22 Picture Board Ideas for Any Room

picture board ideas

Creating picture boards is a fantastic way to turn cherished memories into captivating decor that holds a special meaning. When you’re making your own photo board, think about the atmosphere you want to maintain. Opt for picture board ideas that match your style and complement any other art pieces on your walls. After settling on a design, you just need to select your most treasured photos to bring your project to life.

1. Pallet Arrangement

picture board ideas pallet arrangement

What you’ll need: Wood pallet, glue or small nails

Take a standard wooden pallet and give it a makeover into a lovely picture board for wall. Put each photo into a frame and attach them securely to the pallet using either glue or small nails. Get creative with frames in various colors and sizes to give your design a lot of personality and charm.

2. Light Design

picture board ideas light design

What you’ll need: String lights, fasteners (clothes pins, tape)

Put together a photo collage to light up your space. Attach strands of festive lights (white ones are perfect) in a graceful arrangement on a wall or board. Next, use clothespins or hooks to hang your photos right on those twinkling lights.

If you’d like your prints to have that diagonal look similar to the example, simply rotate your images 45 degrees using your phone’s editing tools before you hit the print button.

3. Vintage Frame

picture board ideas vintage frame

What you’ll need: Frame, hemp cord, nails, screws or staples, fasteners

Give your photo board a distinctive look by using painted frames. Attach hemp cords in a zigzag pattern across your frame using nails, screws, or staples. Then, simply clip your photos onto the cords using clothespins, and make it visually interesting by mixing photos of different sizes.

4. Geometric String

picture board ideas geometric string

What you’ll need: Stretchy jewelry cord, nails, binder clips

Put a sketch up on the wall and pop in a nail in each corner or where lines intersect. After that, just follow your guide and hang up each piece using a stretchy jewelry cord. When it comes to photos, print them out in 2×2 inch and 3×3 inch sizes. Don’t forget to use those small binder clips to fasten your pictures securely.

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Before printing your photos to realize picture board ideas, it’s essential to invest some time refining them. Typically, this task can be quite demanding and intricate. Fortunately, you can delegate it to skilled retouchers at Weedit.Photos, who will enhance your images swiftly and at an affordable rate.

5. Magnetic Board

picture board ideas magnetic board

What you’ll need: Magnetic board, magnets

If you want to make a board that is easy to personalize and tweak, you should start with a magnetic board as your base, and then jazz it up with magnets that totally reflect your personality and unique style. The best part? With a magnetic board, you can switch out your photos whenever you feel like it, which is especially awesome for families who are always on the go and growing.

6. Picture Shelves

picture board ideas picture shelves

What you’ll need: Wooden photo ledge

If you’re looking for a solid way to showcase your photos, a wooden photo ledge is a great choice. It’s sturdy and super easy to attach to a wall. Plus, you can get creative with print sizes to keep things from looking too cookie-cutter.

If you’re not in the mood for wall-mounting, just plop it on your mantle. Besides, you can use a bunch of these ledges to make the most of your wall space.

7. Ladder

picture board ideas ladder

What you’ll need: Wooden ladder, string, tape or clothespin

One of the most budget-friendly photo display board ideas is to use an old ladder and arrange your images between the ladder’s rungs. You can string some twine across each rung to create a perfect line for hanging your photos or punch small holes in your prints and tie each one directly to a rung. To add that extra touch of charm, consider accenting your display with some natural elements like holly berries or fresh flowers.

8. Giant Collage Wall

picture board ideas giant collage wall

What you’ll need: Glue or any fasteners

You don’t need a physical board to bring to life photo board ideas. Just print your images and assemble them into a wallpaper-like pattern along your wall. Choose square-sized photos, as they give your collage a neat and well-organized look.

To ensure your images have captivating touches, consider utilizing Photoshop actions and exploring creative photo manipulation ideas like experimenting with backgrounds and employing double exposure effects.

9. Polaroid Picture Display

picture board ideas polaroid picture display

What you’ll need: Polaroid-style prints, frame

Fans of Polaroid-style photography should definitely try creating such a picture board for wall. Arrange images neatly within a frame, leaving enough space for convenient viewing. Alternatively, you can fix photos on the wall using pins.

10. Hang in

picture board ideas hang in

What you’ll need: Metal round, string (yarn or hemp rope work great),

Add some personalized touches to your photo collage by using ropes of different lengths. This arrangement is particularly effective when showcasing various family images, such as those from a recent trip, anniversaries, or Christmas photos.

