30 Picture Wall Ideas for Showing Off Your Snaps

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If your collection is packed with stunning pics, but you have no idea how to showcase them at home, these picture wall ideas will come in handy. There are plenty of options: you are free to create a gallery wall in the stairwell, fill your room with the most memorable pics, and select a completely different approach.

Besides, before printing your shots, it would be reasonable to visualize how they look on the wall using one of the popular online photo wall arrangers like ArtPlacer and DLOOR.

1. Mix of Photos, Art, Objects

picture wall ideas art

Decorating the wall in the room with an impressive combination of paintings, photos and objects (like mini-instruments) is a good decision. The mix of small, large, and medium-sized pics with black, white, and gold frames will work well as well.

2. Peel-and-Stick Gallery

picture wall ideas gallery

Adorn your entryway with stunning and colorful family photos with peel-and-stick prints, and enjoy a beautiful composition in just ten minutes. To get such pics, turn to the photo wall service according to the desired style, shape, and design.

3. Floral Backdrop

picture wall ideas floral

Gold frames and period pieces look especially attractive against the floral backdrop, this also concerns the collection of pics. For instance, you will not lose the feature of a regal, Victorian-inspired wall of artwork.

4. Yearly Couple Gallery Wall

picture wall ideas couple

This is one of the most popular bedroom photo wall ideas and to realize it, mount your photos with a beloved one each year to build a stunning composition on your bedroom wall. If you consider that your existing pics are not so good, try to conduct a photoshoot using one of these original couple photoshoot ideas.

Expert advice: Make sure that all the frames are made in one color (like white or gray, for example), but as for sizes and styles, they should be different to spark visual interest.

5. Use Antique Brass Frames

picture wall ideas antique

If the artistic décor of your home is designed in an eclectic style, showcasing antique brass frames in rectangular shapes of different sizes is a great idea. To achieve the desired visual effect, choose the same asymmetrical layout for your family photo wall.

6. Paint Half of Your Picture Wall Images

picture wall ideas half

If you want to add some spice to your family shots or favorite art pieces, try to paint halves of pics in various hues. Here, it is important to choose contrasting colors, picking absolutely different tones. For example, combine yellow with purple or blue with a pastel orange shade.

7. Hang Photos Above Seating

picture wall ideas seating

If you are in search of simple but eye-catching wall picture ideas, arrange your memorable pics above a bench in your entryway or mudroom. Neutrally colored walls with simple black frames and black-and-white photos will be a perfect mix.

Expert advice: The dimmed picture lights can bring the focus to the pics, so installing this type of accessory is really beneficial.

8. Cover the Picture Wall with Plaid Fabric

picture wall ideas fabric

Arrange pics against a plaid fabric backdrop, and the result will pleasantly surprise you. Pin pics or other pieces of art to the wall covered with the fabric featuring cork squares or other patterns.

9. Wrap Images Around the TV

picture wall ideas tv

The area around the TV is always in the spotlight, so filling it with your beautiful family pics featuring cherished moments is one of the most reasonable photo wall ideas. Make sure to select attractive frames and arrange the pics in them around the TV. By doing so, you’ll turn the attention of your guests to the cherished moments of your life, presenting your creative family pictures ideas.

10. Four-Part Picture Wall

picture wall ideas four

If the design of your living space is rather eccentric, think of creating a four-part photo wall. Prefer the uniform frames to highlight the geometric nature of the furniture in the room. Attach four large family pics to the wall of your living space with a similar layout to achieve cohesion between the walls in the room.

11. Make a Photo Tile Puzzle

picture wall ideas puzzle

Create a puzzle-like design from the photo parts in the form of a hexagon and attach it to the wall. Take note that you can easily implement this idea by creating collages in Photoshop. Besides, your kids will definitely be thrilled to put the pieces together to achieve an impressive composition.

Expert advice: Once all the parts of the puzzle are ready, stick the magnets to the back of each piece with hot glue and position them on the magnetic board to showcase on the wall.

12. Spruce up a Bookshelf as a Picture Wall

picture wall ideas bookshelf

If you want to add an exquisite touch to your furniture, think of creating a photo wall within a floor-to-ceiling, built-in bookshelf. For instance, landscape images will look especially attractive when positioned alongside coastal-inspired accessories, including a white seashell.

13. Cover the Wall With Instax Photos

picture wall ideas instax

Creating “wallpaper” with Instax photos is one of the most original photo wall ideas. It can help you bring attention to the entire wall. The sheet should include nine 11×17 images of Instax wide-sized photos.

Expert advice: Print and trim the sheets and stick them to the wall using a staple gun. Attaching masking tape to pin up pictures on the wall will make the composition even more attractive.

