35 Christmas Photo Shoot Ideas to Get Inspiration

christmas photo shoot ideas

Christmas photo shoot allows photographers to capture the happiest memories of the holiday. At the beginning of winter, many people prepare their greeting cards and take Christmas-themed photos for social networks.

In this article, Weedit.Photos will share the best Christmas photo shoot ideas that you can implement when taking photos of your family members. They will come in handy for those who capture such pics in the studio or on-site.

1. Magical Love Story

For newlyweds, their first Christmas card is especially important. We recommend capturing the enchanting atmosphere of the holiday by taking a magical shoot. Schedule a day when you can go on a walk with your partner and snap a couple of pics. Make sure to select Christmas outfits and have fun together.

love story christmas photo shoot ideas

2. Warm and Cozy Blanket

When taking photos outdoors, take a soft, cozy blanket with you. It will keep you warm on a cold day. Besides, you can share it with your loved ones and take a nice Christmas picture that will evoke fond memories of this day for years to come. It is also considered to be one of the easiest best friends photoshoot ideas. Instead of a blanket, you can use a quilt. Besides, you can add various props of red color since they will look great in the frame.

christmas photo shoot ideas with friend

3. Christmas Gifts

It’s impossible to imagine Christmas without gifts. Make sure to include them in the frame to recreate the happy atmosphere of this holiday. To make your photos even more enchanting, ask your model to stand in front of a Christmas tree and turn on string lights to add bright accents to the background.

christmas photo shoot ideas with gifts

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4. Take a Studio Photo

Such photos allow you to capture the warm and cozy atmosphere of this wonderful holiday. You can take great photos with a Christmas tree in the background. Nowadays, you can easily find a photo studio with a Christmas-themed photo set. This way, you can take photos more quickly without losing time on preparations.

studio christmas photo shoot ideas

5. Wear Matching Pajamas

To take funny pics and capture a relaxed atmosphere of a Christmas morning, ask your family members to wear matching family pajamas. Select matching outfits to show a strong bond between your family members.

christmas photo shoot ideas wearing matching pajamas

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6. Hilarious Christmas Greeting Card

Instead of taking a traditional family photo, try playing games with your children or experimenting with various funny ideas that will help you capture how you are having fun together.

funny christmas photo shoot ideas

7. Use a Christmas Wreath

To make a viewer’s attention focus on a specific part of the frame, try holding a beautifully decorated Christmas wreath that will draw all the gazes to you. Besides, you can take great winter-themed lifestyle photos.

christmas photo shoot ideas with wreath

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8. Add Enchanting Sparkles

If you want to create a magical atmosphere in your photos, try adding beautiful sparkles to the frame. You can ask your family members to gather in front of a Christmas tree with sparkling ornaments in the background. You can also select outfits with sparkling elements. If there are any overexposed areas in your pictures, make sure to learn how to edit night photos in Photoshop to get professional results.

christmas photo shoot ideas with sparklers

9. Capture Happy Moments

While some people try to come up with the most unusual ideas for their Christmas photoshoots, sometimes, it’s better to just take a photo of your family members enjoying the time they spend together. If you compare it to other Christmas photo shoot ideas, this one is, probably, the easiest to implement.

christmas pictures ideas with family

10. Fun Activities

When taking photos of kids, you might need to create a more relaxed atmosphere. Offer them to take part in any fun activity. They could play games or eat Christmas treats under the glittering tree. If they have a great time, you will definitely snap several great photos. Make sure to set up lighting beforehand, so there are no darkened areas in the frame.

best christmas pictures ideas

11. Ornaments & Kids

Most photos taken during winter holidays have a Christmas tree in the background. You can also use Christmas ornaments to emphasize the main theme of your photos. Since many people were forced to stay at home during the lockdown, you can also take a photo that shows that you know how to spend a great time with your family at home.

christmas pictures ideas for kids

12. Photos With Pets

There is no need to implement fancy Christmas pictures ideas that require thorough preparation since you can always opt for an easier approach. Take photos with only one Christmas-themed prop in the soft-colored background, such as the wreath, and include a pet in the frame. You can also use a step stool for small kids to ensure that everyone is visible in the frame.

christmas pictures ideas with pet

13. Tender Moments Between Family Members

When taking pictures for a greeting card, it’s better to avoid staged poses. Unstaged pictures often look better, whether they are taken by experienced photographers or beginners. You can capture the tender moments between parents and their children to emphasize the strong bond they share.

christmas pictures ideas tender moments

14. Baby’s First Christmas Stocking

Since so many kids like finding gifts in Christmas stockings, you can use this accessory as a prop for your photo shoot. For instance, you can put a baby in it or hang the stockings on the fireplace. This way, you can take memorable pictures with little to no effort.

christmas photo ideas stocking

15. Putting Heads Together

To capture warm feelings shared by the members of your family and show how close you are to each other, you can lie down head-to-head on the floor and take photos by pressing the remote shutter button.

top christmas photo ideas

16. Cooking Christmas Dishes

To engage your kids and make them interested in the photo shoot, you can offer them to cook a Christmas dinner together. Many children enjoy helping their parents in the kitchen if they consider this as a game. While there is no guarantee that they will cook something edible, you will have a lot of fun.

