Lego Star Wars Photography & Other Ideas

It is not surprising that Lego Star Wars photography become a popular genre. Yes, it is a whole separate genre, because this photography is different from others. What is the secret of success? Despite the fact that there are so many fans of this saga in the entire world, In this year, 2017, they celebrate its fortieth anniversary!
There are Lego cartoon show based on Star Wars, as well as Lego film. Moreover, there’s even a computer game, real paradise for this story nerds. Among these nerds there are many talented fans who are ready to devote themselves and their creativity to the beloved universe of Star Wars. Someone draws, someone writes fanfiction, and photographers, of course, take pictures!
So in this article, we’ll look at a very interesting project by a young hungarian photographer, Benedek Lampert, who has done a great job and took a photo session without using Photoshop. Well, when looking at photo editing prices which some companies put on, you begin to understand why he did that.
Just a joke.
So we’ll talk about how to create a Lego font Photoshop and look at the work of another well-known photographer in this style of photography and and also we will talk about other tips and ideas for Lego photography.
You’ll find some useful videos in this article as well, so you can choose the best Lego Photoshop tutorial for yourself.
And to not put it on the back burner, here’s the first and simplest, but not a bad idea, is to recreate some art. Be sure that there are enough of then in the Internet and the new ones appear every day.
Here’s an example of changing a drawing into a photograph.
It’s the work of a novice photographer, so we can see some shortcomings, but it’s a good thing because it is nice to have something to aspire to.
Obviously, Lego star wars photography is staged photography. What’s more, it depends on what composition you’re going to make out of little men’s figures. So Lego photograph has something common to Food photography. Therefore, the following information may be helpful to you:
How to edit food photos in Photoshop – secretes revealed
Despite the fact that Photoshop works for us as a magic wand, which makes it easier for the photographer to work, but at the same time, it just makes everything more complicated. Because if there’s nothing like a star wars photo editor or other program to edit, the photographer won’t need that quality of the photograph.
But unfortunately, or fortunately, we have at least a Photoshop and a Lightroom, so the photo processing is still here, and thank God, because in this, let me say, the genre of photography, it is impossible to do without editing. Imagine how much you need to work on the decorations, background, and colors of each photo object, but for editor. Do you have any idea? Well, then, meet Benedek Lampert. He spent about two months, or even more, to take shots with enough quality so he didn’t need to do Lego Photoshop. See for yourself.
I hope that coffee was delicious, Darth Vader! I bet Benedek had to do more than a dozen shots before it worked out like this. It is not that easy to find a suitable mirror surface for this lighting effect. Please pay attention to the eccentric structure on which the sugar is attached. By the way, it’s also built with Lego and gum, as you can see.
The next photograph was taken with no special decorations, but outside. The photographer had to wait for a certain time to get the necessary backlight which would give the image such drama.
The task is complex, but doable. If you decide to go another way that is a little simpler and use some editor, then check out the next Lego Photoshop tutorial. Even a novice photographer owns basic processing skills (I’m talking about color correction, and so on), but do you know how to stylize a photo in this style ? Find out here:
Photoshop Tutorial: LEGO! Transform a Photo into a LEGO Portrait

Lego Star Wars Photography: Fiction or Reality?

Talented photographer Vesa Lehtimäki made a series of incredible photographs. He turned his toys into steadfast soldiers and really dangerous cars that aren’t afraid of any cold. So he not only took amazing pictures, but also captured his favorite toys forever.
The notable thing is that, like the previous photographer, Lehtimäki almost didn’t use Photoshop or another star wars photo editor. The snow in the photos is real.
The author himself says that he is just thrilled with this idea and that he literally couldn’t stop taking pictures. Although it’s a pretty tough hobby, there are a lot of other guys who do the same thing, so it’s not enough to make a new one, you have to check out whether something like that already exist.
The next series of shots is even better than the first, if it is possible.

In this photograph, now we see not a blizzard and snowdrifts, but a fight against manifestly non-terrestrial creatures.
How spectacular it turns out to be! You can find many other stunning images on the photographer’s page on Instagram (@avanaut), or look for Vesa Lehtimäki’s profile on flickr.
His work can also be seen in Photographer Creates Awesome Scenes with Star Wars Lego

Best Of Lego Photoshop Tutorials

To tell the truth, we don’t distinguish only one Lego Photoshop tutorial, but a few of them. They will really teach you how to achieve this effect.
We’ll start with Photoshop Tutorial: Create Lego Brick Mosaics From Any Photo

The title of the video speaks for itself, so we won’t waste your time speakinf about long description of it. We’ll tell you the big plus of this video: at the very beginning, you have a short algorithm that you need to do to get this effect, and then there’s a detailed explanation and demonstration. So if you have a high level in this program, you’ll have enough of this short explanation, so you don’t have to click through the whole Lego Photoshop video.
We have learned how to make portraits, but if you’re talking about a literal photo of Lego, not just the usual stylized photos, there’s a logical question.
What question? Well, it’s about one of the coolest things in the Star Wars universe.
The following video will help you to achieve the same effect you may have seen in the photos of Vesa Lehtimäki. Let the snow in his photograph be real, but the laser sword is unlikely to be real.
This Lego Photoshop tutorial, will tell you how to make a natural laser sword from normal in your photograph.
LEGO Star Wars – Basic Lightsaber Effect-Photoshop CC

After all, what Star Wars without laser swords? And what Lego is it without its famous logo?
So you should know about one more useful thing. There’s a very amusing program for designer lovers and a its name is
This is a 3D-constructor that includes many different details, so the problem of lack of a particular part doesn’t exist anymore – has all you need in unlimited quantities.
You can use this program to create anything from mechanisms and buildings to text.
So if you want to create a Lego design to sign your artwork, you don’t have to use the Lego font Photoshop, you can create something new, quite different.

How to work with this program, where you can download it and other information in Tutorial: LEGO Text!

You can build your name or alias in the designer in the most beautiful form that will come to your mind. Get out of the box and start thinking!
If you like the classics more, and you prefer to make labels without deferring from the standard style, just use Lego font Photoshop mentioned above. There should be no problem with that, because all you have to choose is the font you want in the list of others. In this case, though, there are some details. Which may confuse you, so check out the video below:
How to create a Lego font with Photoshop Elements 9

It is better to have a good star wars photo editor than a good friend
This is, of course, a joke, but it also has a grain of truth. Any photographer agrees that it’s very important to have a reliable editor or company that you can always turn to and do not worry about the result of their work.
Photo processing is half of the success and very often bigger of it. This genre of photography is not exception. Of course, experiments like the one of Benedek Lampert, when he made photo shoot with minimal use of processing, are very interesting and deserve attention. But as it’s still a star saga, photographers just have to use Lego Photoshop.
It doesn’t seem real to go to space and take the right pictures. Especially as the space made by the processing is not worse than the real one! See for yourself:
Of course, in this case, you could not do without the photo editing service. Our service will help you achieve the effect of the photo you need. After all, when looking at your work, one will need to think if it’s a real photograph of a spacecraft or an LEGO.

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