25 Cute Baby Photoshoot Ideas to Get Inspiration

cute and safe baby photoshoot ideas

The best age for the first photoshoot is from 1 week to 1 month. During this period, a newborn still sleeps quite a lot, and while sleeping, it is easier to put him/her in the proper position, and prepare the scenery and the background.

The most favorable place for a photo session is a familiar home environment. At home, a newborn will feel safe near his/her mother, which means that a photo session will take place in calm conditions. After going through many options, our photographers and retouchers from WeEdit.Photos have selected the safest baby photoshoot ideas that anyone can recreate.

1. Take a Picture of the Baby in the Sleep Positioner

Wrapped in soft baby linen, a child sleeping in his little cocoon or basket always looks cute. Moreover, most babies love to be swaddled. Wrapping a newborn will help keep him/her warm and sleepy during the shooting in the position you need.

The baby linen is also a fairly versatile prop for a photoshoot. You can choose any suitable color and wrap a newborn in different ways – open, closed, wide, or envelope.

baby photoshoot ideas sleep positioner

2. Capture a Baby Together with a Toy

A soft toy is a great way not only to show a baby’s relation with his favorite toy but also to demonstrate the growing-up process. Actually, this can become the main theme of a photo session. The child will grow by the day and month, continuing to play with the same teddy bear or bunny.

A soft toy will add a sense of scale and show how much a baby has grown. It is recommended to use the baby’s favorite toy. In the future, such photographs will evoke many nostalgic memories.

baby photoshoot ideas with toy

3. Take a Classic Close-Up Portrait of Baby

To implement baby photoshoot ideas at home, choose the brightest room so that you get maximum natural light from the window. If you’re doing newborn photography on your own and don’t have professional lighting equipment, remember that using a bright built-in flash is not a good idea.

weedit photos portrait retouching services for babies

To make photos look awesome, you have to devote a sufficient amount of time to editing. If you don’t know how to do it on your own, contact Weedit.Photos specialists. Rest assured, their pro-grade work brings out only delight. Experts will make your pictures even cuter and more eye-catching by complementing them with appropriate effects and editing them without spoiling natural tones.

4. Take a Photo with Mom and Dad

These are the must-have shots. Don’t invent special poses. Parents should just show their love. Let them take the baby in their arms. The atmosphere of endless love will immediately fill the frame.

You can also ask parents to hug a baby with one arm from different sides so that the whole family is involved. Then the photoshoot will carry a different message – parental love.

baby photoshoot ideas with mom and dad

5. Don’t Forget About Themed Baby Photo

Recreate any theme. For example, put a sports cap on a boy and place a tennis ball next to him. The girl can be dressed up in a magnificent dress with a crown on her head and a magic wand in her arm. If the holiday is coming soon, you can implement any Christmas photoshoot idea.

Alternatively, you can use the theme of popular series or movie to embody such an idea. For example, the Friends series. You can put the baby on the sofa from the famous Central Perk. Such images will turn out very unusual and creative.

baby photoshoot ideas friends themed

6. Take a Picture of a Sleeping Baby

One of the best ways to demonstrate the pristine beauty, tenderness, and defenselessness of a newborn is to capture him/her sleeping. When we see a sweetly sleeping baby, our unconscious parental instinct manifests itself.

You can bring such infant photoshoot ideas without sticking to one angle. You can photograph a baby so that he/she is fully visible in the frame, along with the surrounding, or try other angles.

baby photoshoot ideas sleeping

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7. Use a Headband

A headband is an even simpler type of prop than baby linens. A cute headdress on the baby’s head brings up a sincere feeling of tenderness. What’s more, it can be put on without waking the baby up. Thus, such props are perfect for adding diversity to the same pose.

When choosing a suitable headwear or headband, size plays an important role. The band must fit a newborn. Fortunately, you can find special hats for newborns in stores. If ta headband is too big for a baby, you can try to tie the excess with a small elastic band and hide it at the back.

newborn photoshoot ideas

8. Take Some Pictures with Your Pets

One of the cutest baby picture ideas is a photoshoot with pets. Photographing a dog at home with a child is easy. For overly active four-legged pets, we recommend using treats. Becalm the dog, and offer it something tasty. As soon as an animal lies down, put the baby next to it and take a picture.

