How to shoot night events and how to edit night photos in Photoshop

People like going out in the night. Partly because most of them work from the morning to the evening and night is the only free time they have, partly because of the charm of walking or driving in the night, under the stars, with a million lights around you. Big cities in the night look like they are hosting a big cool party all night long. Music from the bars, people in all kinds of street and fashion clothes, everything has its history and the wish to depict all this beauty is totally understandable. How to edit night portraits is a question of great importance for many photo shooters because night is stunning.

Enhancing night and low-light photos with Photoshop may seem like a big deal with many complications for people who have not dealt with such kind of photography before and that’s why our team, We Edit Photos, offers you a great possibility to use our professional help with enhancing night shots Photoshop and just to have more time for your shootings or for your hobbies. If you seem to be interested in our help after reading this article, take a look at our photo editing prices to clear the details out.

Night’s culture and charm

Internet keeps hundreds of different tutorials such as how to fix bad lightning in Photoshop, for example this one.

It seems easy to make difference when you watch someone else do it, but when you start trying to repeat it you usually fail if you do not have enough of the similar experience. Moreover, Photoshop is not the only instrument people use and how to edit night portraits in Lightroom and other programs is demanded just as often as with other means of picture editing. Such tutorials may differ even in the program version, for instance, this guide concerns Lightroom 5.

The more you love the night time, the better you wish to expand your knowledge in the field of making pictures right in this magical time when everything seem to change and to have a totally new atmosphere.

How to get a need of asking how to edit night photos in Photoshop

Many people just like to dress up nicely and to enjoy themselves looking at the people who are dressed in the same evening style with care, accurately, whose make up is just perfect for the night time. Nights are for going out, for celebrations, for having fun and making memories, no one can deny that. And different parties, graduations, sport matches, wedding parties, night love stories – these are just few of the possibilities that can be an exciting chance for expanding your knowledge and your skills as a photo shooter. Not to mention a huge amount of concerts, historical and musical festivals, theatre first nights and other interesting events that are happening during each year in the big cities.

There are also many lovers of making photographs of the buildings because architecture is often very different from one part of the city to another if it is old enough and making a night photo route with seeking inspiration is almost a must for every photographer.

Each of this opportunities stir up imagination offering multiple choices of things to shoot and to place in your heart full of art. How to fix bad lightning in Photoshop is a highly popular question asked online as many wedding photo shooters who are only used to the day light become confused when one couple just decides to perform the whole ceremony in the night time and to celebrate just at once. Just as confusing can be the night events connected to the wedding: bachelor parties and bridal showers.



Depicting them is important for the couple because they are celebrating the last joy of being single. This is why wedding shooters do not always know the best way of enhancing night and low-light photos with Photoshop or even Lightroom, let alone Capture One or something else. But We Edit Photos team experiences the string urge to offer its guidance to those who have from little to no experience at all in enhancing night shots Photoshop, especially the wedding shots. This is why we offer you to read our article about wedding photography enhancement that will deal with a part of your lightning problems: black and white wedding editing.

Technical life hacks in the process of enhancing night and low-light photos with Photoshop
To start with, acceleration is your friend. How is that? Well, it is not only easier but better to captivate night pictures of events with a fast lens. You may even call it a key moment because perfectly you have to use a lens whose aperture is faster than f/2.8. Some tutorials even tell that it has to range from f8 up to f13 but that concerns mainly professional photographers who have enough experience and skills otherwise if you are an amateur and you just started to learn things you will not even understand how every detail works (which is of course very important) and perhaps you should first stop your choice on a prime lens whose aperture is wide.


Your equipment is important and the better it is the more possibilities of providing great shot you have even in the night time of the day. So as you should have already understood it is the best choice to choose such lens that performs well in the conditions of the lack of the light. What it will give you? Important things like quick focusing, minimum amount of the noise that often happens to appear with the low-light and, of course, crisp sharpness that you lack with other lenses.
Remember, that your camera is your friend and if you do everything right, you have no reason to be scared of the shooting in the night.


During your preparation for the shooting at night it’s also very important to take care of the possibility to place your camera firmly. When the intensity of the light is low it is difficult to achieve short exposures. In some situations, for example, when shooting sport events on a well-lit stadium, the camera can be hold in hands. But for most shooting night scenes, the camera should be mounted on a fixed footing.


The perfect variant is a heavy steady tripod, on which digital reflex camera will be firmly motionless, even during exposure that can last several minutes. In addition to the proposed option, you can set the camera on a relatively stable footing – like the roof of the car or the edge of the window – and set the shutter release with a little delay to avoid camera shake while pressing the shutter button. So, when the camera is fixed motionlessly – your hands are untied. Choose freely the shutter speed, aperture and sensitivity (ISO), with the help of which one can obtain a suitable for the shooting scene exposure, and not only the combination of settings at which camera shake will not affect the picture result.


