20 Solo & Couple Valentines Day Pictures Ideas

valentines day photoshoot ideas for adults

No matter whether you are going to celebrate St. Valentines Day alone, with your partner, or with friends – it is worth making this day memorable. We have prepared the most interesting Valentines Day picture ideas that you can try to realize without going the extra mile.

Just devote some time to preparing props and you are sure to take amazing photos for sharing on social networks.

These ideas will come in handy regardless of the photography styles you’ve chosen for your photo session.

1. Girls Party Valentines Day Photoshoot

valentines day girls party pictures ideas

This is one of the most fitting Valentines pictures ideas if you want to have a great time with your besties. Choose a place for a photo session and decorate it with colorful balloons, confetti, candles, and other Valentine’s Day decorations you like.

party valentines day photoshoot ideas for adults

You can also highlight a festive mood by drinking sparkling champagne. Of, if you like sweets, you can cook or buy various pies, cakes, and candies.

2. With Roses

valentines day pictures ideas with roses

Roses are associated with love and passion, so there is hardly a better flower for a romantic couples Valentines Day photoshoot. You can put on your favorite dress or casual clothes – the most important thing is to feel comfortable and relaxed.

valentines day photoshoot ideas for adults with roses

There are no strict demands concerning photo poses for women. You can stand near a wall, perching on it, sit on the floor with one knee slightly raised, or try a flat-lay angle.

3. Valentines Day Pictures in the Bath

valentines day pictures ideas in the bath

Milk bath photography is extremely popular and it will surely fit the bill if you want to show your tenderness during a thematic photoshoot. The main focus will be on your emotions, so the more relaxed you are, the better images you’ll get.
However, don’t neglect decorations. Adding some rose petals to a bathtub is highly recommended.

couples valentines day photoshoot in the bath

If you don’t feel like showing much of your skin, you should add more bubbles. However, try to calm down and kick back. Doing that is easier if you listen to your favorite songs. Head to Spotify or Pandora and create a playlist for a photo session.

4. Valentine’s Day Food Photoshoot

travel photography blue vs golden hour

Valentines Day is a wonderful holiday to treat yourself and your sweetheart to yummy food. Sweet deserts will surely appeal to most people. Think about the way you arrange all chosen items on the table and take a natural sitting pose near it. Take photos and experiment with facial expressions.

5. Repeat Your First Date

first date valentines day pictures ideas

To realize this couple photoshoot idea, you need to remember different details of your first date, hast out that special moment, and try to set yourself into the appropriate romantic mood. Various sensory and olfactory triggers will help a lot.

valentines day pictures color correction

To make your photos colorful and atmospheric, you should devote time to image editing. If you don’t want to make changes yourself, order services at WeEdit.Photos site. Experts will correct colors, fix contrast defects, improve contrast, and more.

6. Boudoir Photoshoot on the Valentines Day

boudoir valentines day pictures ideas

A boudoir couples Valentines Day photoshoot is a nice variant if you want to highlight the love and passion between you two. Make sure to bring various thematic props, arrange a proper lighting setup, and choose a fitting background.

boudoir valentines day photoshoot ideas for adults

Use blankets and pillows for a cozy look. For a dreamy and intimate atmosphere, add fairy lights. Candles and rose petals also make perfect decorations for such shooting.

7. Final Preparations for the Holiday

valentines day pictures ideas before holiday

Photos taken while you are preparing for a photo session will surely evoke positive emotions. For example, you can capture the moment when you are applying lipstick, looking at yourself in the mirror, or putting on high heels.

make up valentines day pictures ideas

If you have tried new makeup, you surely need to take several close-up portraits. For an interesting look, you should keep your face off-center.

8. Romantic Message on the Mirror

valentines day pictures ideas with mirror

Write some sweet and meaningful words on the mirror to please your loved one. Then, ask a partner to pose near a mirror and take a photo. Such Valentines Day pictures ideas work best if you want to add depth to your pictures. It is better to photograph from different angles.

valentines day photoshoot ideas for adults with mirror

When building a composition, remember the rule of thirds. Simply put, you need to divide the scene in front of you into equal squares by drawing imaginary lines in the space. A subject must be placed in the left or right third of an image.

