15 Best Boudoir Photographers to Follow in 2024

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Boudoir photographers are experts with years of experience who know how to masterfully capture the inner beauty of their models and show them in the best light possible. They emphasize the attractiveness of their clients, help them accept their bodies, and show them how to embrace their sexuality. These professionals turn their photoshoots into an empowering experience and masterfully capture intimate details to show what makes each person unique.

The best boudoir photographers know how to create a comfortable atmosphere during their photoshoots and help their clients relax in front of the camera. Using different lighting techniques and helping their clients select the best poses, these professionals take exquisite pictures that enable their clients to find confidence and discover their sensual side.

1. Iwona

Location: Canada

iwona best boudoir photographer

Iwona is a Polish photographer who now resides in Canada. She enjoys taking outdoor and studio boudoir pics that celebrate the beauty of women, regardless of their age or the way they look. Before a photoshoot, she learns more about her models and their preferences to help them feel relaxed and at ease during a session.

What makes Iwona the best boudoir photographer is that she does everything to ensure that her clients feel safe during a photoshoot. Iwona also has an engaging blog on boudoir photography. You will find a lot of clients’ stories, outdoor boudoir ideas, and handy tips there. Besides, you can read it to learn more about bridal boudoir photography.

2. Melisa Ford

Location: San Diego

melisa ford best boudoir photographer

Melisa conducts her boudoir photo sessions in a calm and relaxing atmosphere to help her models practice self-love and acceptance. She lives in North County, San Diego, but often travels across the globe. If you take a look at her bio, you will see her boudoir self-portraits. Melisa teaches her clients how to embrace their feminine side and discover how they can be strong and vulnerable at the same time.

Melisa Ford dreams of turning boudoir photography into a self-empowerment tool helping people to discover who they are. You can also read the articles in her boudoir photography blog to learn why this photography genre gained worldwide recognition and discover its origins.

3. Marie

Location: Virginia

marie best boudoir photographer

Marie got into boudoir photography in 2013. While she lives in Memphis, she often travels to Charleston, SC as well as Las Vegas, Hawaii, New York City, and Europe, as she has clients from all over the world. Marie knows how to find the right approach to her clients and works with professional stylists and makeup artists to ensure that her models will look beautiful and elegant.

The photographer strives to help women find their confidence and demonstrate their inner beauty. She also has an informative blog where she posts photos of her models, provides pieces of advice about facial expressions and poses, as well as offers useful photoshoot tips to look better in the frame.

boudoir retouching before after

In case you lack the necessary skills to edit your photos at a professional level, you can still achieve the desired effect by contacting a team of experts. The experienced retouchers will enhance your home boudoir photos following your requirements.

4. Alloria Winter

Location: Los Angeles & San Francisco

alloria winter best boudoir photographer

Alloria Winter is a well-known photographer who lives in San Francisco and often works with clients from the Bay Area, Southern California, and Los Angeles. She stands out among other professionals working in the industry for her exquisite couture photos that brought her many awards.

The photographer has a sophisticated style, which allows her to shoot stunning boudoir photos and bring her clients’ fantasies to life. Her models learn how to embrace themselves and let their inner beauty shine.

5. Rebecca Sigala

Location: Israel

rebecca sigala best boudoir photographer

Rebecca Sigala is a professional artist from Israel who gained recognition as a boudoir photographer. She has a distinct style and strives to make women feel beautiful by helping them accept themselves. Rebecca uses a variety of composition and lighting techniques to emphasize the unique traits of her clients.

When taking boudoir photos, she often emphasizes details and highlights nuances to show what makes each person unique. Rebecca also has one of the most popular boudoir photo blogs where you can find fascinating stories told by her clients. Make sure to read it if you want to learn more about photography and life in general.

6. Karen French

Location: LA / OC / Nationwide

karen french best boudoir photographer

Karen French is a popular boudoir photographer from Los Angeles who loves taking sensual photos of her clients to help them gain their confidence. She specializes in snapping pics with a distinct glamour feel and can make every model look like a movie star. Using lighting and different poses, she knows how to show the true beauty of her clients.

You will enjoy her photoshoots, as they take place in a 2,000 square photography studio. You can order the services provided by professionals to get your hair done and apply makeup, which will give a luxurious feel to your boudoir photos. More than 2,640 women from Orange County and Los Angeles ordered her services to get intimate boudoir photos.

7. Melissa Joy Portraits

Location: San Clemente, CA

melissa joy portraits best boudoir photographer

Melissa Joy Portraits is a photo studio with a team of talented photographers who work in Orange County, California. They take elegant lifestyle photos taking the genre of boudoir photography to another level. While their photos are in a classic style, they often have an unusual artistic twist, which makes them different from other pictures taken in the same genre.

Melissa Joy Portraits prefer to take natural photos, which means that the photographers do not try to carefully stage their photos. Instead, they experiment with different angles, lighting, and compositions to give an attention-grabbing feel to their boudoir photos.

8. Elizabeth Craig

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

elizabeth craig best boudoir photographer

Elizabeth Craig uses boudoir photography to help women discover their true selves and accept themselves as they are. She believes that this genre is more powerful than traditional photography. Elizabeth acts not only as a photographer but also as a coach, as she invites her models to learn more about themselves.

