20 Snow Pictures Ideas for Creative Winter Shots

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In case you have been dreaming of taking unique and attention-grabbing pictures in winter, you can benefit from using a range of snow pictures ideas popular among experienced photographers and beginners alike. We have rounded up the best ideas that you can use for taking photos in different genres. They are suitable for portraits, family pictures, and group photos.

Make sure to schedule all the process for a day when there is plenty of fresh snow. It will allow you to take visually-appealing pictures with snow in the background. If it’s possible, take photos on the day of snowfall. It will allow you to capture a winter fairy tale and get magical pics.

1. Portrait with Snow in the Background

snow pictures ideas portrait

A profile photo, like any other portrait shot, first of all, conveys the character of the hero. By slightly lowering your chin, you will convey the desire for victory. On the contrary, by lifting it, you will show your superiority.

You can reach a compelling effect if you place the light source behind the object. The photo will show a clear silhouette. To make the silhouette stylish photo poses for men more spectacular, set the exposure value from -1 to -3. Try different values ​​to see what works best for you.

To improve the skin condition in a portrait shot, and make it clearer and brighter, contact WeEdit.Photos professional retouchers. They will make light and color corrections and select the appropriate contrast and saturation settings. What’s more, specialists will make your hair well-groomed and the skin of your face attractive.

snow pictures ideas back portrait

Make sure also to ask your photographer to take a portrait photo from behind your back to capture the winter landscape you are facing. Wear a funny winter hat, mittens, and a chunky knit scarf to create a perfect Instagram look.

snow pictures ideas weeditphotos retouching

If you want to give a professional feel to your portrait photos, entrust this task to WeEdit.Photos experts. They will adjust the settings of your photos, fix contrast and exposure issues, make the colors pop, and add stunning effects.

2. Throw Snow on Your Head

snow pictures ideas snow on the head

Do you want to take a nice portrait photo with snow? There are plenty of snow photography ideas that will help you take fun photos like this. Throw it in the air so that it falls down on your head and ask your friends to take a photo. Such a candid photo will show your genuine emotions, and you will enjoy the process of a photoshoot.

snow pictures ideas snow on the head

Alternatively, you can stand under a snow-covered tree and tug at its branch. More snow will fall on your head, which will allow you to take an original picture.

3. Snowy Air Kiss

snow pictures ideas air kiss

If you don’t know much about how to select the best model poses for photoshoot, you can still get great portrait photos if you make an air kiss while holding snow in your palm. It will help you get a photo that your followers will want to like and share.

4. Add a Cozy Feel Using Extra Light Sources

snow pictures ideas with candle

To create a nice and cozy atmosphere in the frame, use extra sources of lighting. To bring such snow photoshoot ideas to life, you may use a candle, garland, or any other source of lighting.

snow pictures ideas with sparkler

To implement this Christmas photoshoot idea, you just need to use a sparkler. It will allow you to create a festive atmosphere even without using Christmas decorations.

5. Lying in Snow

snow pictures ideas lying on the ground

If you have already taken several regular portrait photos with snow in the background, you can try experimenting with fun ideas. For instance, you can lie on the ground and ask your photographer to take photos from above. This idea is more popular among kids, but adults use it as well.

snow pictures ideas snow angel

Make a snow angel while laying on your back on the snow-covered ground. Such pictures will make you smile wherever you decide to look through your photo album. They will also grab the attention of your followers if you decide to post them online.

6. Play with Snow

snow pictures ideas playing

During a photoshoot in snow, you can spend a great time playing in the snow and having fun. Fall down, throw the snow into the air, and do everything you want. If you want to take photos of kids, let them play in the snow. There is no need to worry that they will make their clothes dirty.

snow pictures ideas playing snowballs

If you want to shoot with your friends or family members, start a snowball fight. You will have lots of fun. There is no need to think about the way you look or which angle to choose. You can also throw snowballs at your photographer. Photos of a snowball fight will show that you know how to spend your free time well.

7. Ride a Snow Sled

snow pictures ideas sledge

No winter photoshoot is complete without a snow sled. This idea is suitable for children and adults alike. You can use it for a family shooting or for taking pictures of romantic couples. It’s also suitable for some other photography styles. Use a warm blanket, a thermos with tea, a small Christmas tree and other props that will give your photos a unique look.

8. Catch Snowflakes with Your Tongue

snow pictures ideas snowflakes

If you are taking photos during a snowfall, lift your head and try to catch snowflakes with your tongue. This idea is especially popular among children.

9. Photos on the Ice Skating Rink

snow pictures ideas skating

To take magic photos using this snow picture idea, snap pictures when skating. Such photos will look especially great if you take them during a snowfall. Make sure to capture Christmas tree garlands and decorations in the background. You can also take beautiful photos without any props. In this case, it might be a great idea to apply a bokeh effect in Photoshop.

