20 Awkward Wedding Photos to Have Fun

awkward wedding photos

No matter how hard a couple tries to plan a perfect wedding, they can’t control everything, so there occur really funny or even embarrassing situations.

Sometimes such moments are captured by a photographer and these images become a highlight of a wedding album. I have collected 20 awkward wedding photos for you to look through and have fun.

1. A Special Guest!

We used to think that animals are the best human`s friends and we do like to take photos with our funny pets or we go with pleasure to the zoo and take images with zebras and lions. It is really a great idea for the hobby-likes images but professional wedding pictures involving animals are quite often spoiled in such a way.

Animals are beautiful and, of course, look impressive in images, but only when they are the main object of a photo. A wedding picture is about a married couple, not animals.

awkward wedding photos

2. Vacation Time

The newlyweds definitely wanted to get beautiful photos by the sea. But the man resting there added something unique to this photograph.

awkward wedding photo vacation time

3. Maybe You Shouldn’t Get Married?

This is one of those cringe wedding photos that you need to examine several times to understand what is happening. A groom is probably going to cut the cake, but it seems that he has some second thoughts about his marriage.

embarrassing wedding photos

4. Poor, Poor Cake

This is probably the nightmare of any bride. Typically, ladies spend lots of time, trying to think over every detail of the celebration, cake included. But at this wedding something went wrong and beautiful, three-layer cake is falling down. A photographer captured the moment when one of the guests tries to catch the cake but without avail.

funny wedding photos

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5. Jumping

When you take photos in the closed circle of your friend, then this variant of posing is pretty suitable, but quite often your trying to use this trick in the professional wedding photo session leads to disaster. You should understand, that a wedding dress, high heels of a bride and the groom`s suit are the most inconvenient clothes for jumping. At least it will be absurd and hilarious, but in any way, amazing and creative.

funny wedding pictures jumping

6. Very-Very Strange Moment

This couple definitely wants to pose near elegant swans but the birds have other plans. The photograph was a big surprise for every participant of the process and became one of the most embarrassing wedding photos that are unlikely to find their place in a wedding album.

awkward wedding pictures

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7. Such an Awkward Situation

A photographer should have a basic plan for a wedding photo session not to miss some important moments. But sometimes, photographers decide to go with their gut and end up with awkward wedding pictures. This photo is a very vivid example of an impromptu photoshoot.

cringe wedding photos

8. What Are They Celebrating?!

While adults are having fun at the wedding, this little girl seems to be the only one who understands the tragedy of the situation. Or maybe she’s too tired to join them?

cringe wedding images

9. Somebody Has Eaten Too Much Cake

Such awkward wedding photos may evoke different feelings. On the one hand, they can make people laugh, implying that somebody has eaten too many goodies. But on the other hand, you may feel sorry for a bride and a groom who just wanted a beautiful image with their friends but fell into the water and spoilt their clothes.

awkward wedding photos that reveal too much

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10. Bride-Superhero

This is a great example of cringe wedding photos that have a hidden message in them. Do you know that every woman has a superpower? This groom seems to be very surprised when his wife demonstrates hers!

funny and awkward wedding photos

11. Very Busy Groom

Do you think a photographer just brought to life a Photoshop manipulation idea? In fact, this is a real photo displaying a busy man, who solves his work tasks right during his wedding.

funny and cringe wedding photos

12. The Most Romantic Photoshoot Location

It is probably the most terrible decision for so romantic and gentle holiday. Every detail should underline these features and give more elegance and fascination to the general impression of a wedding image. It is recommended to find a special place, where you can create a cute, romantic atmosphere and you will look your best in wedding pictures.

awkward and cringe wedding photos

13. Gangster Family

In fact, the most awkward wedding photos have one thing in common – very strange props. For example, guns and fishing rods create the feeling of absurd, but not a lovely story. Actually, sometimes it is quite effortful to explain what a wedding photographer uses these unexpected objects for.

awkward wedding photos gangster family

14. Where Are the Legs

The bride wanted to take a cool photo so badly that she forgot her legs? Or what’s the matter?

Perhaps a photographer shouldn’t have posted such a picture on the web.

awkward wedding photos no legs

15. Good Old Patterned Carpet

Photographers usually choose picturesque backgrounds while taking wedding images, so we can’t understand why these newlyweds are posing against such a colorful carpet. Maybe this was their own decision or such a carpet means a lot to them. Anyway, it’s their Big Day, so they can choose any background they want.

awkward wedding photos to laugh at

16. What a Thematic Wedding!

Bright costumes look rather funny but it is too much and in some cases such ceremonies look like a joke or unsuccessful performance. Maybe only now, when such people are young and ambitious, they like such images, but when they become adults, they will feel very shamefully and outrageous to show somebody their funny wedding photos.

awkward wedding photos thematic

17. Too Much Photoshopping

You can see such unusual and strange wedding images with dinosaurs or sharks following a married couple and guests. Undoubtedly, these are very original and cool pictures, but on the other hand, it is a vivid example of the most awkward wedding photos. Firstly, they look unnatural and, it is easy for viewers to understand that a photo was processed. Secondly, it is too difficult for people photographed to choose suitable poses and emotions.

awkward wedding image

18. Unusual Place for a Photo Session

Sometimes, trying to take terrific and unusual photos, people cross the line of common sense and get very awkward wedding pictures. Of course, such an image is unusual, but it can hardly be called beautiful.
awkward wedding photos in basket

19. Don’t Touch the Veil!

Never ever repeat this action no matter how patient a future-wife-to-be is. Hope everything is OK with this boy because he is doing a very risky thing.

awkward wedding photos veil touching

20. Kid Down

Everything looks great at first glance, but when you scrutinize the lower part of a photo, you’ll understand the real tragedy happening at the ceremony.

awkward wedding photos kid down

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