Elizabeth is a creative artist valued for her genuine approach, which allows her to establish close relationships with her clients. Unlike other boudoir photographers, she has a truly unique style, which enables her to capture the specific traits of each person. In her blog, you will find plenty of sources of inspiration that will help you become a better photographer or feel more relaxed in front of the camera. She often posts great stories about her clients and shares her ideas about the best boudoir poses.

9. Caroline Malouf

Location: Los Angeles

caroline malouf best boudoir photographer

Caroline Malouf is a famous boudoir photographer from Los Angeles who knows how to make regular people look as if they were world-famous models. She creates stunning works of art that fascinate her fans. Caroline captures the smallest details and knows how to convey the right atmosphere in her photos.

Caroline experiments with beautiful model poses and takes simple but refined photos. She prioritizes capturing the seductive shapes of her models and using light to show them from the most flattering side.

Caroline enjoys sharing photography tips with her clients, so make sure to visit her blog to discover how to get ready for a boudoir photoshoot. You can also find useful pieces of advice on bridal boudoir photo sessions and learn how to select the best outfit.

10. James Kern Photography

Location: Philadelphia

james kern best boudoir photographer

James Kern Photography is a boudoir photographer who lives and works in Philadelphia. He is famous for his artistic approach, as he works with women of different sizes. You will easily recognize his style, as this professional knows how to capture the essence of a person.

His photos convey raw emotions and have a deep meaning. James knows how to capture the traits that make each person unique. He works with clients of different ages who differ in their body types as well. This professional created a friendly atmosphere in his studio, which helped him to get many new clients in the Philadelphia area. James provides a variety of services for his clients and strives to build long-term relationships with them based on mutual trust.

11. Rhea Lewis

Location: Florida

rhea lewis best boudoir photographer

Rhea Lewis is a renowned boudoir photographer who lives in Jupiter, Florida. This accomplished professional has been working in the industry for more than 15 years. She is highly qualified, which allows her to take stunning boudoir photos. Rhea has a collection of lingerie pieces of different sizes, ranging from XS to 5X. Due to this, her clients always have plenty of options to choose from.

What makes Rhea one of the best boudoir photographers is that she holds a Master of Photography degree from the Professional Photographers of America. It shows that she is a top-level photographer with advanced skills and years of experience. Besides taking attention-grabbing pictures, she gladly shares her tips with others to help them in their way of self-development.

12. Angela NYC Boudoir Photographer

Location: Brooklyn, New York

angela nyc best boudoir photographer

Angela is a professional boudoir photographer who has been living in Brooklyn, New York since 2015. She knows how to establish a strong connection with her clients and help them discover new things about themselves. Instead of shooting professional models, Angela likes to take photos of regular women and show them how to relax in front of the camera.

During a photoshoot in Angela’s studio, her clients gain new confidence and learn how to stop being self-conscious about their looks. She knows how to help women to learn something new about themselves. Angela works with women who have different backgrounds. Regardless of their size and shape, her clients look gorgeous in her shoots.

13. Graciela Laurent

Location: South Florida

graciela laurent best boudoir photographer

Graciela Laurent excels in different genres. This talented photographer is based in Oakland Park, Florida. She has been working as a professional photographer for more than several years. Besides boudoir photography, she specializes in other areas as well. For instance, you may ask her to take weddings pictures or capture family, maternity, and graduation photos. In addition, she knows how to take photos to promote products and brands.

Graciela is a certified member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). If you take a closer look at her portfolio, you will see how professional her photos are. She prioritizes capturing the personalities of her clients as well as their interests. The photographer helps her models select the best poses to feel more relaxed and confident in front of the camera.

14. Stephanie Bordas

Location: NYC

stephanie bordas best boudoir photographer

Stephanie Bordas created a professional photo studio known under the name of Brooklyn Boudoir. This photographer is known for her masterful skills as she can capture the true beauty of every woman. Her photos are sensual and beautiful, as Stephanie believes that such photos can empower her clients and help them gain self-confidence. Stephanie encourages her clients to accept their bodies and find a new sense of freedom.

Stephanie’s clients always feel safe in the studio as the photographer never judges the way they look or behave. She knows how to capture refined portraits and demonstrate the gracefulness of a person. You may also take a look at her boudoir photography blog to learn tips and tricks that will help you improve your photography skills. It’s also suitable for those who want to learn more about clients’ impressions after a photoshoot.

15. Alex Charilaou

Location: London, UK

alex charilaou best boudoir photographer

Alex Charilaou is the best boudoir photographer in his niche who is known for his unparalleled skills when it comes to capturing intimate portraits with a cinematic feel. He enjoys doing lifestyle photography and has a signature style, which makes his works easy to recognize. Alex knows how to capture the true character of a person and can make his model look like a celebrity.

The photographer masterfully captures the unique traits of a model. His photos are reflections on the nature of inner beauty, which is why each of them tells an unusual story. He knows how to make his clients relax and stop being camera-shy. Alex organizes photoshoots that are memorable and have a light-hearted atmosphere. Due to this, his clients gain confidence during his sessions. They truly enjoy the shooting process and gladly pose for photos.

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