They use calibrated monitors to ensure impressive color accuracy and can make subtle edits to embellish your photo without making it look unnatural. Besides, you will be pleasantly surprised by our affordable photo editing prices and helpful customer support team.

3. Groom Portrait

If you don’t know anything about posing or selecting a suitable outfit for a photo session, take a look at the photos posted on Pinterest. In some cases, it might be better to use the most common poses to take traditional photos.

wedding pictures ideas groom portrait

No wedding photo album will be complete without a portrait of the groom. When posing for such a photo, pay attention to your facial expression and assume a confident pose. Ask your photographer to capture this photo when you are preparing for the ceremony.

4. Wedding Photos with Parents

Most newlyweds also want to take photos with their parents. You can ask your parents to pose with you or just tell the photographer to capture the way you interact with them before the ceremony.

wedding pictures ideas photo with parents

A photo with your parents is a must for every family album. Ask the photographer to take several shots to capture the best moment of the day and show that you have a loving family.

5. Wedding Pictures with Pets

If you have a cat or a dog, ask the photographer to capture them during the photo session. It will help you show other people that you truly care about your pets and consider them to be a part of your family.

wedding pictures ideas with pets

You can always rent special suits for your dogs or just use a bow tie to emphasize the importance of the event. Some newlyweds also rent unusual pets for a photo session, such as a lion or a tiger cub.

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6. Have a Glass of Champagne with Your Guests

Many people celebrate the wedding until late at night. For this shot, you can pose with your friends that helped you to organize everything.

wedding pictures ideas with champagne

This friends photo idea is easy to implement and allows you to capture the whole bridal party. Take a bottle of champagne and share this beautiful moment together.

7. Photos of Couple with Wedding Accessories

To give your photos a distinct feel, you can add various props and accessories to the frame. For instance, you can use the first letters of your names, helium balloons, or rings.

wedding pictures ideas couple and wedding accessoires

Besides, to bring such wedding pic ideas to life, you may use props shaped as hearts, romantic inscriptions, garlands made of fabric and paper, blackboards with funny inscriptions, etc.

8. Newlyweds Under Night Sky

This idea will help you give your photos a romantic feel. It will be easier to implement it if the wedding venue is located not far from the ocean or picturesque locations.

wedding pictures ideas under night sky

To create a magical atmosphere, you can use various light sources. Besides, you can use an umbrella.

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9. Full-Size Photo of a Wedding Dress

While every photographer will take photos of a wedding gown from different angles, it’s better to order full-size photos as well.

wedding pictures ideas shooting dress

For instance, a photographer may capture a photo of the bride walking down the aisle. Besides, some wedding pics ideas involve adding accessories in the frame. Pro-level photographers take photos of the bride and groom using a drone to capture their attires.

10. Waterfront Wedding

Photos taken near the water will have a soft and romantic look. To take such pics, photographers use a drone.

wedding pictures ideas waterfront

You can also invite your guests on a boat trip to take photos of the wedding party on the water. A photo that captures the wedding veil fluttering in the wind, sparkling water surface and loving gazes of newlyweds will become a great addition to any wedding album.

11. Flat Lay Wedding Shoes

Many people don’t pay much attention to wedding shoes since they are rarely visible under the dress. However, if you have a stunning pair of shoes, you can ask the photographer to shoot them for your album.

wedding pictures ideas flat lay shoes

Wedding shoes are usually beautifully decorated and look good in the frame. It’s better to take photos of them from different angles.

12. Photos of Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are the symbol of a new life and the unity of hearts. They can be used as props for a romantic photo session.

wedding pictures ideas rings

A photographer can shoot shining rings and the happy eyes of newlyweds. Such photos will look stunning in every wedding photo album.

13. Add a Funny Twist to Your Photos

You can invite your friends to take part in such a shooting. It would be even better if they come in matching clothes. The only thing you need to do to implement such wedding pic ideas is to have fun together.

wedding pictures ideas funny spirit

The key advantage of this idea is that it can be implemented in different ways. You can have fun with your friends and assume different poses to make your photos more unique.

14. Favorite Place of Newlyweds

If there is a location that means a lot for both of you, why not organize your photo session there?

wedding pictures ideas favorite place

You can also take photos in the place where you saw each other for the first time or had your first date. Besides, photos in the location where the proposal was made will also look great.

15. Wedding Photo in the Field

At first glance, a field doesn’t seem to be a great location for a wedding photoshot. However, photos taken in the field will have a soft and tender look. The photographer may take them at sunrise, noon or before sunset to capture the whole specter of your emotions.

wedding pictures ideas field

This location is perfect for newlyweds wearing national, traditional, or shabby-chic clothes. The outfits should not look formal. For instance, the bride may wear a light chiffon dress decorated with lace and embroidery. The groom may wear a vest, suspenders, and an unusual bow tie.

