Photography styles every photographer should know

Photography styles are different brunches with peculiar characteristics in digital photography. Each photo genre requires a specific model`s appearance, chosen locations, conditions, camera and lens settings. Depending on the achieved raw picture result photographers select the necessary photo editing service that can present right picture improvement. photography-styles-photo-retouching-sample

What is photography and types of photography?


Nowadays modern photographer may be at a loss when it comes to different types of photography. Such variety is a result of many reasons. These are wiliness of being noticed and discussed and the desire to establish something new and we are going to describe the most popular genres of photography. After this article you will easily tell the difference between all of them and maybe some of these styles will become your choice for future photography career. The description of every photo art brunch will be supported by naming the most outstanding representatives, so that you will have a chance to find colossal inspiration by their photo works.

 1) Aerial photos

photography-styles-photo-retouching-sampleJudging from the name of this genre, such pictures are taken from a professional camera that is not placed on the ground. Unlike other types of photography shots, aerial images may be taken either by a human photographer or by a specific system with remote controller. French photographer Nadar was the man, who pioneered this style by taking some pictures of Paris from his air balloon. photography-styles-photo-retouching-sampleDefinitely, we all have taken at least some pictures when a plain takes off. But when it comes to professional aerial pictures, there are certain requirements:

• Minimizing vibration

That is the most common problem. For solving this photographers usually choose high ISO camera setting, use fast speed of a shutter and wide lens. Having gyro mount or motion stabilizer can be also quite helpful.

 • Having right perspective

In case a photo has wrong angle, everything can be stabilized by specialized correcting tools.

• Photos must be stitched

The most famous aerial photos were taken by:

Andy Yeung



Karolis Janulis



2. Astrophotography

photography-styles-photo-retouching-sampleDefinitely different kinds of photography go far beyond earth limits. Today a variety of filters and photographing equipment has made it possible to capture space pictures even for But taking into account professional astrophotography the following challenges must be overcome:

• Low light conditions

From all types of photography lights, space pictures are the poorest. You should realize that you will photograph in almost complete darkness.

• Complete awareness

Unlike the rest photography styles celestial objects cannot be seen with a naked eye. For these needs photographers use telescope.milky-way-night

• Earth rotates

Yes, there are types of photographers that must take into consideration the earth rotation in order to find necessary astrological objects. Still, modern society knows specialists that have achieved unbelievable success in this type of photography styles.

Mark Gee


Jerry Lodriguss



3. Black and white

Among all types of photography shots this brunch is the oldest. In case you are interested in photography industry, you should know that all pictures were originally black and white. Concerning this style, photographers see in it not just the simple absence of color. Monochrome photos usually emphasize a dramatic feeling, captured shadows and in photography genres list this style is always among leaders. Despite such popularity, not all cameras have such function. Thus, most of contemporary photographers are used to take colorful photography and then convert them into monochrome samples. To achieve great samples you should notice the following facts:

• Choose low ISO

• Select Raw formats

• Get used to access pictures without colors

The most talented photographers in this genre are:

Henri Cartier Bresson


Yousuf Karsh



4. Commercial Photography

Certainly not all types of photographers take photos for fun. There is a great percentage of specialists that do this for commercial For this, unlike other types of photography sessions during such occasions photographers should following the next rules:

• Know the final aim of taking such photos

Undoubtedly that is not just taking simple photos. Commercial photographers do not just convey a beautiful

• Convey a necessary feeling

Modern photography styles and techniques allow specialists to convey a special feeling that makes people buy chosen products. This feeling plays a very important role. It evokes a burning desire to buy represented products.


• Be a great psychologist

Certainly, before taking commercial photos, photographers should know what type of emotion a picture must evoke. Due to a vast variety of advertisements, customers are already used to their different types. Thus, that is a whole challenge to find a suitable massage of resonating with future clients.The most popular commercial photographers are:

Fernando Decillis


Jaime Travezan



5. Event photography

photography-styles-photo-retouching-sampleThe next term is able to cover different kinds of photography, as such photographers usually capture a wide range of subjects from solemn celebrations to wedding ceremonies. Surprisingly, photographing all these occasions has the same set of many tried tips that every specialist should follow. They are:

• Choose a continuous photographing mode

Surely this type of photographing guarantees great career in photography.

