The most beautiful celebrity weddings you should not miss

Wedding is always associated with a fairytale, especially when it concerns celebrities. People all over the world are following their prep process, than searching the best shoots on the Internet to be a bit dreamy to have the same on their wedding or at least to have a small topic to chat. Women get anxious when looking at the wedding gown of Kate Middleton or Kim Kardashian. It is the ceremony itself that produces even more stunning effect on public, if it is not a secret one. (Celebrities tend to keep such things in secret, you know!).
Today, we would like to show you the best out of the best photos of the most beautiful celebrity wedding, pointing to every little thing. Of course, including the bride’s gown. In addition, we will place into the spot light the best weddings of 2016. But don’t forget to take some handkerchiefs since you are likely to drop some tears. So, let’s get started!

The most beautiful celebrity weddings ever

To begin with, we would like to mention that really breathtaking wedding is not usually about some extravaganza or a huge party celebrated with thousands of guests and the lights of world cameras everywhere. Besides, the expectation of common white dress and black smocking. The celebrity’s decision are usually unexpected though there are some exceptions. Let’s take for example John Lennon and Yoko Ono. The couple had rather unexpected attire for the wedding: the bride was in white (which is still important) miniskirt and the bride was wearing knee socks. Other couple demonstrated quite lavish celebration of their wedding. Just remember about Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen.
In this part of the article we are going to talk about various marriages – old and new – which are still inspiring the world.

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince tied the knot on July, 1 2011 in the Cotswold. The gown of the bride was made by their friend John Galliano. Being together for two years, having a trip together to Thailand they decided to get married when watching Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. That film became their turning point of all their live.
Kate Moss and Jamie Hince wedding
The immortal song “The Ballad of Yoko and John” points to one of the most astonishing events of the last century. The couple got married in March, 1968, after John Lennon’s divorce. Yoko Ono expresses the style of the epoch to the fullest, wearing white miniskirt, knee socks, white hat and large sunglasses. They dedicated their honeymoon to peace calling it “Bed-in for peace”. Eventually they were together until John Lennon’s death in 1980.

We’re moving fast from the previous century to our days and are interested in Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding. The couple started dating in 2012, not long after the divorce of Kim from Kris Humphrey. After their daughter North West was born in 2013 they decided to tie a knot. And that is after 10 years of being acquainted. They met for the first time in 2004 at Kim’s another wedding. The wedding ring which Kim was presented with is now famous all over the world. It was 15-carrat Schwartz ring. Guys, just imagine it! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married on May 24, 2014. The ceremony was held in Florence and the bride was wearing brilliant dress by Givenchy.

Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney is another couple to be put in the spotlight. The ceremony of the event was held in Venice, Italy in September, 2014. They were first seen together in London in autumn 2013. The hotel Cipriani was housing the event of the Hollywood star wedding. More mesmerizing is the fact that the bride changed her outfit many times. She was seen wearing Oscar de la Renta gown during the ceremony, than Dolce&Gabbana, Alexander McQueen.

These weddings have already much time as passed away, while weddings of the previous year are still in the mass media top news lists and google search list as well. That’s why we are ready to take the upper hand in this chart list and tell you some facts about the best weddings of 2016.

Amusing celebrity weddings 2016

2016 was very reach for the events in different fields that it is quite difficult even to try to count at least some of them. But was is more alluring for us it is the wedding, the celebrity wedding. It is always interesting and informing to follow such events if you are the person to be curious about all these stuff.
Perhaps the most huge wedding had Ciara and Russell Wilson. The groom presented his future wife with 16-carat ring as it was spotted when the rumors about their engagement were all around. The ceremony was taking its place in Peckforton Castle, England. Ciara was in Roberto Cavalli’s dress. On that day all the Instagram and social accounts of the couple were shouting: “We are the Wilsons”. The place was truly magnificent. It became famous since Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes used this place as scene production, without mentioning some other TV-shows.

Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson got secretly married on July 13 somewhere in the Arizona having intimate ceremony and only the closest beside them. People say that it all was before they went to the Olympics to Rio. Soon Michael spotted this new on his account. The couple had the second wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The background for the ceremony was the beach with beautiful palm trees, warm sunshine. All these contributed to the general atmosphere of the dreamy spot. In addition, to make it still more breathtaking everything was decorated with greenery and the arch as well was made with flowers and greenery.

