12 Wedding Color Trends to Steal in 2024

wedding color palette

When selecting a color palette for your important day, pay attention to wedding color trends and select hues that can help you emphasize your main theme. As there are too many options to choose from, it might be daunting to select the most suitable one.

You can often see them used in celebrity weddings. Regardless of your preferences and favorite color combinations, you can choose the perfect option for your needs if you pay attention to the trends described below.

1. Earth Tones – For Rustic Weddings

Earth tones include different shades of green, brown, and beige. They look very natural and remind people of beautiful gardens with beautiful flowers and trees. These colors are often used by those who want to implement creative wedding picture ideas and organize an event with a natural feel.

earth tones wedding color trends

Use these tones if you want to make the guests feel welcome in different settings. They are especially suitable for rustic-themed weddings. If the wedding takes place in winter, you can use darker hues, while the light color palette is more suitable for spring and summer weddings.

2. Blush Pink – For Spring and Summer Weddings

This color is a popular choice for weddings as it makes it easy to create a nice and tender feel suitable for implementing couple photoshoot ideas and taking great wedding photos. Using such wedding color schemes, you can make any classic theme look lovely.

blush pink wedding color trends

Blush pink is often used together with ivory, champagne, and gold tones to emphasize the strong feelings between the newlyweds. It symbolizes their love for each other and the warmth of their relationship.

This color is suitable for weddings in different styles, whether you need to organize a classic or chic wedding. It is often used for spring and summer weddings as it looks perfect when combined with green hues.

blush pink wedding color trends

3. Emerald Green – For Elegant and Formal Weddings

You can use this color regardless of the season when the wedding takes place. It enables you to make the wedding reception look sophisticated and elegant. Use this color if you want to add a magical feel to your wedding, as it symbolizes a new hope and a new beginning.

emerald green wedding color trends

Emerald green creates a natural atmosphere, which makes it suitable for outdoor weddings. However, it can also be used at indoor venues when you want to create a nice and fresh feel.

4. Creamy Colors – For Classic Weddings

This wedding color palette includes many tones that will enable you to make every wedding reception look exquisite. You can use ivory, champagne, and beige colors and combine them with different hues, depending on the theme of your choice.

creamy colors wedding color trends

These colors look well-balanced when put together with other tones. They are soft, which makes it easier for you to create a nice and tender feel to make all the members of the wedding party feel welcome.

5. Lavender Tones – For Garden Weddings

If you want to create a soft and feminine feel to emphasize the beauty of the bride and bridesmaids, use this color for weddings that take place in spring and summer. Being one of the most popular pastel colors, it can be used together with beige, cream, gray, and other colors.

lavender wedding color trends

This color will make everyone feel more relaxed. You can use it to invoke a calm and serene feel, which will help guests relax and enjoy the wedding without getting too tired.

6. Luscious Red and Gold – For Luxurious Weddings

These rich colors are perfect for implementing a variety of creative Valentines Day picture ideas. Besides, you can use them as the main theme of your wedding, as they have been used at such events for years.

Such wedding color themes are suitable for those who want to organize a luxurious wedding with a glamorous feel. These hues will help you show how passionate the bride and groom are about each other.

luscious red and gold wedding color trends

The gold color symbolizes the wealthy future of the newlyweds. The only disadvantage of this color combination is that it might be difficult to achieve the right balance.

luscious red and gold wedding color trends

As the result, the colors might look messy. This is why it’s better to focus on one color and use the other as a secondary one. For instance, if you used gold for most decor elements, you can use red flower bouquets as accents.

7. Dusty Blue – For Beach Weddings

By opting for this color tone, you can create a lovely relaxed atmosphere. It looks nice and calming, which makes it especially suitable for romantic weddings. This color is often used for weddings that take place outdoors or at beaches, as it easily blends with the surrounding and creates a tranquil atmosphere.

dusty blue wedding color trends

In 2024, there is a growing trend of combining it with green and dark blue hues. This color tone is suitable for different seasons and can be combined with warm or cool tones depending on your needs.

8. Light Terracotta and Sage Green – For Bohemian Weddings

By using these popular wedding colors together, you can make a fall wedding truly memorable as they look fresh and chic. With them, you can create a natural color palette that will look great in the frame.

Sage green creates a relaxing atmosphere, while terracotta hues add some warmth.

light terracotta and sage green wedding color trends

You can use this combination for bridesmaid dresses, desserts, and decor elements. The sage color will look great in bouquets and decorations. It will add some freshness and make the wedding memorable and romantic.

9. Black, White and Burgundy – For Gothic Weddings

If a couple is into a Gothic theme, you can use a combination of black, white, and burgundy colors to create a dramatic atmosphere at the wedding. Burgundy has a rich feel and looks harmonious when put together with black.

black white burgundy wedding color trends

By adding golden tones, you can make it look as if you were organizing a royal wedding. These wedding color ideas are perfect for those who want to marry in winter. However, they are hardly a good choice for spring or summer weddings.

10. Light Blue and Green – For Garden or Woodland Weddings

The combination of light blue and green colors can help you create a fresh and beautiful atmosphere for a wedding that takes place outdoors. It’s especially suitable for garden or woodland weddings.

You can also add other colors to the mix, such as white or ivory. It will help you emphasize the main theme and make it more stylish.

light blue and green wedding color trends

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11. All White – For Tropical and Destination Weddings

Many people want to create a tender romantic atmosphere at their weddings by using single-color weddings motifs. For instance, they may opt for an all-white wedding to make this event truly unique.

This color is perfect for weddings as it emphasizes the purity of feelings and demonstrates that a couple is ready to start a new page of their life.

all white wedding color trends

This color looks basic and elegant, which makes it a better option than complex color combinations that might look messy.

To follow this style, organizers should ensure that the couple and the guests wear white. It’s also important to select white decor and flowers for such an event. This theme is a perfect choice for weddings that take place on a tropical island at sunset.

all white wedding color trends

12. Jewel Tones – For Fall and Winter Weddings

In many cases, you can recognize the time of a wedding by colors that were used by organizers. However, jewel tones are suitable for different seasons. With them, you can harmoniously balance perfectly saturated colors that look like different hues of sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and amethysts. It will allow you to create a magical atmosphere at your wedding and make the guests feel as if they were visiting a beautiful palace.

jewel tones wedding color trends

Jewel tones stand out for their deep shades that remind people of the beauty of sparkling gemstones. They will have you give the wedding reception a luxurious feel and awe your guests. These tones are often used by those who organize weddings in fall and winter.

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