11. Heart Picture Display

picture board ideas heart picture display

What you’ll need: Glue or any fasteners, thick paper or photo mat

This heart-shaped photo montage is just overflowing with love. You can create a heart-shaped arrangement of your pictures on a wall, a sturdy piece of paper, or a photo mat. You can use various photography styles, ranging from picturesque landscapes to heartwarming family portraits for an interesting result.

12. Metal Wall Grid

picture board ideas metal wall grid

What you’ll need: Metal wall grid, binder clips or “S” hooks

Here’s a fantastic photo board idea for getting your office or workspace in tip-top shape. Along with your favorite images, you can also showcase inspirational pictures, updates on new projects, etc. To make it even more practical, grab some binder clips and “S” hooks to hang various items on the board.

13. Use Tape

picture board ideas use tape

What you’ll need: Gentle tape of your choice

If you do it correctly, it’s an easy and stylish way to quickly hang your prints on the wall. You can jazz things up by using accent tape for a pop of color or choose parchment tape for a more timeless look.

14. Wood Hanger

picture board ideas wood hanger

What you’ll need: Hangers, ribbon, fasteners of your choice

Don’t limit hangers to just holding clothes – they have other cool applications too! Print your photos in a size of 8×11 or bigger, then attach them evenly onto the hangers. Alternatively, get creative and use ribbons to fasten smaller photos.

15. Clothespins

picture board ideas clothespins

What you’ll need: Thick string such as hemp rope, clothespins

Get inspired by the old-school darkroom vibe and make a clothespin display. Hang a line above a door frame, string it between hooks, or even place it under a mantel – let your creativity flow and come up with unique photo display board ideas!

16. Branches

picture board ideas

What you’ll need: Branch, string (yarn or hemp rope work great), tape, anchor hook

Make a unique photo collage by suspending your pictures from a wooden branch. You can loop several images onto a single string or hang each photo on a separate line. Secure the string’s end to the branch with a knot, and then arrange your photo strings evenly along the branch. Embrace the charm of imperfection – don’t stress if strings aren’t perfectly aligned; a bit of asymmetry will lend a natural and organic vibe to your piece.

17. Hula Hoop Wreath

picture board ideas hula hoop wreath

What you’ll need: Hula hoop wreath, ribbon, glue or tape, decor like flowers

Make a cool, round photo display using a hula hoop. Pick a color that goes well with the rest of your decor, or if you’re not sure, opt for a shiny metallic shade. Next, fasten your favorite photos onto a ribbon using either glue or tape. You can spruce up the edges with some fabric flowers or fun stickers!

18. Picture by Number

picture board ideas picture by number

What you’ll need: Сardboard, glue or tape

If you’re preparing for a special occasion, like a birthday, why not make a collage in the shape of a number using your photos? Mix some candid snapshots with posed portraits for a well-rounded arrangement. You can either attach photos to the wall or create a template using cardboard as your base.

To add deep meaning to your collage, pick family pictures that feature relatives such as parents, grandparents, aunts, and cousins, among others.

19. Room Divider

picture board ideas room divider

What you’ll need: Room divider, fasteners

If you are searching for a simple photo board idea to display your photos in any spot you like, choose a room divider. Just make sure your photos are the same size, and then use glue or tape to secure them in place.

20. Box Spring Display

picture board ideas box spring display

What you’ll need: Box spring, plastic clips

Get crafty by giving an old box spring a new life. To achieve an artistic vibe, go for black and white photos. Use plastic clips or clothespins to attach them to the wire rungs for a stylish display.

21. Decorative Magnets

picture board ideas decorative magnets

What you’ll need: Decorative magnets

Enhance your photo display with decorative magnets, such as colorful crystals, flower designs, or plant-themed ones. You can place them on a refrigerator or any other metal surface to showcase your pictures.

22. Picture Balloon Chandelier

picture board ideas picture balloon chandelier

What you’ll need: Helium balloons, ribbons, hole punch, double-sided tape

Secure the curling ribbon to each photo. Ensure you fasten enough ribbon to the pictures so that when they’re attached to the balloon, they’ll dangle low enough for people to easily view the photos.

If you’re aiming to shape balloons in a particular way or keep them in a specific spot, you can apply double-sided tape to their tops to make them adhere to the ceiling.

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