Black and White Photos: 10 Reasons to Add Them to Your Package

black and white wedding photos

Photographers often resort to color shots to capture details, a bridal party, or the whole family. On the other hand, a wedding is always associated with sincere feelings and emotions. Black and white wedding pictures are ideal for showing the love and happiness of the newlyweds through photos.

Tonality, contrast, grain, shadows, and highlights are the main features that make black-and-white pictures stand out from the rest. It is believed that it is suitable only for photos of the bride and her parents. In fact, the black and white processing fits and looks attractive in a bunch of other scenes. If you still have doubts about whether you should take black and white wedding photos, below you will find a few reasons to agree.

1. Eliminating Distractions in Wedding Photos

black and white wedding photos eliminate distractions

During a wedding photo session, the photographer usually takes a few formal portraits while most of the shots are captured without specially prepared poses. Of course, some compositions and scenes are thought out in advance. However, the photographer cannot control everything and they have to deal with the natural course of events.

It doesn’t matter if you’re photographing an ordinary couple or beautiful celebrity weddings, you can’t get rid of all the distractions in the frame. As a rule, the photographer focuses on the main subject (for example, preparing the bride for the celebration) and may not notice half-done bridesmaids, shoes, or cosmetics mess in the background. By making your wedding photo black and white, you can hide most of the distracting things.

2. Black and White Puts Focus on Emotions

black and white wedding photos emotions

Although color images look more vibrant and attractive, black-and-white pictures are more suitable for exposing feelings and emotions. They allow you to focus on people’s faces and embody many original wedding picture ideas. Looking at such pictures, you can easily plunge into the solemn atmosphere even if you were not at the wedding party yourself.

B&W photos reflect the most precious and natural emotions such as the bride’s joy, the fun of the guests, or some touching scenes of the newlyweds with their parents. To paraphrase Ted Grant’s words: color photos show people’s clothes, while black-and-white images allow you to look into their souls.

3. Provides Timeless Wedding Look

black and white wedding photos timeless look

Photography, like many other things, is influenced by trends. By creating images in classic style, you will make them relevant even in 20-25 years. Remember that not all editing styles will be trending in a quarter of a century. Those popular Instagram pictures can be called the most awkward wedding photos after a while. To add the details, it will be much more great and memorable to see your wedding hashtags. Ask a pro writer like Wedding Hashers to write them for your couple, not use a generator.

The very first photographs were not in color and monochrome is still in demand. Black and white wedding photography is a timeless classic style. A B&W shot of a bride and groom will always look chic regardless of trends in hairstyles, clothing, makeup, and others. When grandchildren look at such an image, they will never consider it outdated or strange.

4. Perfect for High Contrast Photos

black and white wedding photos contrast

At the wedding, you may notice some interesting contrasts such as the black suit of the groom and the white dress of the bride. Black and white wedding photos are ideal for highlighting such contrasting differences. After all, the essence of this photography style lies in the opposition of light and dark.

Typically, wedding photographers have to deal with strong light and shadows as the ceremony takes place during the daytime. These pictures are dramatic. However, sometimes color photos can appear harsh or garish due to strong contrasts. On the other hand, black-and-white images look great in such situations.

5. Everything Looks Better in B&W

black and white wedding photos

When choosing a wedding venue, a couple does not think about how good the environment is for taking photos. For example, the interior may be a bit tricky for photography. If you are faced with a lack of light or color in the interior, it is a good idea to take black and white wedding pictures. This will make even the most unflattering location look more attractive and elegant.

black and white wedding photo retouching weeditphotos

It can take a lot of time and effort to achieve a flawless look for your images. To speed up the process, you can ask a professional photo editing service for help. The experts will convert any image into black and white, regardless of the original lighting and camera settings. They will also remove any imperfections and professionally work with the skin. Their budget photo editing prices are suitable even for those who cannot spend much.

6. Can Help Fix Unflattering Lighting

black and white wedding photos fix lighting

If you’re shooting in low light, we recommend trying some black and white wedding photos. For example, if the wedding is outdoors, you can’t fix any lighting problems. Besides, you may not be allowed to use a flash if the ceremony takes place in an ancient church or other old building.

You may also encounter unfavorable light if you are photographing in a room with large windows and a bright sun. In this situation, you should switch from color to monochrome and even get some advantage from such lighting. Also, you can easily deal with a color cast that appeared in the photo due to light bouncing off a colored surface. Just apply a black and white conversion!

You can also turn boring lighting into something more appealing if you try black and white. If your photos lack contrast because of too soft light, you can fix this with black and white post-processing. By carefully working with the image and controlling each color, you will get light and dark within the same photo.

7. B&W Makes Wedding Photos More Dramatic

black and white wedding photos dramatic

You can achieve a more remarkable feel and look by enhancing contrast through black and white processing. You can make some spectacular black and white wedding dresses pictures by capturing the silhouette of the bride at the window. Another option is to take a photo of the newlyweds using unique shadows on walls.

Your black and white wedding photos are even more impressive when you take them against cloudy skies. You can also play around with different architectural objects or crazy weather conditions to add drama to your pictures.

8. Black and White Makes Editing Simpler

black and white wedding photos

A black-and-white conversion is a good solution if you need to reduce or get rid of some things in an image while editing. For example, the wedding party was held on the beach in the heat of summer. Naturally, the bride’s face is red, and you need to do something about it. By experimenting with the red slider, you can spend a lot of time and achieve a rather unnatural skin tone.

By turning a color picture into a wedding photo black and white, you will simplify image editing since other manipulations will not take much time. For example, you still see the bump of acne in a monochrome image but you can fix this drawback fast and easily.

9. Brings More Attention to Wedding Details

black and white wedding photos details

You may miss some details in color pictures. At the same time, black&white pictures make them more visible. Colors can distract you from some things like the expression on the parents’ faces, the curve of a bride’s cheekbone, the texture of a dress, and more.

The photographer can draw the viewer’s eyes to specific details in the picture. Bright and saturated colors undoubtedly make people forget about other elements. If you’re looking at a monochrome image, you’re more likely to notice textures on clothes or expressions on faces.

10. Ability to Convert to B&W in Post-Production

black and white wedding photos

You don’t need to take only b&w pictures if you use your digital camera. With just a few clicks, you can turn your color photos into black and white. You can also undo it if you work in Photoshop, Lightroom, or other RAW editors. In this way, you get both monochrome and color pictures from the same wedding.

You can decide for yourself which wedding photos to leave: black and white or color. If you want to show the incredible beauty of pink flowers in a bridal bouquet, why not leave this photo in color? Do black and white wedding pictures look more breathtaking? Add them to the album!

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