Audrina Patridge said I do to the Australian biker Corey Bohan in Hawaii during calm and beautiful ceremony. The bride had a very romantic white gown by the Pallas Couture, an Australian designer. The gown was decorated with lace boho. The hair-do was also pretty: the hair was done in loose waves. She had a red flower tucked behind her ear.

Kimberly Walsh and Justin Scott got married on the Caribbean Barbados Island. Justin was her long term love, so we believe that at last the dream came true. The couple was surrounded by the closest friends and relatives. As Kimberly said in some interviews she would gladly to go all over it once again to live it through and experience all the emotions and feelings. They were dating for 12 years, since 2004, when they both were working with the same record label. Justin proposed to Kimberly only in September 2014 after she gave birth to their child, son Bobby.

Margot Robbie became a married woman after being in long relationship with Tom Ackley. They tiered the knot in December. They started dating in 2013 when the couple met in France during the World War II drama set. Since that moment they were living together in London. The image of Margot showing the ring on her finger made a storm after it appeared on her Instagram account.

On May 21 another couple tiered the knot in Valla de Bravo, Mexico. It was a private ceremony dedicated to Eva Longoria and José Bastón wedding. Their relationship got public in 2013 and became engaged in December 2015. Victoria Beckham, Eva’s best friend, supported the bride in all possible ways, giving helpful pieces of advice throughout the whole important day. What’s more, Victoria was one of the witnesses of the wedding. But that is not the last helping hand from her. Eva was wearing a bridal gown by Victoria. We wish everybody had such a friend!

This summer Agyness Deyn and Joel McAndrew had a very charming wedding ceremony in Brooklyn Heights. The model was in midi-dress by Molly Goddard, famous London designer, during the ceremony of her wedding with hedge fund manager. To complete the look, the flowers of the bouquet were properly chosen. These were orchids and wheat. The atmosphere of the event was very intimate with only the dearest friends and relatives.

Anna Campbell is a well-known bridal designer, celebrated for her wedding dresses, became a married woman already. Her wedding is outstanding at least to the fact that she had four wedding dresses of her own design. All these was done to be astonishing during her wedding ceremony with Murray Thompson.

Of course, what a wedding of an outstanding public without beautiful dress. These are the things girls all over the world are dreaming about since their childhood. Our imagination makes us the allusion to the huge amazing white wedding gown and a handsome man beside us. Such dreams and marriages described above may be used as an evidence that life is alive and still breathing. And to make it powerful even more we should fight for it. We should start he battle with choosing the right wedding gown to be ready since every moment of the life is quite unexpected.

The most mesmerizing celebrity wedding dresses

Beatrice Borromeo was like a Greece goddess at her wedding in 2015 wearing Armani Prive gown. The impression was crowned with high lock. She was in complete harmony with her husband’s attire. There was nothing extra and we consider this look on of the perfect ones.

Solange Knowles had a rather unusual wedding attire. It was not a dress as you can see from the image above. It was a kind of a costume by Humberto Leon for Kenzo. The color of the attire is also not a common one. It is ivory. Though it may seem rather odd to have such appearance for the wedding, still they are completing each other as far as we can judge from the image. We believe, that if you want some extravaganza in your wedding gown, let it be like this one.

On Juli 2011 Kate Moss was in bias cut gown during her tying the knot with Jamie Hince. The dress was made by Kate’s friend John Galliano. The idea of the dress was to achieve the style of the 30th. We believe that the idea was fulfilled on the large scale due to the abandon usage of chiffon and tulle.

The huge bomb of the 2011 was the marriage of the Duck and the Duchess of Cambridge. That was probably one of the most expected and beautiful weddings of the present day in the Royal Family. The Duchess of Cambridge was in Alexander McQueen’s dress made by Sarah Burton. The white gown was richly decorated with lace. It was mentioned that the author was inspired by Jackie Kennedy’s weeding dress.

Victoria and David Beckham wedding has all the rights to be called the most costly one. It was a pretty penny for the couple to renew their wows and recreate the atmosphere. But they did it! And of course we should mention the dress of Victoria. It was the same she wore in July 1999. Though she changed her attire so fast that it was difficult to follow. But the famous dress by Vera Wang was spotted. And sure thing, remember David’s suit. Of, we love them matching!

We want to crown our list with Gwen Stefani in white and pink gown. In 2002 she got married in that ombre gown with Gavin Rossdale. The wedding attire was by John Galliano for Dior.
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