christmas photoshoot ideas

17. Christmas Morning

Everyone loves opening presents on Christmas morning. The good thing is that you can take photos of such a scene beforehand to create nice greeting cards that will put smiles on the faces of your close ones. You can also take a photo of your kids opening Christmas gifts and capture their emotions.

christmas photo ideas morning

18. Minimalist Postcard

There is no need to use a lot of props. You can take a photo of one object shoot against a Christmas-themed background. Make sure to focus on a specific detail, such as a Christmas cup or stockings.

christmas photo ideas prop

19. Photos of Decor Elements

Select matching pajamas for your kids and ask them to decorate a Christmas tree with beautiful ornaments. When implementing such family Christmas photo ideas, you need to pay attention to lighting. Hang string lights in the background and set up lighting so that there is soft light in the room. It will create a magical atmosphere of a winter holiday and allow you to take mesmerizing photos with twinkling lights.

christmas photo ideas décor elements

20. Scene in a Winter Forest

If you don’t want to take typical studio photos, think about venturing outside. You can go to the forest and take photos in a picturesque location with snow on the ground. Select suitable outfits, sit around a fire, and add eye-catching details to the frame to make your photo more attention-grabbing.

christmas photo ideas winter forest

21. Snap Pictures in the Snow

Weather permitting, you can take wonderful Christmas pics when it’s snowing. Little snowflakes will add a magical feel to your photos.

christmas photo ideas snowing

22. Find Eye-Catching Hats

One of the most popular Christmas photo ideas involves using a Santa hat as an accessory. You can wear it yourself or put it on your kid. To create a cozy atmosphere, you can also add a warm blanket and take a photo with a Christmas tree in the background.

christmas photo ideas with hats

23. Focus on a Car

If you are a proud car owner, you can go on a trip to any location you like and take stunning photos with the car in the background. Take such photos on a day when there is a lot of snow to capture a beautiful winter atmosphere.

christmas photo ideas using car

24. Sweet Candies

Everyone loves Christmas candies since they evoke beautiful memories about this winter holiday, but you can also use them as props for your photos. Besides, you can add other sweets in the frame, such as cookies, lollipops, and gingerbread houses.

christmas photo ideas sweet candies

25. Use Fun Props

To have fun and take memorable photos, make sure to use unusual props, such as candy canes, Santa’s hats, or reindeer antlers that will help you create a warm Christmas atmosphere.

christmas photo ideas using fun props

26. On Santa’s Lap

Young children don’t think about who is the person playing the part of Santa since they believe in the story of this character. You can use it when taking Christmas photos. Rent a Santa’s costume and ask someone to wear it during a photo shoot. This person may give gifts to your kids, decorate the Christmas tree, or simply smile to the camera.

christmas photo ideas with santa

27. Fairy-Tale Lights

Everyone saw beautiful Christmas photos with perfect lighting and stunning bokeh in the background. To achieve such an effect, you can hang the string lights in the room or put them on the floor. Such type of lighting is the most suitable for taking portraits and close-up photos. Take pics with a wide aperture. When a lens lets in more light, it allows you to capture soft light with a beautiful bokeh effect.

christmas photo ideas with lights

28. Soft Tones

If you don’t like photos with bright colors, use shades of brown and ivory colors to give a soft feel to your pics. Pay attention to these color tones when selecting matching outfits for a couple, such as sweaters. Make sure to add props of other colors as well, otherwise, your pictures might look a bit boring. Experiment with different couple poses and select the ones that allow you to feel comfortable in front of a camera.

christmas photo ideas soft tones

29. Formal Photo Shoot

This idea is perfect for those who love wearing fancy clothes. Take pictures of a family wearing formal outfits and looking stylish. It’s a perfect opportunity to show that you know a thing or two about glamorous clothes.

christmas photo ideas formal

30. Bedtime Story

It’s one of the most popular family Christmas photoshoot ideas since it allows you to show how siblings interact with each other. Ask the oldest child to read a storybook to their siblings. There is no need to stage anything, just take photos of the children as the story goes. Even if one of them falls asleep, don’t worry, since you can take cute photos of all of them together.

christmas photo ideas bedtime story

31. Watch a Christmas Movie Together

Everyone knows and loves such popular Christmas movies as Home Alone and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Take a photo of your family watching one of those movies together and show how you enjoy a festive holiday atmosphere.

christmas photo ideas watching movie together

32. Christmas Cookies

Many families use their own recipes for making cookies. You can capture photos of the cookies you baked before Christmas and send them to your close ones to show that you celebrate your family traditions.

christmas photo ideas with cookies

33. Christmas Kiss

When taking photos of a romantic couple, you may ask them to kiss in front of a Christmas tree. Make sure to learn how to take pics with string lights in the background.

christmas photo ideas kissing

34. Try Being the Grinch

It’s one of the funniest Christmas photoshoot ideas for those who don’t like taking boring pics. After this movie was released, many family photographers started taking photos inspired by its main character. Don’t forget to buy a Grinch costume beforehand!

christmas photo ideas grinch

35. Show Your Personality

It’s never a good idea to stage your photos too much. Instead, try capturing images that show who you truly are. If you have many close friends who share your interests, you can also invite them to take part in the photo shoot.

awesome christmas photo ideas

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