25 Creative Self Portrait Ideas to Get Inspiration

creative self portrait ideas

To take self portraits, you need a camera, a tripod to stabilize your shooting equipment, and a remote control to release the shutter without having to go back and forth to the camera. In this article, I present simple but very creative self portrait ideas that you can try to bring to life and surprise your family and followers in social networks.

1. Classic Facial Self Portrait

A simple, formal facial self-portrait is actually a very useful photograph, so don’t hesitate to take one. You can add it to your CV, LinkedIn profile, or post it on your own website. First off, choose a monochromatic background and stand or sit against it.

classic and creative self portrait ideas

If you take images at home and lack such a backdrop, you can simply pose against the wall. Place a camera on a tripod in front of you. Make sure to arrange the shooting setup near a window so that natural light gets in.

2. Photograph Your Reflection

This is one of the easiest self portrait photography ideas. With the help of a mirror, you can easily focus and frame yourself. Besides, you can evaluate the future photo.

creative self portrait ideas reflection

At the image processing stage, you need to mirror the image horizontally so that the inscriptions and logo on the camera become readable.

3. Use Different Props

Props were actively used right after the first self portraits were taken. Lots of famous self portraits feature objects that help convey a special atmosphere and message. The most vivid samples are Andy Warhol’s self portraits taken with polaroid in 1979.

weedit photos portrait photo retouching

Of course, every self portrait is unique, similarly to its creator, but by adding different props to the frame, you can gently highlight specific emotions.

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4. Make a Surreal Collage

Feel free to experiment with self portrait ideas to get diversified images that you can further combine into a catchy collage. It will be very cool if you make a surreal collage of several photos that together make up your face.

creative self portrait ideas surreal collage

I recommend using Photoshop or Lightroom, as both programs come with features for collage creation.

5. Add on Motion Blur

While many self-portraits are very sharp, using slow shutter speeds, you can get breathtaking visual effects in your images.

creative self portrait ideas motion blur

By setting a camera to a slower shutter speed and adding movement while taking images, you can achieve unique, and even surreal results.

6. Show Your Hobby Through the Lens

Self portrait photos allow you to share personal views and experiences. Thus, many photographers decide to include additional information about themselves in a self portrait, often in the form of a description of what they like or are passionate about. Many photographers use a camera or lens in their self portraits, emphasizing their favorite creative approach.

creative self portrait ideas showing hobby

Other self photoshoot ideas you can try are taking images in the open air or in the intimate home setting. Choose places that will allow viewers to better understand you as a person.

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7. Try Different Lights

If you are looking for more professional self portrait ideas, you definitely should try experimenting with different lights. Taking well-exposed photos in perfectly lit spaces isn’t a difficult task, but working with umbrella lights, candle lights, neon signs, and gels seems challenging.

creative self portrait ideas different lights

Undoubtedly, knowing how to handle different types of light is crucial for any photographer. So, make sure to devote enough time to learning the peculiarities of various lights and adjusting the WB accurately.

8. Create a Work of Art

To bring this creative self portrait idea to life, you need to find a line between traditional portrait photography and painting. You will have to deal with multiple bright colors around you, which implies turning yourself into a canvas. You will get a winsome self portrait, so the result is totally worth all the effort.

creative self portrait ideas work of art

This idea will surely appeal to people with out-of-the-box thinking who want to show their vision with the help of photography.

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9. Use Glitter and Bubbles

If you aspire to take colorful and shining self portraits, you definitely need to use glitter at the photo session. You can either cover your skin with it or blow it in the direction to the lens. Keep in mind that such an idea involves thorough tidying up after the shooting. You can also use bubbles to create a joyful and relaxed atmosphere.

creative self portrait ideas glitter and bubbles

10. Off-Face Self Portrait

Some people mistakenly think that a self portrait must obligatory feature a person’s entire face. However, you can capture only some parts of your body. Such scenes are perfect for those who are more comfortable being “behind” the lens than “in front” of it.

creative self portrait ideas off face

For example, you can focus on your collarbones or cheekbones. Also, try taking close-up shots of one eye or foot against grass or other natural textures.

11. Choose One Color Gamut for Shooting

You can choose a single color gamut and take photos in accordance with it. This doesn’t mean using props, clothes, and other elements of one color only, but adhering to a specific color scheme. Thus, you can unleash your creative potential and take a series of related pictures.

creative self portrait ideas one color gamut

Besides, you don’t need to spend much time on your outfit, as there is definitely something suitable in your wardrobe.

12. Incorporate Shadows

By accurately using shadows, you can create dramatic effects. For example, you can hide areas of the face, body, and environment.

creative self portrait ideas creating shadows

Harsh light can be used to create dramatic or even mysterious patterns in a self portrait, while shadows with a softer gradient can convey a more subdued atmosphere.

