22 Cute Couple Photoshoot Ideas

couple photoshoot ideas

The success of a couple photo session depends on how relaxed and synchronous the models are. If you want to get in the proper mood and receive beautiful images that will display your connection in a proper way, you should make use of these couple photoshoot ideas.

We have collected diversified ideas for creative, romantic, traditional, trendy, and other photography styles. Besides, you will find expert recommendations on poses, outfits, props, etc. Some concepts are easy to bring to life yourself, while others require involving an assistant.

1. On the Bed

couple photoshoot ideas on the bed

This is one of the simplest couples shoot ideas that you can realize in your house, a studio, or even outdoors in warm weather. If you are after a realistic setting, you may take photos straight away. However, if you want to create a specific mood, e.g., highlight a cozy homey atmosphere, you should add pillows, a warm blanket, and even cups of hot chocolate to the spot.

It is better to look at each other or in one direction. Thus, you can show your bond and interest in your partner.

2. Cinematic Sunsets

couple photoshoot ideas cinematic sunsets

Sunset images are totally arresting. Posing against a setting sun, you can experiment with silhouette poses and even add a reflection if you shoot near water. Try holding hands, dancing, or simply looking at each other.

Keep in mind that silhouette photography is ideal for adding drama to any scene. In fact, you may get a picture that resembles a piece from a romantic movie. The only caveat to consider is that the sun must be relatively low above the horizon to get that wow effect.

couple photoshoot ideas cinematic sunsets example

To arrange a silhouette composition, you need to find a locale with a skyline clearly visible. Turn on the Manual mode and place a camera on a tripod.

Thus, you can prevent camera shake, which means blurriness in the long run. The focus should be on you and your partner. The sun should be behind models.

3. Out in the Wilderness

couple photoshoot ideas out in the wilderness

If you and your partner like spending time in the open air, it makes sense to organize a photo session in a picturesque spot. You can go to your favorite places or find a new one.

It is advisable to take photos during golden hour to fill pictures with beautiful and gentle light. You should ask your friend to photograph you from the side in order to incorporate more nature in a photo.

couple photoshoot ideas out in the wilderness example

Roughly speaking, the golden hour is the time when the sun is between 6º above the horizon and 4º below it. This is a rather short period of time, so you need to work quickly to capture that special golden hue.

To ensure you’ll arrive at the spot in advance and get all things ready to realize your couples pics ideas, you can use such apps as GoldenHour, PhotoPills, Magic Hour, or Phototime.

4. Little Details

couple photoshoot ideas little details

Be inventive when it comes to couple photography. No need to capture whole bodies – instead, you can concentrate on some parts or minute details.

For example, a photographer can focus on an engagement ring, fingers, intertwined hands, your hand resting on your partner’s shoulder, your backs when you are going into the distance, etc.

Sometimes, it is better to take random photos to capture meaningful details. You can just hash out something, have fun, run, etc., and a photographer will document these moments by capturing details.

5. On the Beach

couple photoshoot color correction

If you think the colors in your images look too dim or faded, you can correct them yourself or delegate the task to WeEdit. Photos experts. They will fix white balance issues, enhance contrast, and apply other changes for a flawless look.

couple photoshoot ideas on the beach

Water and beach are fantastic if you want to add a feeling of freedom and wildness to images. When choosing beach photoshoot ideas, you need to decide what mood you want to mimic during shooting. You can focus on passion, fun, romance, and whatnot. Just make sure you and your partner feel absolutely comfortable.

As for clothes, opt for complementary colors. Steer clear of flashy patterns, drawings, logos, and anything that can distract from your faces.

6. Hand in Hand

couple photoshoot ideas hand in hand

Among cute couple photos ideas, this one is definitely the most popular. When you hold your partner’s hand, you stay close to him/her and this connection is worth capturing.

Don’t try to take staged images. It is better to behave naturally and interact as you usually do.

7. Music Lovers

couple photoshoot music lovers

Music connects people! If that is relevant for your couple, you should definitely add this component to your images. For instance, you or your boyfriend can bring a guitar and play your favorite song. Look at each other and remember your story.

couple photoshoot music lovers example

It is better to take RAW photos. Such uncompressed digital files contain more data, so you can edit even small details in your shots and have more precise control over parameters. Besides, RAW format is more suitable if your photo session takes place in low-light conditions.

8. Use Extra Props

couple photoshoot with extra props

If you have time and desire to create a DIY studio outdoors and fill it with varied props, go for it. For example, you can make a tent and add fairy lights and other external light sources to it.

Make sure to bring different props and accessories that will add a homie feeling. These can be candles, flowers, string lights, and more.

couple photoshoot with extra props example

Take images from a low angle to capture as many details as possible.

9. Family Photo of a Picnic

couple photoshoot dance

To add some movement to your photos, you can use dancing couples pics ideas. In this case, you need to find some picturesque backgrounds.

If you have a chance to take images against Brooklyn Bridge in New York, Moraine Lake in Banff, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or the London Eye – you are very lucky. However, something less famed will also do.

couple photoshoot dance example

You should turn on your favorite music and trust your instincts to be relaxed. If dancing isn’t your favorite activity, you can try some simple spins and bows.

The most important thing here is to interact with your partner and enjoy yourselves. With a camera located at a lower angle, you can better capture the energy and power of movement.

10. Hug Close-Up

couple photoshoot hug close-up

We can show our love in different ways and embracing is one of the most touching options. No stringent rules on how to hug your loved one – be sincere, behave naturally, and enjoy the moment.

