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Sooner or later, every camera owner wants to make a beautiful portrait of himself. If there is a desire, then it is necessary to grant it. But how? Most often the amateur photographer, not caring about the quality and composition of the future shot, takes pictures at arm’s length. As a result, seeing on the photo his long arms and an elongated nose, the photographer is disappointed and gives up at this stage all attempts to make a good self-portrait.
But in vain, because self-photographing is not really difficult at all. In the video below will be given initial recommendations how to make self-portraits “How to Take Self-Portraits”.

It is necessary to choose for yourself the most acceptable way of taking the self-portrait, properly adjust the camera, apply the photo editing service and get creative. But we will discuss in more detail the simplest ways how to take selfie.
The first way: mirror image. The most common way of shooting the self-portrait is to shoot a picture of yourself in the mirror. The most common, but it turns out, is not the easiest one. It would seem that nothing complicated is to photograph a picture of your mirror image. You sharpen, push the shutter button and it’s ready. But it is not like that!
There are certain rules for photographing a mirror image:
1. Be sure to clean the mirror before starting photography. The photograph should not show any oily traces.
creative-self-portrait-ideas-photography-photo-editing-sample2. Turn off the flash. To do this is necessary in order not to light your reflection in the mirror.
3. Place the light source on the side of the mirror so that the light from them evenly illuminates your face. If the light source is located opposite the mirror, your photos will turn out to be too dark.
4. Switch over the camera from automatic to manual mode. So it will be easier for you to control the image quality. Then, make a trial shot to determine the required shutter speed, aperture, white balance and photosensitivity.
The ISO level will depend on the lighting feature. If you photograph in good light, then the ISO level should not be more than 400 units. Taking pictures with “handily” you risk getting a blurry image. To avoid this unpleasant defect, customize the camera to the average shutter speed (1/125-1/250 sec.). In this case, you need to increase the aperture in order to get light pictures.
5. It is difficult for the camera to focus on the reflected image, so switch the lens from auto focus to manual.
The second way: timer and tripod. This is the easiest way to take self portraits. Virtually every camera has such a useful feature, like “Timer”, which allows you to shoot a subject with a delay in time. Using a timer is not at all difficult, but it’s a bit tedious, because you have to come up to the camera all the time to push the shutter button, and then run back to the place to have the right pose. At your disposal will be only 10 seconds. You can, of course, use the serial function, but in this case, using the built-in flash will not be possible. In addition, autofocus can fail you.
To take a self-portrait using a timer and a tripod is possible anywhere: you can embody your creative self portrait ideas photography at home, on a city street, in a park, on nature, anywhere. The main thing is that this place is well lit and has a beautiful background. If there is not enough natural light, use a flash. And that your face in the photo was not too flat from a bright flash, use a diffuser. It can be made from a plain white sheet of paper and attached with an elastic band to the flash.
The third method: wireless shutter release. This method is easy to use and more effective. In order to make a quality self-portrait you will need a wireless release cable or a remote control and a tripod. Thanks to the clicker / cable release you do not have to run up to the camera every time to press the shutter release button. The infrared remote control is so small that it can be easily hidden in the hand and it will not be seen in the photo.
Before you start shooting, prepare the light in advance and align the exposure. Then make a trial shot. On it you can determine the composition of the future cadre, the height of the tripod. You can change the position of the camera from horizontal to vertical to diversify your pictures.
The last two ways of photographing have one significant plus: you can take self-pictures of close-up and full-length, change poses, come up with interesting subjects for a self-portrait without haste. But they also have one significant disadvantage: the autofocus system can be mistaken and incorrectly sharpen.
Now you know in what ways and how you can take pictures of yourself. Which one to choose is up to you, because each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

One or two self portrait photography tips

Self-portrait can be called a separate genre, which occurs both in painting and in high-quality photography. The photo self-portrait this is an excellent option for obtaining highly professional and excellent portrait photos. You can take pictures without any help, but remember that a high-quality photo will be achieved only when you disclose interesting information about what a self-portrait should consist of.
Before you start taking photos, you should experiment a little; try to take photos in different angles. Turning your head slightly to the right or left, your set of the features will not seem so flat. It is desired to place the camera slightly above the head, then it will be slightly lowered down, this nuance will make your eyes much larger, and the nose will not turn to a “pig’s snout”.