14. Choose a Distinctive Shape for the Picture Wall

picture wall ideas shape

Design a large ticking clock from photos on the wall to capture various family moments over time. Select pics that present your family’s growth throughout your family history, choosing images that feature the older and younger versions of each family member.

15. Arrange an Ombre-Style Gallery Wall

picture wall ideas ombre

A DIY ombre photo wall is one of the best picture decor ideas for those who prefer colorful compositions. Use the poster paper featuring red, pink, and cream-colored to create your design. Before framing, position all your pics in the center of your colored background.

16. Glue Polaroids Inside a Frame

picture wall ideas polaroids

If your collection of Polaroid photos is full, but you do not know how to adorn your home with them, try to glue them within one big frame. This is one of the most effective ways to compile shots from a wedding, milestone birthday party, or graduation.

Expert advice: To realize this picture wall idea, clip several attractive photos to a pinboard or wire hanger letting the guest contemplate your pics.

17. Make a Mirror Your Focal Point

picture wall ideas mirror

To realize this bold idea, hang the mirror and arrange your family shots around it. Bring it into the spotlight of your composition when conducting a photoshoot.

18. Suspend Multiple Frames at Different Heights

picture wall ideas frames

Use a curtain rod or gold chains to hang your pics in an original way. By doing so, you’ll add an artistic touch to your apartment, polishing and fine-tuning its design. Select frames of various colors and shapes according to your taste. Besides, you can order tailor-made frames from Personal-Prints.

Expert advice: Analyze the color scheme of your room and pick the color of the chains and rod that matches perfectly to the overall design. Combine the colors that contrast with each other, especially if your wall is painted in a dark hue.

19. Create Your Own Family Tree Gallery

picture wall ideas family

A tree stencil can become a center point of your family photo composition. By creating a family tree you can enhance the look of your room and make it more elevated. Give freedom to your imagination and tinker with the frames to achieve the desired look.

20. Utilize a Corner for a Bold Statement

picture wall ideas corner

Take a note that flat wall is not the only option for arranging your family pics. Try to arrange images on a corner wall to add a special flavor to your interior.

Expert advice: A collage consisting of frames of different shapes, sizes, and colors will elevate the look of your bedroom or living space.

21. Combine Vinyl Decals and Family Photos

picture wall ideas vinyl

Vinyl decals can come in handy for those who want to personalize the interior with special wordings. You won’t have trouble customizing the decal and getting a personal look at your interior. It is better to leave much space between the frames, otherwise, the whole composition will look cluttered.

22. Accent Your Architecture with Picture Wall

picture wall ideas architecture

To make an accent on your home architecture, use tiny pics to enliven your traditional gallery wall. Even if your images are created in various photography styles, mix them according to the architectural elements of your room.

23. Go Bold in Black and White

picture wall ideas black white

Using black-and-white pics will let you create an impactful composition. Grayscale pictures look attractive and arranging them against the inky black backdrop is even more beneficial.

24. Look for Unexpected Locales for Picture Wall

picture wall ideas unexpected

The artwork and photography you are going to include in your design should bring some fun and an element of surprise. To highlight the playful nature of your composition, choose some unusual places for sticking your pics.

25. Take To The Fifth Wall

picture wall ideas fifth

No matter what picture wall ideas you want to implement, it is important to place the pieces in the most visible spots to enjoy your treasured moments every day. But why not attach your images to the ceiling of your bedroom? This is one of the most creative but quite apparent locale for a one-of-a-kind display.

26. Play With Different Hanging Techniques

picture wall ideas hanging

Showcasing your pieces in one stunning moment using two or even three hanging techniques is a sure way to create an exquisite design.

Expert advice: Traditional framing, display ledges, and casual photo holders are great accessories for realizing this picture wall idea. If you want to add an element of funk to this vibrant study zone, this method of displaying images is one of the most appropriate.

27. Break Up a Single Shot

picture wall ideas breack up

Do you hesitate that the selected pics can adorn your space causing a wow effect? Visit a print shop and check whether it is possible to scale the piece and divide it into a DIY triptych.

28. Go Bold a Picture Wall with Color

picture wall ideas color

Choose the design coated in a bold, energetic hue to turn your pics into artistic compositions. For instance, lacquer red bamboo frames look really great to outshine other bold elements in the interior but not the artwork inside.

29. Create a Closed Photography Set

picture wall ideas closed

This is one of the picture wall ideas that requires tightening things up to build a unique, closed layout. Some sides of your pics with a good amount of mat should touch. This white space from the mat will serve as the divider between pieces.

Expert advice: A variety of large and small frames featuring the same finish is the best fit in this case. Tinker with different layouts on some surfaces before attaching them to the wall.

30. Dress Up A Dark Wall

picture wall ideas dark

You should not necessarily decorate plain, white spaces with the collection of photos, as it can spruce up dark walls as well. The gist is to select the pics that perfectly fit the shade of paint.

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