• Know all features of a used camera

Solemn occasions are not the suitable field for experimenting. A photographer should know the manual very well as well as be able to find the required button quickly.

• Be prepared to varied lightning settings


• Push the button nearly a second before the event will take place

This advice is a leader in photography tricks and tips, although it is hard to be followed.

• Have legal permission for taking photos at private celebrations

• Know the venue or visit it beforehand

Among contemporary genres of photography this sphere is quite complicated. Still, there are photographers that have amazed world with their talent.

 Rob Greer

photography-styles-photo-retouching-sampleCaesar Sebastian


6. Macro style

This photo brunch cannot be compared with other modern genres of photography. It opens alluring career opportunities in photography, but because of difficultness and specialized equipment it is not chosen by many specialists. photography-styles-photo-retouching-sampleThis photo spheres presupposes taking pictures that are life-size or even larger. So, what is needed to get a professional macro shot?• A special zoom lensThe chosen lens should have macro settings.


• Placing a lens extremely close to the photographed subject

Here the length difference even of several millimeters can result in a blurry focus.

 • Having a tripod

That is a certain requirement that guarantees steadiness. That minimizes the level of shakiness. Some photographers also select anti-shake sensors, but this tool is quite expensive. Those dedicated photographers, who have achieved success through laborious trial-and-error work, are:

Alan Henderson


Colleen Slater


7. Nature photography

photography-styles-photo-retouching-sampleCapture the wild world in all its beauty and glory is a sophisticated task. Definitely to convey the whole range of elegance and all majestic movements of animals is an extremely difficult task. This photo sphere is divided into nature and wildlife The first picture type contains such digital photography tips and techniques:

• Try different angle

This tip is suitable for all types of photography shots, but only in nature this tip is the most useful.


• Concentrate on small details

• Be mobile and flexible

Be ready to spend numerous hours to choose a perfect location and flat on stomach to get the wonderful shot.

 • Know the right time with perfect lightning

photography-styles-photo-retouching-sampleDealing with wildlife is still more complicated. There are some rules such photographers should follow:

• Don`t frighten the photo subject

• Allow wild animals to approach you

• Wear camouflage

This simple trick considerably minimizes the influence of human presence on the way animals behave. In case you do not have special clothing, choose things with dull colors.

 • Know specific elements of animals behavior


• Be ready for early getting ups

• Try using manual focusing

Find a solid source of inspiration by admiring photo works done by such auteurs:

Ashleigh Scully


Peter Delaney


8. Night pictures

Like in different types of photography, while capturing pictures at night light plays the most essential role. Surprising even the simplest photos may become masterpieces with a bright kaleidoscope of varied colors

What is needed to get marvelous result?

• Using long exposure

In order to avoid “digital noise” choose modern cameras that have special technologies for noise reduction.

 • Have a reliable tripod

• Carry a set of helpful equipment

Photographer must be ready to work in almost complete darkness. Thus, having at least a small flashlight in order to see all required buttons on camera is

• Have as slow speed as possible in ISO

• Make several testing photos to set the norm of exposure

• Try taking photos from beneath

• Use long speed of shutter to capture motion

• Take photos of the moon

Every list of photography careers always includes specialists in night life pictures. But the most famous are:

Claire Morris


Edo Zollo


9. Paranormal pictures

photography-styles-photo-retouching-sampleUndoubtedly, that is the most unusual and strange sphere in different kinds of photography. That can be described as an attempt of providing an evidence of various paranormal phenomena. Today there are many genres like orb, spirit or there are two types of sources for getting paranormal pictures:

• Researchers that are dedicated to find something extraordinary and paranormal

• Photographers that capture such things accidentally

Certainly such occupation will not be in list of careers in photography, but still there are some brave people that have chosen such hair-raising occupation. We will present the most mind-blowing samples of this photo genre:

The brown lady


Ghost of a baby


10. Sports photos

photography-styles-photo-retouching-sampleThat is the most challenging sphere of contemporary photography. Among different types of photography careers numerous specialists choose exactly this photo field. Here the ultimate goal is always to capture the action in all have compiled a list of time-checked tips for you:

• Know the rules of your sport

That will help you to predict the most exciting moments in a game. You will also have to be aware of characteristics of players and coaches.