10. Make a Snowman

snow pictures ideas with snowman

A photo with a snowman is another great classic idea for taking winter shots. You can experiment with different snow pictures ideas to achieve the best result. For instance, you can pose while standing near a snowman or take funny photos to bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones. For instance, you can make the two bottom snowballs to create a body of a snowman and then stand behind it so that only your head is visible.

snow pictures ideas snowman carrot

If you want to take a photo of kids, suggest they bite a snowman’s nose made of a carrot. There is no need to conduct thorough preparation to take such a photo. As the result, you will get an unusual photo of a snowman.

11. Winter Walk

snow pictures ideas forest

There are also many snow photography ideas for taking photos of a romantic couple when it walks through a winter forest. It’s also suitable for photos of a single person. You just need to walk and look at snow-covered slopes and trees. Your photographer will do the rest. It would also be nice to take your dog with you.

snow pictures ideas forest

During the Christmas season, take advantage of beautiful decorations in the city and go for a walk to capture sparkling garlands. It will allow a photographer to capture bright and emotional shots. The main thing is to avoid paying attention to the camera.

12. Family Pictures with the Snow Background

snow pictures ideas family

Schedule a winter photoshoot beforehand and make sure to select a suitable location. For instance, you can take pictures in the park, forest, mountains, backyard, or any other location where there is enough snow. It’s better to take photos in a location with untouched snow as it will serve as a beautiful background for your pictures.

If it’s possible, select a family look. You can wear matching hats, mittens, or scarves. Alternatively, you can use accessories that look similar.

13. Atmospheric Winter Photos with Your Partner

snow pictures ideas love story

Take stylish photos on the hood of your car with snow-covered trees in the background. To create a beautiful atmosphere, make sure to carefully select all the details of your composition. When implementing such snow photoshoot ideas, wear matching outfits and use props, such as soft blankets, cups with tea or cacao, various treats and other elements that look good in photos.

snow pictures ideas love story

If your wedding takes place in winter and there is plenty of snow, don’t miss an opportunity to take several shots outside. Make sure to decide which photo poses for men and poses for women you are going to use. It will allow you to get great pics quickly, without getting cold.

14. Photos in a Car

snow pictures ideas in car

If you don’t want to freeze outside, you can implement this snow picture idea while staying in your car. You will need winter- or Christmas-themed cups, cacao drinks with marshmallows, and a beautiful view. A New Year-themed movie in the background and Christmas garlands will also look great in the frame. It will allow you to take stunning Christmas pics.

snow pictures ideas out of car

If you are looking for creative snow photoshoot ideas for taking aesthetically-pleasing pics, you can implement another idea with a car. Open the side window and lean out while arching your back in a seductive way. You can wear beautiful underwear and use a location with the mountains or winter forest in the background.

15. Pose with Your Pet

snow pictures ideas with pet

Do you have a pet? Take photos together with it. This way, you can get lively pics with a strong positive vibe. You can also take photos during your daily walk. There is no need to use a professional camera. It’s possible to take professional pictures on iPhone or smartphone. Even if the background is rather simple, you can capture great photos with your dog or cat.

16. Organize a Picnic in a Winter Forest

snow pictures ideas picnic

Such snow pictures ideas will appeal to those who are interested in friends photography. To take such photos, you just need to invite your friends to a picnic in the snow-covered forest. Take with you a thermos flask with tea, cacao drink, or mulled wine. Build a fire and sit around it. You can drink tea, fry marshmallow, talk to each other and have fun. It will allow your photographer to capture the best moments that you share with your friends.

snow pictures ideas picnic close up

Make sure to take several close-up photos of cups in your hands. You can use them to add some visual interest to your Instagram feed or create a collage.

17. Heart-Shaped Snowball

snow pictures ideas picnic

This lovely snow photo idea involves making a heart-shaped snowball. You can use it when taking differently-themed winter photos. It will be especially suitable for taking pictures of romantic couples and capturing beautiful views during a walk.

18. Winter Landscape

snow pictures ideas landscape

This idea will appeal to landscape photographers as they can use their skills to capture stunning winter landscapes. To give your photos a voluminous feel, make sure to use a professional camera with a wide-angle lens.

snow pictures ideas from above

If you have a drone, you can use it to take a photo of a winter landscape from above. Such photos are sure to grab the attention of your followers on social networks.

19. Use Artificial Snow

snow pictures ideas artificial snow

Did you miss an opportunity to take beautiful shots with fresh snow? In this case, use artificial snow instead. You can either use it in the studio or at home to create a fairy-tale atmosphere. Experiment with different snow photography ideas to get the photos you want.

20. Winter-Themed Object Photos

snow pictures ideas artificial snow

Take several winter-themed object photos. You can capture pictures of gingerbread cookies or a gingerbread house as well as snap Christmas decorations or compositions made of pine branches. Everything depends on your fantasy. If you have some free time, you can bring to life a variety of ideas creatively using Christmas-themed props.

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