The Role of Hashtags in Promoting Your Photography on Social Media

how to promote photography on instagram

Many pro and amateur photographers, photo manipulation artists have established and advanced their professions by utilizing hashtags’ unique advantages on social networks. Instagram and Pinterest, out of all social media, have made it very simple for aspiring photographers to build a portfolio because it is a photo-sharing website using hashtags.

Using hashtags on photo-based platforms like Instagram and Pinterest can help you to establish your brand. Read on to understand the role of hashtags in promoting your photography on social media.

Why Should You Use Hashtags to Promote on Social Media?

A good social media approach uses a mix of popular model poses for photoshoot, creative photo manipulation ideas, as well as niche, popular, trending, and brand-related hashtags in a single post with not exceeding 8 to 10. It also helps in grouping content.

For instance, you can group your portfolio based on the wedding, street, or wildlife photography by using hashtags. And if you are a budding photographer looking to connect with similar people or clients in your particular area, you can use a mix of hashtags to target them.

You can use hashtags to initiate a discussion or spread some light on social events. Additionally, hashtags like #trending on YouTube help you stay aware of viral trends.

  • Searching for a hashtag pulls up results for every post that uses that hashtag, simplifying the process.
  • Using your brand name as a hashtag for all the posts helps your audience to find your work.
  • They compel an action: When a person finds a post that piques their attention, they are likely to spend some time browsing the hashtagged content.
  • Hashtags can be used for contests and giveaways to get attention immediately.
  • You can also use long-tail hashtags to convey messages on posts.
how to promote photography on instagram

How Do Hashtags Help Promote Photography On Social Media?

Using hashtags, you can link your social media campaigns to a particular topic, event, theme, or discourse. There are particular restrictions across social media for the usage of hashtags, except for the maximum number.

Increase Brand Engagement

To increase social engagement with your brand, you can not only use trendy Instagram photo editing, but also use hashtags to increase traffic to your social media pages, expand your audience, and create a sense of community. Doing this encourages your customers to interact with your company and potential and present customers.

A strong brand reputation can be firmly attributed to a higher bottom line and market value because it effectively indicates that consumer loyalty and public trust are high in the marketplace. Most of your customers and potential clients are directly touched by news found on social media every day.

how to promote photography on Instagram brand engagement hashtags

To address their requirements, you must comprehend their behaviors and motivations. Make it a practice to check to trend hashtags or phrases related to your brand frequently. You can use reputation management software to monitor everything related to your brand and industry regularly, monitor reviews and comments, and perform sentiment analysis.

Improve Conversions

Hashtags for social media pictures are helpful for more than just increasing likes and followers. They can be sent to your photography portfolio business account as well. Increasing client conversions for your business can be quickly done by combining compelling content with clever Instagram and Pinterest photography hashtags.

When marketing one of your photographs, use hashtags exclusive to that niche. You can draw other users’ attention. These individuals might be looking for photographers associated with your content.

how to promote photography on instagram hashtags conversions

Improve Your Brand Identity

There are advantages to making your hashtags for photography. You solely use it, saving other users from using your pictures. Get attention for your hashtag by working smart, and you can improve your brand identity by promoting it. Furthermore, more people will join once it gains engagement.

You can always ask people and influencers to use your brand-specific hashtags to identify you. Using this hashtag strategy, you can establish a community to highlight users on your profile.

how to promote photography on Instagram hashtags brand identity

Social media management software can also improve your photography business’s brand identity. A tool can help you with scheduling, publishing, content curation, monitoring and analyzing sentiments, engaging, approval workflow, and help calculating social media ROI.

Sprout Social is one of the market leaders, whereas most people are now looking for Sprout social alternatives as there are tools with better features.

Reach Broader Audiences

Using just one hashtag is appropriate for those who already have enough followers. Your audience will be limited if you restrict the hashtags you use on Instagram. Be careful to balance using too many and not using enough hashtags.

Remember to include your location in a hashtag. This makes it easier for locals to find your page. People can learn more about your operations if you provide your place while promoting your firm. For individuals who own a photography or travel agency, this is crucial. 

People engaged in the hospitality industry should also follow this rule. Instagram has proven to one of the best social media platforms to raise restaurant sales but only if you add relevant location hashtags to your posts and maintain consistency across the feed.

how to promote photography on Instagram hashtags audience

Get Noticed by Experts

As a photographer, you inevitably want other enthusiasts and famous portrait photographers to look at your work, especially if you’re self-assured in your skills and looking for exposure.