Several self portrait photography tips for getting a good photo

You need to find your the most symmetrical and balanced side of the face and shoot it;
When you hold the camera above your face, the shot will focus on your neckline. Since such an angle is not very natural, and you will already be aware of what is focused attention, then prepare for the consequences in advance.
To create a self-portrait, it is important not only how you can correctly choose the angle, but also what kind of lighting will surround you. The photo will look great in natural sunlight, although if you use it, you can use creative self portrait ideas photography of other photographers who shot in the dark. The angle should be changed based on how the light will fall on you, because in the center of the composition of this type of photography will be you. It is best to make several cadres from each pose, since then it will be easy to choose the most suitable one.
If you need to quickly make a self-portrait, then you can easily do it at home. In the house, you can select a separate bright room, pick up an appropriate background, arrange a room in the style most suitable for a photo, choose a convenient outfit, decorate and get into the action.
In our time there are many programs with which you can adjust the existing self-portrait, and even create a new one. By the way, also you can read various self portrait photography tips or watch video on the Internet, or read the guidance to your camera to cope better with shooting.
Creating your self-portrait without any help is not very convenient, since you have to run repeatedly from the camera to the place where you’ll sit and see what kind of situation is visible from the photographer’s side. Therefore, it is better to resort to the help of friends or patient relatives who will be ready to help you. Processing your photos can be done online, using different editors. Many programs, like Photoshop, offer a selection of installed Photoshop self portrait ideas, but all in one way or another will do all the important work to the last detail, so that you will be satisfied with the result.
If you have already decided to create your own self-portrait, then safely live out your dream; choose successful postures for the embodiment creative self portrait ideas, light, a place where you will be photographed, because of all these parameters will depend on the quality and superiority of the self-portrait.
And now let’s see the mounted video “Around the World in 360° Degrees 3 Year Epic Selfie” of the traveler Alex Chacon, who traveled the whole world to make his self-portraits in the most amazing corners of the planet.

It turned out a selection of bright, sometimes even extreme photos, where the main role was played neither by the camera and the light, but by the real emotions of Alex and the beautiful views of nature.

The selfie’s background, interesting facts and celebrity’ self-shots

The globalizing world dictates its rules and its fashion for our image and style of life every second, and how to make self-portraits touched the world of photography. Today, selfies on smartphone replace the self-portraits!
What is “Selfie” and where it came from was probably interested in all active users of the Internet and social networks. Therefore, in the continuation of the topic of self-portraits, we will try to tell the story of this type of photography and show interesting pictures of famous people.
The selfie word itself arose accidentally among the Internet users themselves on the ABC Online forum in Australia. In simple terms, selfie is a normal self-portrait, done, most often, with a phone or tablet. The acceptation of a word gained popularity in the beginning of 2010s. Even the duo of American DJs recorded a song on the theme of selfie in 2014, and called their video “#SELFIE (Official Music Video) The Chainsmokers”.