To estimate which settings are needed during the shooting, look at the special tables with settings that you can freely google anytime for the night shooting. When the camera rests on a tripod (find the best way to set up the tripod first), set its sensitivity at 100 ISO (to reduce digital noise) and a larger aperture (f/16). The shutter speed can be as long as you want it, that is not a problem while the camera is securely fastened. Read about some of the common problems that occur while shooting at different exposures and the best solutions to resolve them. You can never guess where will your next shooting be taking place and at the day time or the night time so make sure to read carefully our guide about making travel photos to be sure of yourself.

More technical details with high importance in enhancing night shots Photoshop

The choice of the lens must also depend on the occasion, i.e. the reason why you are going to make a photo session. If it happens to be a night outdoor wedding, for example, a macro lens because this way you shall be allowed to shoot some close details and to frame them. Atmosphere of the particular event is easier to be caught at the wide angle as it gives you more freedom. It is absolutely needed that your camera should be able to work with high ISO settings like 1600 at least.


The higher the better in this case. If your camera sensor is able to capture most of the light on the event, it will definitely benefit you because you will be enabled to use ISO settings on the extreme level but you will not have to deal with the excessive noise that often occurs in similar cases. This means that if you love doing night photographs and you are planning to do it often it would be wise to consider buying some camera model with a full frame DSLR. Increase the sensitivity when you wish to avoid directional blur.


A small manifestation of the digital noise always beats the image blur that happens because of camera shaking during the shooting process. So you should only increase the sensitivity if you have no possibility to use a tripod. A good alternative would be to use a flash. Shooting like this you will still be able to shoot at the classical rate with ISO 100, although the flash light changes the checkered light and shade, which can ruin the picture atmosphere. And then the question how to fix bag lightning in Photoshop will not be so crucial.

But when to use flash light? If you took a picture with flash light there is a big chance that you will be frustrated because the atmosphere of the shot is altered by making the object you took the photo of too bright and the background, on the contrary, too dark. Because of this people usually increase the photo sensitivity instead of using flash lights. Nonetheless, the raise of the sensitivity is not enough to shorten the shutter speed or to narrow the aperture in order to obtain clearer images. A built in flash light will come in handy sometimes.


A flash is needed in the portrait photography in the conditions of the low light intensity. The object can be frozen in a way even while exposing for several seconds. The need of the flash light usage is less obvious in this situation though the flash actuation is combined with the long shutter. This is the specialty of this technique, which is called the slow synchronization. It is performed on your digital reflex camera with the built in flash light.

By the way, always make sure that you shoot in RAW or if you need the JPEGs immediately after the shooting that your camera shoots in RAW and at the same time saves the JPEG copy. If you have ever asked yourself how to edit night portraits, then you should already know by now that RAW pictures keep in them much more information about the shot than a JPEG can and the colors there are much deeper and you are free to edit it any way you want. White balance will be much easier to fix along with exposure while you post process your shots. This way you will save your time during the shot because it is quite difficult to set everything right at once while you’re shooting in the night.

How to avoid the question how to edit night photos in Photoshop

You must be gentle and professional at the same time. This means that you must be able to take good pictures not disturbing the guests on the event and not be keeping them from enjoying themselves. The performance is going on, the music is playing, someone is dancing and you have to be skilled enough to feel good inside the crowd and to be careful with your camera and professional with picture taking. Stay calm and polite no matter what happens. You have to remember that there are some occasions which bring special rules upon photo shooters, like religious ceremonies and other things. Make sure you cleared everything out before the event starts to feel confident and not to brake any rule. Always leave a good and positive impression because any event may lead to the profitable acquaintances and to more questions about enhancing night and low-light photos with Photoshop with higher income as well. If this event is emotional enough be sure to capture people laughing, dancing, jumping with joy, looking excited and so on. Make your photographs dynamic and interesting, full of stories to tell to their viewers. Make sure to be patient and attentive and try to capture all the key moments.
No doubt that there will be a great number of the shots that are too blurred or too dark and so forth, but it doesn’t mean that you have to be interested in how to fix bad lightning in Photoshop. If you followed our previous instructions this should leave you enough of the successful shots to work with. If you think that it’s not enough take those shots that are not perfect but look like they are still cute without post processing because they shall look even better after enhancing night shots Photoshop. Nevertheless, just leave your bad photos be or delete them at once and do not think about them because you are not trained to shoot in the dark. You will be as you gain more and more experience in this area so do not worry about your failures too much, just learn your mistakes by heart in order not to repeat them later.

How to edit night photos in Photoshop and how to step away from it

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