You can improve the number of members of the online photography community who see your content by strategically using hashtags. Your social media exposure inadvertently grows because many well-known pages use hashtags to choose which pictures to share or include on their featured pages. Keep in mind that before adding hashtags to pictures, you can organize them and ditch unfitting images with the help of Depositphotos bgremover.

how to promote photography on Instagram hashtags

Type of Hashtags to Promote Photography on Social Media

The role of hashtags is huge on social media. It is an excellent tool for increasing your profile’s reach and engagement and making your content more discoverable. As mentioned before, it’s critical to understand which photography hashtags to use on your photographs to group them.

Photography these days has also gained a lot of popularity across fields like the street, weddings, nature, and iPhone photography. Here are the type of hashtags in the photography niche you could use on your social profiles.

General Hashtags

With the aid of well-selected hashtags, many professional and amateur photographers have established themselves on Twitter and Instagram. Although it’s not a deal breaker, most posts are overwhelming when you use more than 20 hashtags.

Employing hashtags that don’t apply to your photo shot or aren’t popular is a significant error to avoid. Instead, you can carefully select pertinent hashtags, and monitoring current trends is your best bet. For instance, #photooftheday #TravelWorld #Aesthetics #Camera #Capture #KeepExploring #InstaDaily #Instafocus #InstaGood #InstaPhoto #iPhoneography #JustGoShoot #Moment #Photography #Photogram #justgoshoot

how to promote photography on instagram general hashtags

Brand-Specific Hashtags

The hashtags that will help individuals who share your interests find you are likely the ideal ones to utilize. Even if you reach fewer people, they’re more likely to come up in a relevant search and be found by someone who will keep coming back to your pages and following you.

Everyone uses these hashtags, and with good reason—everyone follows them. For instance, the most fundamental and traditional hashtag for photography is just #photo. With a generic hashtag, it is more challenging to stand out from the crowd, but your work may appear before people’s eyes. These work best when paired with popular and specialized hashtags.

For instance, you can use brand-specific hashtags like #exteriordesign #kodakfilm #shootfilmstaybroke #35mmphotography #filmsnotdead #photocinematica #filmisnotdead #filmforever #architecturephoto #kodakgold200 #shootfilmstaybroke #35mmphotography #thedaily35mm #kodaklosers #brahmino

how to promote photography on instagram brand specific hashtags

Location-Specific Hashtags

You can gain attention and engagement from your followers and potential customers by using area and location-specific hashtags for photography. Sometimes all it takes to gain massive attention is a timely post with a trending hashtag.

For instance, you can use location-specific hashtags like #location #photoshoot #italy #india #luxury #paris #france #newyorkphotography #texasday #roadtrip #explore #america #california

how to promote photography on instagram location specific hashtags

Tips for Developing the Best Hashtags for Your Photography Brand

  • Make sure your hashtags reflect your brand. Aligning your hashtags with your brand and circumstances is an excellent tactic for increasing engagement.
  • A clever play of words or pun that connects to your brand’s mission statement or tagline is a great way to make hashtags that users will like and interact with.
  • In your hashtag, consider including the main CTA. These hashtags encourage participation by offering a clear call to action (CTA), which prompts users to contribute their content online using the relevant, actionable hashtag.
  • This has been demonstrated to be a successful strategy for increasing audience interaction, going viral, and appearing on lists of trending hashtags on various social media.
  • Determine and use popular hashtags. Utilizing hashtags already in use is sometimes the best course of action. For instance, you can try using the hashtags of someone who is already well-established in the field of photography can help you reach.
  • Finding popular hashtags on YouTube will allow you to add relevant tags to your videos and testimonials to expand the audience of each post beyond your subscriber base.
how to promote photography on Instagram hashtags


In any social media strategy, there is a huge role for hashtags. When utilized effectively, hashtags can provide you with a range of perks. They can increase your content’s visibility, build brand recognition, target a specific demographic, improve your social SEO, and take advantage of viral themes and trends.

Keep in mind that hashtags assist you in reaching more people who are interested in your content by helping users find content. You can use standard words associated with your industry to create hashtags that are appropriate for it. When it comes to including hashtags, less is more.

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