13. Experiment with Minimalism

Minimalism emerged as an abstract art form in the US in the middle of the 20th century. The main trait of such art pieces is the active use of simple geometric shapes. Minimalistic self portraits direct viewers’ attention to the central element by reducing secondary details.

creative self portrait ideas minimalism

Some minimalistic shooting techniques involve using a one-color background, shallow depth of field, and shadows to accentuate the key object.

14. Take a B&W Photo

If you want to express a specific feeling and eliminate possible distractions, taking a B&W photo is definitely one of the best self portrait ideas you should realize. The lack of colors emphasizes contrast and draws attention to light and shadow interplay in images.

creative self portrait ideas bw photo

Taking black-n-white images allows highlighting a particular mood and creating a more formal, thoughtful, or documentary picture. I also recommend using a mirror to add depth to a photo.

15. Create Fake Film Stills

Film stills are images that are typically taken on or off a movie set. These can also be screenshots taken during a film. I really fancy images that resemble screenshots for their cinematic aesthetics. Such photos can easily become the highlight of any photo album. If you want to create fake film stills, you need to define what story they will tell.

creative self portrait ideas to repeat

Besides, think about the type of scenes you’ll arrange and the mood they’ll convey. Thorough preparation is a must, while colors can be improved in a special program.

16. Try to Freeze Motion

You can get images with frozen motion by using a fast shutter speed and capturing dynamic objects. Sports photographers frequently use such a technique to show a specific moment of a game or competition but you can also use it while taking self portraits.

creative self portrait ideas freeze motion

Set a faster shutter speed (starting at 1/250s) and use the camera’s timer or remote control to activate the exposure as soon as you start moving.

17. Make Your Own Photo Project

Self portraiture is a wonderful way to explore and show your inner being. Though this is one of those creative self portrait ideas that require meticulous preparation, you are bound to marvel at the outcome.

creative self portrait ideas for inspiration

If you want to better understand what to start with, I recommend following contemporary portrait photographers such as Laura Zalenga and Kyle Thompson.

18. Photograph in the Open Air

Forget about shyness and organize a photo session in a local park or arboretum. If you are still embarrassed to take images in public, take a friend (girlfriend) with you and he/she will surely support you.

creative self portrait ideas open air

However, you need to take images yourself to get genuine self-portraits. Try different poses, favoring relaxed and natural ones.

19. Create a Surreal Effect in Post-Production

Photoshop is the main image editing program for many professional and beginner photographers. There are lots of tools to bring to life the boldest Photoshop manipulation idea and impress your audience with mind-blowing transformations.

creative self portrait ideas post production

For example, you can create the illusion that you are flying in the air. This is just one example but the possibilities are endless.

20. Don’t Be Afraid of Emotions

All emotions, negative ones included, deserve to be expressed. There are lots of images of smiling people but you can take a step aside from the general tendency of showing only positive emotions and express something different.

creative self portrait ideas showing emotions

It is OK to be upset or angry, and if you manage to capture such emotions, you are sure to get very memorable images.

21. Shoot Through Objects

This is a timeless self portrait idea that is easy to bring to life, while the result is absolutely terrific. You need to cover a part of your lens with any object, e.g., hands, branches, leaves, etc. You can also use vegetation to make a frame around your face or add an interesting element to images. Besides, you can incorporate steam for beautiful shadows.

creative self portrait ideas shoot through objects

22. Take Underwater Shot

Taking pictures underwater is really complicated, so you may need to organize several test photoshoots. Keep in mind that colors and light look different in shots because of the water influence, so it is obligatory to think the scene and composition over in advance.

creative self portrait ideas underwater shot

23. Try a Change in Perspective

Though most self portraits are taken with a standard straight-on perspective, if you want to end up with offbeat images, I advise you to shift to a low or high perspective.

creative self portrait ideas change in perspective

Thus, your images will acquire a sense of scale and dynamism. Of course, the choice of perspective is completely a matter of taste, but shooting from different angles won’t hurt.

24. Get Creative with Framing

There are lots of objects that can serve as a frame. For example, you can use a doorway, a window frame, leaves, an item with a hole, or even your hands for creative framing. A foreground element that is used as a frame adds depth to self portraits.

creative self portrait ideas using framing

Remember to hold a keep a frame close enough to your camera to be out of focus or silhouetted against a brighter middle ground.

25. Experiment with Crazy Look and Hair

If you want your self portraits to deliver a specific message, you may try experimenting with clothes and hair color. Don’t use items that your friends and family members associate you with, but opt for something that will help you stand out. There are no strict rules of what to put on, so you can go as creative as you wish.

creative self portrait ideas crazy look

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