This video contained a cutting of various different selfies from all over the world and thanks to the users’ views immediately got a large number of views.
Photographic self-portraits appeared much earlier than the notorious “Selfie”, but then, still no one knew that a normal self-photo is that selfie. People photographed themselves since the time when portable cameras appeared, in the early 1900s. The first famous selfie can be called a photograph of Princess Anastasia Romanova, made with a mirror and sent in a letter to her friend.
For the first time the word “selfie” and photographs taken with the help of a mirror were not simply such popular, but were considered a sign of bad taste. Instagram users avoided such images in every possible way. In 2012, with the advent of better cameras in smart devices, pictures of selfie again became popular. Increased popularity of self-portraits contributed to celebrities who, without hesitation, filmed themselves in the most comical and extraordinary situations, without even resorting to various Photoshop self portrait ideas. The Patriarch of Rome himself posted his self-portrait on the network, made together with visitors to the Vatican.
The photos of selfie often became the center of scandals. So, the photo of US President Barack Obama, made together with European statesmen at the commemoration of Nelson Mandela, caused a lot of negative reviews. After the photos appeared on Twitter, representatives of politicians said that the shot was taken not during the ceremony itself, but at accompanying events not connected in any way with the death of Mandela. Despite this, a negative connotation from the fact of the photo itself was preserved for the president and other participants in the photo. Another scandal erupted about the selfie of schoolboy with Queen Elizabeth. There is nothing wrong with the photograph, but her highness was upset by the very fact of the impudent act of a fourteen-year-old subject.
Some scientists and sociologists consider the habit of creating selfie a certain deviation. Professor Gayle Dines argues that the creation of self-portraits indicates a lack of sexual attention. Sending the pictures, especially in a semi-nude, partner or acquaintance, a person shows his openness to a close relationship. Striving for likes and complements in the network is a sign of loneliness and dissatisfaction with life, but it has nothing to do with creating beautiful examples of creative self portrait photography that really excite imagination, rather than cause unpleasantness.

Interesting facts about selfie

• For the first time, the word selfie was used in 2004 as a hashtag in the Flickr network. In 2013, the publishers of the Oxford English Dictionary officially declared “selfie” the word of the year.
• Girls photograph themselves 30 % more often than men.
• To look more effective, women prefer a 15% more bended their head than men. Those who studied the portrait know this technique as “basic” and “female” bends.
• The authorities of the Spanish city of Pamplona want to fine the tourist (if they find him) for photographing during races through the streets of the city of enraged animals. A tourist from Britain decided to capture himself against bulls, despite the official ban of the organizers, for which he now has to pay a fine of $ 4,000. This picture is recognized as “the most dangerous selfie in the world”.
• Five and a half million Britons do selfies within ten minutes after they arrive on vacation at the resort.
• Selfie of the loving couple called “Relfie” (from “relationship”). Relfie especially annoy Internet users and social networks: not everyone likes it when their friends are all right.
• The more selfies you post on your pages on the network, the less you are loved by your subscribed friends.
• 38-year-old Triana Lovey dreamed of looking better at selfies and turned to surgeons for help, spending $ 15,000 on three plastic surgeries. Triana works as a talent search agent. She is sure that looking perfect in social networks is very important for success in real life. Selfie, in her opinion, is the main weapon of a successful man.
• Worldwide on January 21, the International Day of Museum Selfies is celebrated. On this day, users of social networks publish photos from museums with a hashtag #museumselfie.
• More than a million selfies are made every day in the world.
• 46% of selfies is first published on Facebook.
A dictionary of a selfer… or a selfist?
• Belfie photos of lovers to demonstrate their butt. Here Kim Kardashian excelled.
• Welfie photos taken during work or training.
• Felfie photos with animals.
• Relfie photo of a couple in love.
• Brelfie photos of nursing mothers.
• Duck Face a photo with elongated lips (duck lips).
And many, many others, in one of our articles “The secret of beautiful photos what’s left behind the scenes”, you’ll read that in Instagram there was even such a stream where people showed what they were hiding their pictures behind the scenes, and It turned out to be much more fascinating than the banal selfie in the mirror.

