10 Best Background Removal Tools to Use in 2024

best background removal tool

To create transparent PNG images without a background, you don’t need to learn complicated Photoshop editing techniques. Choose one of these simple background removal tools and edit the background with all borders in one click. Using such programs, you can also fix colors, dynamic range, and create translucent icons for your design projects.
All programs included in this list have undergone several background removal tests, with simple images and outlines, and using complex objects to automatically remove the background, like trees or hair.
Though Adobe Express and Apowersoft Online Background Eraser are the leaders in this review, the rest of the programs also perfectly cope with the task of quick background removal, with some of them being available online.

1. Adobe Express

adobe cc express background removal tool
  • Customizable templates
  • Lots of stock files
  • Free 2GB
  • Works on all mobile devices
  • 18000+ fonts
  • Not found

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is an updated online tool from Adobe that combines semi-automated graphic creation and editing functions. It includes hundreds of templates, 10000+ fonts, and integrates with an image library.

As for background editing, you can remove the background in one click and make a PNG icon image, replace the background, or fill it with any color. There is a built-in gallery of over 100,000 ready-made backgrounds on various topics. You can even use a keyword search to find the right background for your project.

Also, by filling the background from the color palette, you can adjust its transparency, make the background dimmer or the same brightness as an icon. However, if your image is of poor quality, and you cannot precisely work through the hair area with a brush, you can order special background remover services offered by Weedit.Photos.

2. Wondershare PixCut

wondershare pixcut background removal tool
  • Export images in high quality
  • User-friendly
  • Image enlargements without quality loss
  • Separate editor for manual tweaks
  • You can remove the background by URL link
  • Limited functionality in a free version

Wondershare PixCut is an excellent online background remover tool. Using it, you can remove the background in one click, change the background or clear it manually for more precise work with a high-quality image.

Thanks to a simple, minimalist interface, you no longer need to learn complex editing techniques in Photoshop. After you have removed the background, you can upload the finished image through the online start page or go to the editor, where you can use ready-made backgrounds for replacement, resizing and adding shadows.

3. Apowersoft Online Background Eraser

apowersoft online background eraser tool
  • AI tools
  • Modern and straightforward UI
  • Great tech support
  • Convenient background editing tools
  • Can remove watermarks
  • You need to use high-quality images for the program to work accurately

Apowersoft Online Background Eraser is a simple but powerful online service that can remove the background from an image by making the background transparent. The advantage of this background removal software is AI cropping technology, which accurately determines all the contours, so you can even clean up the backgrounds in portraits where models have bouffant hairstyles. But, if you are not satisfied with the result, you can fix it manually. This is a strong advantage of the program, putting it on par with the best desktop background removal software.

This online service has a simple and modern interface that allows even a beginner to understand the process. In addition, you can remove the signature/stamp background, perform color correction, blur the background, create your own passport and visa photos, and more.

4. Leawo Photo BG Remover

leawo photo bg remover tool
  • Advanced AI tools
  • Lots of tutorials
  • Convenient removal of unnecessary objects
  • Automatic background removal
  • Batch background removal
  • Steep learning curve

Leawo Photo BG Remover is a great program for background removal and replacement. The interface is modern but can be confusing for new users. One of the key features is that you can take advantage of the automatic batch extension to remove the background.

If this option doesn’t suit you, use a manual background remover tool. You can also remove unnecessary elements in an image, such as stray hair, etc. In addition, there is a large number of different guides for users to better understand how this program works.

5. InPixio

inpixio background removal tool
  • Fully customizable UI
  • Natural background replacement
  • Great for novices
  • Selective color correction
  • AI background replacement
  • No batch photo editing

InPixio is a popular program that you can use to quickly and easily edit images, remove unnecessary details, replace the background and more. The software has a very convenient customizable interface, so you can easily change and adjust it by adding and removing widgets. A unique feature of this background remover tool is an AI system that automatically adjusts the dynamic range and the degree of blurring of the background in a picture.

Therefore, a new background will look more natural. You can also use the Smooth Edge Tool to make the outline of an image sharper and more focused. The most praiseworthy instrument is AI sky replacement, which replaces the sky in your photos with a colorful, contrasting sunset in one click.

6. Pixlr

pixlr background removal tool
  • Automatic background removal
  • Intuitive, minimalistic interface
  • Suitable for weak PCs
  • Can work online
  • You can remove the background manually, using brushes
  • Lots of ads

Pixlr is a great editor for beginner photographers. With it, you can change the background in a photo, remove unnecessary elements, alter saturation, perform color correction, and more. You can remove the background both manually, using brushes, and relying on AI tools, automatically. However, AI technologies are used here are far from advanced, so it is better to manually clean up portraits, especially the areas with hair.

With just one click, you can remove the background in a portrait, selfie and other images and replace it with another variant or leave it transparent. After that, you can apply a filter or perform a basic correction if necessary.

7. Crello

crello background removal tool
  • Modern, bright interface
  • Lots of templates
  • Convenient background removal tools
  • Library of stock media
  • You can animate any part of a photo including the background
  • No way to edit the background manually

Crello is a popular graphic design platform where you can create templates and designs. You can also crop a photo and apply effects, add frames and text to it, making it more unique and arresting.

As for the background replacement, you can remove it from your image in one click, and use the ready-to-replace options from a built-in background library for free. You can adjust the opacity of the background, correct colors, and even animate it if you’re creating complex projects.

8. Slazzer

slazzer background removal tool
  • 1-click background removal
  • Batch editing
  • Fully automated
  • Precisely defines borders
  • Adjusts background depth of field
  • No custom blur

Slazzer is an image editing and remove background app. It is integrated with artificial intelligence technology, so the app can automatically find the main object and determine its boundaries. Automatic background removal works very delicately and carefully, leaving small hairs in place rather than cutting them off, so the finished image with the changed background will look absolutely realistic.

In addition, you can change the depth of field of the new background and alter other settings to get a polished photo. However, the background blur function is not provided here.

9. Canva

canva background removal tool
  • Quick background replacement
  • Photo gallery
  • Simple to use and can satisfy beginners
  • You can edit the dynamic range of the background
  • It is possible to block the background layer
  • Doesn’t support RAW

Canva is a well-known online editor that allows you to quickly and easily edit images using advanced tools. With it, you can remove the background in one click, adjust its dynamic range, apply various effects and animate the scene.

Besides, there is a built-in library of premium backgrounds, where you will find more than a million backgrounds on various topics, plain for unique design projects and ready-made, festive, invitations. The search is very convenient. Also, unlike Canva alternatives, here I can lock the background layer and apply settings to the icons, or vice versa.

10. Fotor Background Remover

fotor background remover tool
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Improved AI editing system
  • 1-click background removal
  • Photo import in the original quality
  • You can switch to a full-fledged editor to replace and edit the background
  • Lots of distracting ads

Fotor Background Remover is a simplified version of the online image editor built on AI. All you have to do is upload a photo and wait a few seconds for the AI tools to detect boundaries and accurately remove the background. After that, you can upload finished photos in original quality.

Directly from this interface, you can switch to full-featured Fotor editor for further photo processing. There you can perform color correction, remove minor imperfections, add text, frames, and other icons.

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