9. Favorite Activity

favorite activity valentines day pictures ideas

Write down different activities that you like doing together. This can be anything that genuinely brings both of you joy. Do you like dancing? Are you fond of playing tennis? Are you regular cinema-goers?
Once you know what will be the theme of your photo session, you can start selecting props. For instance, you can get a heart balloon.

favorite activity valentines day photoshoot ideas for adults

To prune distractions, you should use a zoom lens. Besides, placing a camera on a tripod, you can not only stabilize a camera but also actively participate in a photoshoot. Turn on a timer to get candid images instead of staged shots.

10. Intimate Photoshoot with Candlelight

valentines day pictures ideas with candlelight

Adding candles or diffused paper lanterns to the shooting place, you can create an inviting and warm environment. Besides, such lighting is perfect for beautifying skin tones.

valentines day photoshoot ideas for adults with candlelight

The best thing is that such Valentines Day photoshoot ideas for adults can be realized both indoors and outdoors.

11. Love Note

valentines day pictures ideas with love note

Present your darling with a Valentines Day card and capture this moment. To add romantic vibes to a photo, you can organize a photo session in your bedroom.

12. Golden Hour Valentines Day Photoshoot

golden hour valentines day pictures ideas

Many photographers like working during the golden hour because of the beautiful gentle tones produced by the setting or rising sun. This is actually a terrific beach photoshoot idea if you don’t mind cold weather. Or, you can find a picturesque place in the park, field, or meadow, and take images there.

golden hour valentines day photoshoot ideas for adults

If you manage to plan your shooting properly, you may also play around with backlit subjects and silhouettes. To achieve such a mesmerizing effect, you need to photograph with the sun behind you and a partner.

13. With Pets

valentines day pictures ideas with pets

Pets can improve and jazz up any Valentines pictures idea. Make sure all participants of a photo session are comfortable and ready to interact with each other.

valentines day photoshoot ideas for adults with pets

Choose a locale that means something to you. This can be a local park where you like ambling, a nearby café, etc.

14. Bokeh Effect

valentines day pictures ideas with bokeh effect

Adding a winsome bokeh effect is possible when you take pictures. For this, you need to use a lens with at least an f/2.8 aperture and keep it wide open.

Make the distance between a subject and the background larger. The shallower the depth of field is or the further the background is, the more pronounced a bokeh effect becomes.

bokeh effect valentines day photoshoot ideas for adults

For a bokeh effect to become more defined, you should add highlights to the background. For example, you can direct lighting sources to the backdrop at different angles. If none of the options are suitable for you, don’t get upset. It is possible to add bokeh in Photoshop with the Blur Effects afterward.

15. Kissing Booth for the Valentines Day

valentines day pictures ideas with kissing booth

Crafting such a booth yourself from cardboard or wood is an easy task. Amazon abounds with kissing booth banners, tablets, and backdrops of all stripes. So, you just need to purchase materials you like.

kissing booth valentines pictures ideas

Such Valentine Day picture idea is a win-win option for couples and children alike. You can complement a composition with flowers, sweets, and other Valentine’s Day photo booth props.

16. With Lollipops

valentines day pictures ideas with lollipops

To bring this idea to life, you need to buy heart-shaped lollipops. Make sure to keep them in focus, while a couple in the background should be slightly blurred.

17. Balloon Background for Your Valentines Day Pictures

valentines day pictures ideas with balloons

Use heart-shaped balloons that match the color of other decorations and attach them to the wall. You don’t need to get too carried away with a model pose for photoshoot. Just stand against the backdrop and smile sincerely. You can also hold a balloon and look to the side playfully.

valentines day pictures ideas with balloons background

Keep in mind that you can change the color of the wall or balloons during image editing. Programs as PicsArt and Photoshop have such functions.

18. With Graffiti

valentines day pictures ideas with graffiti

If you know a place nearby with cool graffiti drawings, why not snap several images there? You don’t need to use some specific props. Regular balloons or lollipops will suffice.

19. Festive Photo with a Child

valentines day pictures ideas with kids

A really cute family pictures idea is to pose with your kid against a St. Valentines background. Of course, you need to prepare some additional Valentine’s Day props for a truly candid look.

valentines pictures ideas with kids

Don’t restrict your child’s movements. He/she can caper around, eat candies, dance, etc.

20. Share the Story

story valentines day pictures ideas

Creating and documenting a story of your family is a fantastic Valentines Day pictures idea. However, focus on your baby and how greatly your life changed for the better with his/her appearance. You can pose, holding firth ultrasound images, small shoes, and other items.

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