Famous self portrait photographers: the opposite side of the stereotyped selfies

The professional photographers consider the popular genre of Selfie as a kind of popular mass art. But among the masters there are lovers of the original “selfie”. And many of the photographers often wonder “Do we need a professional camera if we know some secret iPhone photography tips and tricks?”. But the point is not in this, but in the style of shooting, and this kind of creative self-portraits is a favorite creative technique for young authors and recognized gurus of the photography.
In most cases, the self-portraits are created within the framework of a conceptual project expressing a certain idea. Some photographers use smartphones or drones with cameras for shooting, others prefer professional tools digital cameras Olympus, Nikon or Canon, or even their own smartphone.
Concept 1: The Chronicle of the Aging Process
The photo artist from Boston Karl Baden made 9534 selfies to illustrate the change in his appearance in the aging process. Karl photographed himself every day from the same angle for 24 years, 8 months and 11 days. On the first selfie author is 34 years old, at the last 61. The photographer selected 2.5 thousand self-portraits and “glued” of them a two-minute video.
Concept 2: The selfie on the background of a surreal city panorama
Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) with built-in cameras open up the incredible opportunities for creative experiments. These opportunities were used by photographer Patrick Gilbert, who made a series of unusual self-portraits using the DJI Phantom 3 Pro drone. The author of the project #BendNorthBay was shot against the backdrop of the picturesque landscapes of the Canadian city of North Bay, and then processed the selfies in Photoshop. A schtick of his beautiful examples of creative self portrait photography is the effect of a curved landscape, flowing into a vertical plane. To obtain a surreal panorama, the photographer combined several images taken from different angles at different heights.
creative-self-portrait-ideas-photography-photo-editing-samplecreative-self-portrait-ideas-photography-photo-editing-sampleConcept 3: The selfie is as a state of mind
A few special effects, imagination and professional magic and the usual self-portrait turns into a fantastic masterpiece. This recipe formed the basis of the work of one of the young and famous self-portrait photographers Marcus Møller, who daily filmed mystical selfies within the framework of the 365 days project. A similar concept underlies the work of the author Kyle Thompson. Each story is a reflection of the state of the soul that exists on the verge of reality and sleep.
creative-self-portrait-ideas-photography-photo-editing-sampleConcept 4: The self-portrait with wild animals
Successful selfies with little animals are not created in two seconds says Irish photographer Alan Dixon. A famous master of selfie with wild animals can spend up to 3 hours on one photo. The author tries to make friends with each object of shooting in order to get a positive cadre using a smartphone. The result of patient work is a sincere “smile” of a photo shoot companion and thousands of likes in Instagram.
Concept 5: The selfie is as an idea of the unity of man and nature
Young Latvian photo artist Angie Veldre creates fantastic stories using her selfies and Photoshop self portrait ideas. In the photographs one can see a single philosophical conception of the closeness of the human soul and the natural elements.
And also let’s look at a few more talented and famous self-portrait photographers whose pictures have gained immense popularity on the Internet:
1. Never think that Pierre Beteille is an artist or a photographer. Because he himself does not believe that it is so. Being the art director for 8 years, Beteille calls it just “making pictures” with which he expresses his creativity, what he has in mind. His works are really interesting and deserve a separate place in the list of the most beautiful examples of creative self portrait photography.
creative-self-portrait-ideas-photography-photo-editing-samplecreative-self-portrait-ideas-photography-photo-editing-sample2. The most famous series of selfies: the photos of this girl have conquered the world
creative-self-portrait-ideas-photography-photo-editing-sampleIf you type “Ideas for Selfies” in the online search engine, then you will certainly see the most famous series of pictures from Helen Meldal. In truth, Helen is not just a young girl she is an artist from Norway. The idea lay on the surface of the mirror, in the form of notes lipstick to her friend. Now the author uses acrylic colors, markers, watercolor pens. A good idea for a selfie in the bathroom made her author famous. You can find her account @mirrorsme in Instagram and get some idea for yourself to turn a depressing photo from the toilet into something more interesting.
creative-self-portrait-ideas-photography-photo-editing-sample3. Lex Wilson is a young designer artist from the United Kingdom, he loves taking unususal images. Look in this video “Self-portrait / selfie photography ideas”

collected his most astonishing works. Of course, if you do not have such image processing skills, you can always turn to third-party services, but be prepared that photo editing prices for such artistic processing is quite high, if you, of course, want to get the high-quality images.
With that, thank for reading! We hope that you will get some ideas for yourself or create your own photo project, or a series of the mind-blowing self-portraits.

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