16. Decorated Venue

Photos taken before the arrival of your guests will capture the unique atmosphere of the event. The venue will look like a scene where every detail is in its place.

ideas for wedding pictures decorated venue

Besides, don’t forget to take a picture of every detail of the outdoor wedding venue. It will show that you put your heart into the preparation. And don’t forget to add some display on the venue such as your wedding hashtags to make it a more trendy and modern wedding. You can ask a pro writer like Wedding Hashers to create them, not a generator.

17. Emotions Before the Wedding Ceremony

These final emotions before the ceremony are worthy of being captured in a photo.

ideas for wedding pictures emotions before ceremony

A photographer can take a photo of you re-reading your wedding vows. You can also exchange your written vows before the ceremony and ask the shooter to capture your feelings and emotions. There are lots of variations of this idea and you can look up some really fascinating concepts on Pinterest. Next, use Pinterest video downloader to save the most inspiring options to discuss with your partner.

18. Bride Entry

You will cherish such a photo for a long time since it will show you with your loved ones walking you down the aisle.

ideas for wedding pictures bride entry

One of the most popular ideas for wedding pictures involves taking a picture of the groom meeting his future wife while standing near the arch.

19. Look From Outside

A photographer can take a good series of shots capturing the newlyweds walking or getting ready. It’s important for the shooter to remain a detached observer.

ideas for wedding pictures look from outside

In such pictures, newlyweds usually remain focused on each other and avoid looking at the photographer and other people.

20. Candid Wedding Pics

Every experienced shooter knows about the importance of capturing candid moments. You just need to enjoy your time together with your significant other and let the photographer take pics.

ideas for wedding pictures candid

The bride may read a love note to her groom before walking down the aisle. Some newlyweds also show their wedding rings to a photographer after the ceremony.

21. Bridal Bouquet

A beautiful wedding bouquet will become a perfect addition to your bridal look. You can pose while holding it in your hands. Makes sure to pose in different locations to make it easier for the photographer to take unforgettable shots.

ideas for wedding pictures bouquet

Ask the photographer to take photos with a one-colored backdrop to put an emphasis on your wedding dress and bridal bouquet. You can also pose with a beautiful landscape in the background.

22. Groom with Groomsmen Before Ceremony

No wedding album will be complete without photos of groomsmen. Most of them are long-time friends of the groom, which is why it’s important to include them in the photoshoot. Discuss with your photographer how to take a group photo of all of them.

ideas for wedding pictures groom with groomsmen

The groom may pose with his friends or ask a photographer to take a photo of them having fun during the wedding reception. It’s better to capture both fun and serious moments to create a nice contrast.

23. First Look

While some couples prefer seeing each other for the first time during the wedding ceremony, others want to have a first-look moment earlier.

ideas for wedding pictures first look

Some couples decide to see each other before the ceremony. A good photographer knows how to capture genuine emotions of the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time wearing their wedding attires.

24. Confetti-Filled Exit

The photographer can capture your exit to conclude the series of your wedding shots. Ask your guests to throw confetti, sparkles, or use various props to make your exit look unforgettable.

ideas for wedding pictures confetti filled exit

If your reception lasts until late, the photographer can take photos of you having fun with your guests before they leave.

25. Near Wedding Arch

A wedding arch will serve as an amazing background for every photo session. You can decorate it with flowers, vines, ribbons, and other elements to give it a fairytale feel.

ideas for wedding pictures near arch

Such props will help you create a magical atmosphere in your shots.

26. Romantic Wedding Photos

While it’s important to take photos of guests, parents, and a bridal party, it’s even more crucial to capture the true love between the bride and groom.

ideas for wedding pictures romantic

It’s always nice to take some fun pics, but don’t forget to pose for romantic shots as well. Try behaving naturally and don’t make sudden movements to make it easier for a photographer to capture the love and affection you feel for your significant other.

27. Kissing Bride and Groom

It’s impossible to imagine a wedding without a kiss between newlyweds. Such pics are a must for every wedding album.

wedding pictures ideas photo with parents

Kiss your significant other to show your love and passion. Even if you are shy in front of the camera, try focusing on your partner. Such photos always look nice and have a romantic feel.