A photographer should take pictures from behind slightly sideways to see how you are hugging your partner.

11. Lift-off

couple photoshoot lift-off

This is a very natural pose and you have probably done it dozen times. Ask your boyfriend to lift you gently and you need to raise your legs a bit. You can kiss and hug your partner while he’s holding you.

couple photoshoot lift-off example

There may be different variations. For instance, a man can swirl accurately so that lady’s dress will flow. Or, a couple may look into each other’s eyes instead of kissing.
A photographer can take images from various angles and show a couple from the side, from the back, etc.

12. Forehead Kiss

couple photoshoot a forehead kiss

Such cute couple photos ideas look particularly great if you take B&W images. When a picture is deprived of colors, the focus is on emotions.

Experts recommend switching to a B&W mode for close-up shots to highlight a romantic atmosphere and facial features. However, if you want to have a source photo in color you can later use such programs as Photoshop, GIMP, Pixlr, and Skylum Luminar to turn it into a black-n-white masterpiece.

13. Candid Moments at Home

couple photoshoot candid moments at home

Home is our castle, so no wonder people can release tension and uneasiness when being photographed in this place. You should choose a convenient spot and sit there with your loved one. This can be any room that you like.

couple photoshoot candid moments at home example

You can have a chat, laugh, dance, hold hands, or simply hug. If you want, you can add props to create an inviting atmosphere. If you have a pet, make sure to engage the cutie in a photo session.

14. Laughing

couple photoshoot with laughing

Being boisterous is rewarding if you want to get photos that cause laughter. Think outside the box when choosing fun photoshoot ideas for couples and don’t be afraid of looking silly.

You can start by making faces to evoke first laughter, then you can chase each other, jump, and simply fool around. Don’t concentrate on how you look – just discover and show your playful side.

15. In the Rain

couple photoshoot in the rain

Some family photographers are in love with rainy weather because it adds genuine drama to ordinary environments. It is better to use a transparent umbrella and photograph directly through it. Thus, you will get a beautiful hazy effect. If you want to have a blurry background, you can cover a part of your lens with an umbrella.

couple photoshoot in the rain example

Remember that taking photos in rainy weather, you need to protect your equipment. First of all, buy a camera rain cover.

16. Get Lost in a Couple Activity That They Both Love

couple photoshoot in activity

When choosing couple photoshoot ideas, you need to think about your mutual hobbies in the first place. What do you enjoy doing together? Singing, cooking, gardening, walking a dog, reading, dancing – anything that brings you happiness should be captured.

If you don’t have an assistant, who can photograph you while you are engaged doing favorite things – you can simply turn on a timer on your camera.

17. Feed Each Other Something Delicious

couple photoshoot with something delicious

Using food as props for couples shoot ideas is really interesting. However, avoid meals that quickly lose their initial state, e.g., ice cream, unless you want to create some mess in the frame. Instead, you can choose fruit and betties that will add colorful accents to a picture.

couple photoshoot with something delicious example

You can go to an amusement park and find lots of different treats there. Besides, such a place will serve as a perfect background for images.

18. Capture Memories with Your Pets

couple photoshoot with pet

For many people, pets are like family members and if you share this belief, you should definitely pose with your sweetie. In this case, you need to use only natural light, because flashes can scare pets, especially if they are little.

Of course, all photos require editing. You can use Adobe Photoshop to remove distractions and highlight elements that matter the most.

19. Under the Water

couple photoshoot under the water

Similar to shooting in rainy weather, you need to use purpose-made gear that won’t get damaged by water. The most reliable camera options, in this case, are GoPro Hero 10, Olympus TG-6, SeaLife DC2000, and Sakar Polaroid.

When taking photos underwater, you should attach special color correction filters to your lens. They will correct color balance by reducing cyan in photos. They are also helpful for minimizing backscatter.

couple photoshoot under the water example

The exposure should be set between 1 – 1.5 stops to compensate for filter density. Keep in mind that if you are going to submerge to 30 feet underwater, you may not use filters because yellow, orange, and red wavelengths disappear there.

20. Make the ‘Selfie’

couple photoshoot making selfie

Selfie lovers will surely appreciate this couples pics idea. However, for a perfect result, you need to adjust your camera properly, which, namely means activating the manual mode. You can use such selfie apps as Selfie Camera, Sweet Selfie, InstaBeauty, and YouCam Perfect to simplify the process.

They all have the needed mode. Thus, you can choose the correct ISO, white balance, shutter speed, and even an output file format.

couple photoshoot making selfie example

If you want to spruce up your selfies with creative filters, you should opt for such applications as VSCO, A Color Story, AfterLight, and Instagram. Keep in mind that some apps have image editing features.

If that is important for you, choose YouCam, Face App, AirBrush, and FaceTune. However, remembers about naturalness. If you apply too many filters, you may be unrecognizable in a photo.

21. In Cafe

couple photoshoot in cafe

A café with a stylish interior is a wonderful place to take couple images. It is paramount to find a spot near a window to get a sufficient amount of natural light. The darker the place inside is, the moodier and more dramatic your pictures will be.

22. Photoshoot in the Rock

couple photoshoot in the rock

Such adventurous and daring couple photoshoot ideas require thorough preparation and great dexterity. So, we recommend using them only if you can guarantee absolute security for you and your partner. The most awe-inspiring mountain locations are Moab, Yosemite, Bend, and Joshua Tree.

As for camera settings, things can become really tricky. You need to be very attentive to the exposure because a sky will take a large piece of a photo and a camera may be fooled by such a large white area.

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