There are no problems with a cat. It will either visit the photo zone with the newborn itself, or you will have to arrange the shooting right at the cat’s resting place.

newborn photoshoot ideas with pets

To properly fix color and light issues in your photos, you can refer to Weedit.Photos. Using top-notch monitors, our specialists can accurately alter color gamut and make other tweaks.

9. Use Hammock as Props

I recommend getting by with a few props. As for babies photoshoot, it is important to focus on a small face and cute folds on the arms and legs.

Hang a light blanket or large towel like a hammock. Put a baby in it and shake it a little. The kid will fall asleep, and you will get gorgeous shots with a little person.

infant photoshoot ideas with hammock

10. Take a Photo of Your Baby in a Frog Pose

This is one of the traditional babies poses that parents like. If a baby prefers to sleep in the frog position, then you just have to prop up his/her chin with his/her hands. If a baby sleeps differently, then spread his/her legs to the side, like the legs of a frog, and then lift his/her back.

You should be patient. Be prepared that a photo session will last several hours with breaks for feeding. For a photo to come out successful, a baby should strike each pose. This may take a lot of time.

infant photoshoot ideas frog pose

11. Take a Picture of a Baby Lying on His/Her Back

This is one of the easiest baby photoshoot ideas. Lay a child on his/her back, and place the arms on the tummy. Children are comfortable in this position. As a rule, it will not be difficult for you to capture the smile of a dreaming child in a frame.

Since a baby will most likely spend most of the time during a photoshoot without clothes, create a comfortable room temperature. The optimum temperature is a few degrees higher than that at which he/she is usually in clothes (23 – 26 °C).

babies photoshoot idea to repeat

12. Take a Photo of the Child with the Head Resting on the Arms

If a child cannot keep his/her head on the hands under the chin, place one hand under the head. In this position, a baby feels very comfortable. Therefore, you can take several sweet photos.

Before a photoshoot, prepare accessories and clothes for a newborn. Don’t miss a chance to bring all the creative ideas to life! When choosing props, refrain from using synthetic fabrics, they can irritate the baby’s sensitive skin.

baby picture ideas to follow

13. Take a Photo with a Sister or Brother

Arrange babies photoshoot together with an older brother or sister. Consider the ages of both children to come up with suitable poses.

If the second child is strong enough, ask him to hold the baby in his/her arms, play with him/her, or just give him/her a gentle hug. If an older brother or sister is still not so mature, put a newborn on a bed or beanbag, and invite the other child to lie next to him/her. All such photos will turn out very tender and nice, and childhood memories will warm for many years.

baby picture ideas with sister

14. Take Candid Photos

We are all touched by little children when they sleep because they are so peaceful and calm. But when they are awake, everything can turn out to be completely different, and your house often turns into a continuous fuss. Their behavior during a babies photoshoot is no exception, of course, and all the cutest photos that you see on the net are the result of a lot of work and patience.

A child is not a professional model, and it is simply impossible to force him/her into the position you need. Just one thing that seems unpleasant for a child during the photoshoot and he/she will throw a tantrum, or the child simply gets dirty during the shooting. You may not be able to wait for the perfect moment, so be always on the alert and try to catch fleeting moments of everyday life.

baby picture ideas candid

15. Create a Look with a Clothing and Props

You can create very interesting images with the help of special costumes. For boys, it can be a superhero in a cape or a magician in a hat and with a magic wand. Little gnomes in knitted caps and pants look very cute.

Think of a child as a hunter or fisherman, for example. Complete the frame with such props as a fire, a tent, a boat, etc.

baby picture ideas for boys

16. Take a Picture of a Baby in Parent’s Hands

The hands of a mother holding a child should not be decorated with plenty of rings with precious stones, bracelets, etc. Otherwise, the jewelry will grab the attention of people looking at a photo, but not the child.