28. Pose With Your Best Friends

There are plenty of picture ideas for wedding that involve including your friends in a photoshoot. Some of them may have introduced you to each other, so it would be a good idea to capture a photo with them. Use props, confetti and various items that will help you create an atmosphere of a rock event.

ideas for wedding pictures with best friends

To create an unusual atmosphere, you can use colored smoke during your wedding photo session. You can also combine different ideas to take bright photos with perfectly saturated colors that convey a feeling of eternal happiness.

29. Newlyweds in a Blossoming Garden

Gardens are great backgrounds since they allow you to create a romantic atmosphere. By posing in a blossoming garden, you can get photos of your new family.

ideas for wedding pictures garden

To add a soft and tender feel to your photos, the photographer can capture the blue sky, white clouds, and sun rays. Instead of props, you can use a ladder, tree swing, or a bench with a table under a blossoming tree.

30. Photos in the Streets of Your Hometown

You can include your favorite street in your wedding pictures to show the place where you grew up. Besides, you can add some props to the frame and decorate the area to create a celebratory mood.

ideas for wedding pictures in street

Your hometown is filled with special energy and your special memories. This is why it will be a perfect background for your wedding.

31. Wedding Photo with Children

Young children will look great in photos of a bridal party. While it might be difficult to take a group photo of them, a professional photographer can capture pics of children interacting with each other and other guests. However, make sure to pay attention to their facial expressions if you don’t want to take awkward wedding photos.

ideas for wedding pictures with kids

By implementing such cute wedding picture ideas, you can capture great photos of a bridal party. Make sure to take such pics as early as possible, otherwise, children might be too tired to pose.

32. Photos of Newlyweds Holding Their Childhood Photos

Another unusual idea involves using child photos as props. You can hold your childhood photos in your hands. People will love to see the contrast between a young girl and a beautiful bride.

ideas for wedding pictures holding photos

You can also hold photos of important moments in the life of your family. For instance, you can use the wedding photos of your parents.

33. Gothic and Halloween Ideas

Your photographer will love such fun wedding picture ideas since they allow taking unique photos. You can order a photo session in a Gothic style to capture the feeling of grandeur and intimidating splendor.

ideas for wedding pictures gothic style

To take the most unusual photos and implement Halloween photo ideas, you can rent a photo studio or find a desolate or ruined building in your area. White, red, and golden tones will look stunning against the dark background and give your pictures a solemn feel.

34. Dynamic Wedding Photos

Black-and-white shots taken in motion will look mesmerizing and captivating. You can swirl in your beautiful dress. Photos of the veil fluttering in the wind also look great.

ideas for wedding pictures dynamic

Such images always have a romantic feel and allow capturing true feelings beautifully.

35. Getting Ready for the Ceremony

Such pics will become a nice addition to your wedding photo album.

ideas for wedding pictures getting ready for ceremony

Pics of the bride and groom getting ready for the ceremony always look natural. A photographer can capture how hair and makeup artists are working and take a photo of a bride laughing.

36. Emphasize Symmetry

If you hire a professional photographer, it will be easier for you to get photos with an attention-grabbing background. Experienced shooters can easily find natural symmetrical patterns and shapes to take mesmerizing shots.

ideas for wedding pictures symmetry

Some people use a variety of objects with patterns, such as stairs, trees, or houses. If your wedding takes place in an old chapel, you can use the pews as one of the elements of the background.

37. Cutting/Eating Wedding Cake

These days, pastry chefs and wedding cake designers create stunning cakes that look great in wedding pics. If you ordered such a cake, make sure to capture it in your photos.

ideas for wedding pictures with cake

This pic is a must for every wedding album since it will demonstrate that you follow traditions. A shooter can capture a photo of a cake or the process of cutting it. Some photographers also take photos of guests eating cakes.

38. Images with Fireworks

Many large weddings end with beautiful fireworks. When posing for a shot, kiss your significant other while standing in the area where fireworks are clearly visible in the background.

ideas for wedding pictures with fireworks

You can also ask your friends to pose with you to show that you share the joy of this day with them.

39. Take a Break and Have Fun

Since wedding ceremonies are usually quite long and your wedding reception may last for hours, you can take a break and have some rest. Your photographer can capture great photos of you sitting and talking with your loved ones.

ideas for wedding pictures have fun

If you are exhausted at the end of the day, you can just relax and have fun without paying attention to the shooter who captures photos. Such pics will look natural and fun.

40. Modern Wedding Shots

Take a pic using your phone, monopod, or a GoPro camera. Using modern gadgets, you can take funny and unusual pictures. You can just talk to your guests or pose with them while the photographer is capturing the best moments!

ideas for wedding pictures with all guests

The photographer can also use a drone to take a group photo of you with your guests. While it might be difficult to get a perfect photo in this way, it will capture the moment of true happiness that you share together with your close ones.

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