 • Find right position

Your target is getting as close to the live action as possible. In case you are interested in how photographers make money, this secret is a key to their success. Definitely we are not talking about being on the court, but you should choose the closest seats.

• Understand that perfection requires time

• Be ready to overcome lightning challenges

Very often sport photographers are not allowed to use artificial lightning in order not to distract players. In the most rewarding photography style there are real starts. They are:

Michael Clark


Tom Jenkins


11. Travel pictures

Unlike other photography styles these image tell a story first of all. This genre is not limited with portraits or landscapes only. The main difficulty of such pictures is that they are hard to be captured. Commonly that is a great luck to capture the right moment. photography-styles-photo-retouching-sampleFollowing the next rules doubles chances for success:

• Try to take clear photos

As soon as your photo will be in presented to people, viewers should not have question for what did you do it. The purpose of a photograph must be unambiguous.

 • Right angle

Even if you capture a location that is frequent target for photographers, unusual angle can make your photo works unique. For this, just go around the potential photo subject and access it from different sides.


• Stick to simplicity

• Choose bright colors

Remember that like in different genres of photography, coloring conveys the necessary mood. For instance, red spectrum brings a feeling of warmth, while muted colors are associated with calmness.

 • Work efficiently with light

Notice that the brightest photo samples can be achieved when the sun is overhead.

• Capture people while travelling

photography-styles-photo-retouching-sampleTry to know at least something about people`s culture and traditions. But the best trick that is powerful in all types of photography businesses is to consider people not as only photography subjects.The most popular travel photographers are:

Ken Kaminesky


Cedric Angeles

12. Street photography

This photo genre has become popular only recently. From one point of view that is just documenting city life, but in fact that is a more complicated process. For example, street fashion photography requires considerable knowledge of trends and ability to cooperate with models. Still, even common street pictures require following the next rules:

• Solid knowledge of locations

• An attempt to blend in with other citizens

• Having simple equipment

You may capture street photos even with the help of a mobile. Read this How to take professional pictures with iPhone.

• Photographing in automatic camera setting

• Readiness to tell an informative story through a photo

Usually street photography is different types of portrait photography, but in some cases that may be varied urban landscapes. The most successful representatives of this style are:

Martha Cooper


William Klein



13. Underwater pictures

photography-styles-photo-retouching-sampleWe live the most mysterious world that is hidden underwater and only some of talented photographer can capture this unbelievable beauty for us. Only high-quality types of photographers may be engaged in this field.

What requirements should be followed?

• Be a professional scuba diver or work with such specialists

• Using specialized equipment

Underwater cameras are very expensive. Other waterproof equipment also cost too much. There is one way out. Photographers may place their ordinary cameras into special waterproof

• Forget about film cameras because of limited number of pictures (nearly 36 shots)

• Pay attention to wide angle option

Enjoy the most mesmerizing samples of underwater pictures done by the greatest specialists:

Gabriel Barathieu


 Steven Kovacs


14. Candid photography

photography-styles-photo-retouching-sampleLike different types of photography this photo style is rather popular. The main special feature is that all photographed subjects do not know that they are captured. That results in the fact that people are relaxed and there are no artificial emotions on their faces. The set of rules of candid photography includes:

• That is not a separate photo genre

Candid photos usually become a part of other photography styles like wedding pictures.

• Buying a camera with long zoom

Again that will contribute to the fact that subjects will be aware of being photographed. The best representatives are:

Alia Bhatt


Thomas Jeppesen


15. Fashion photography


photography-styles-photo-retouching-sampleThat will be the last brunch among contemporary types of photography styles. Usually such photos are bright, eye-catching and definitely alluring. In most cases the main attention is targeted to the beautifulness, but not to the filling. The genre has the following requirements:

• Photos are used for selling purposes

• Creativity is the most important

Being aware of all trends is important. For instance like this Milk bath photography – 2018 photography trend.

• No limits concerning locations

• Includes collaborating with a team of other specialists

• The level of competiveness is extremely high

The most recognized fashion photographers are:

Claire Pettibone


Katlyn O´Hara

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