At the same time, the skin on the mother’s hands should be well-groomed, and a modest manicure should be perfect. If a father is holding a baby, he should refuse bright cufflinks, for example, for the same reason.

baby picture ideas parents hands

17. Use Blankets to Simplify the Photoshoot

Blankets are a great prop for bringing to life newborn photoshoot ideas. Firstly, they save a child from cold during the shooting, which has a positive effect on the child’s calmness and willingness to cooperate. Secondly, they are simply beautiful when used as a background – bright blankets will create a completely different mood in the frame. Thirdly, with their help, you can easily protect a child from accidental bumps on various props necessary for shooting.

I highly recommend preparing several blankets. It doesn’t matter if they get dirty, or you just want to change the composition – you will always have a couple of options at hand.

baby picture ideas with blanket

18. Take Photos Outside

If the weather is good outside, then a photoshoot in the open air is just a great idea. You will be able to enrich your shots with more naturalness and warmth. Besides, the colors and lighting that you get outdoors will make your shots eye-catching.

Involve parents in the photo session, and ask them to carry the baby in their arms or a papoose. The resulting pictures will delight both you and parents, because there is nothing more beautiful than a baby captured on a bright sunny day.

baby picture ideas outside

19. Use Scenic Wicker Basket

Try putting soft blankets in a basket, and place the newborn on top. Decorate the basket with various matching objects. A small child surrounded by all these things will look even smaller and more fragile.

Such infant photoshoot ideas will emphasize tenderness and defenselessness. The resulting images will demonstrate how small a newborn is and will certainly evoke warm emotions.

baby picture ideas with basket

20. Try Colorful Backdrops

To get a successful image, photographers often use simple backgrounds. This way, you can keep the composition uncluttered. However, brighter and more colorful backgrounds will make your photos more vivid and attractive.

Here are a few rules to do everything right and not go overboard. When choosing a portrait background idea, you should remember that a baby is the hero of a photo. Ensure the color scheme of the background, props, and wardrobe items is consistent. Learn the basics of composition to place your baby properly.

baby picture ideas colorful backdrop

21. Take a Photo in Small Bed

A newborn sleeps a lot, which is good because during sleep you can realize a lot of amazing baby photoshoot ideas at home. Look in prop stores for a small bed to make a baby look bigger than he/she actually is. Newborns sleep almost all the time, with a few exceptions. The main thing is not to disturb the sweet dream of a baby.
baby picture ideas small bed

22. Take B&W Baby Portrait Photos

Generally, photographers do not take black and white photographs when shooting children, however, some baby photoshoot ideas in this style may work out well. If you take into account all the nuances and details, you will get special images.

To highlight a child in such a photo, there is one trick. If a baby has fair skin, bring plenty of dark decorations, including blankets. If a child has dark skin, then, prepare light-colored blankets.

baby picture ideas black and white

23. Try Sea Style during the Shooting

A little boy dressed as a fisherman or just wearing a blue outfit in a tiny boat is another cute option for a themed photoshoot. As part of this style, you can also come up with a lot of things for a girl.

Take a small boat, put soft blankets there, and place a baby inside. Find the knitted outfit for your child that matches the style. Place a blue shaggy rug under the boat to simulate seawater. Alternatively, paint a wooden or heavy cardboard surface blue. I don’t recommend using real water, as it can be dangerous for a newborn.

baby picture ideas sea style

24. Take a Close-Up Image of the Whole Family

Many infant photoshoot ideas involve parents. Be sure to bring this idea to life, because it is very spectacular and, at the same time, very simple to implement.

A frame of dad, mom, and baby’s hands (maybe it would be even cuter to photograph the baby’s tiny feet) is a powerful symbol of the effort that both parents put in to keep their baby happy. This amazing photo, showing the difference in size, is the quintessence of the caring and most tender feelings of parents for a child.

baby picture ideas closeup image

25. Find Special Props to Make Something Extraordinary

Seasonal decorations for baby photoshoot ideas may be unusual, but very symbolic. For example, if a baby was born in the fall, you can use yellow and orange leaves as a part of a composition.

It is better to choose clothes for a baby in soft, pastel colors. In photos, it will not distract attention from the gaze and facial expressions of a newborn. In cases where the chosen scenario, on the contrary, requires the child to be dressed as brightly as possible, it is necessary to consult with a photographer.

baby picture ideas with special props

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