8 Tips to Improve Behind the Scenes Photography in 2024

photoshoot behind the scenes

Behind the scenes photography is about capturing candid events taking place on set or when producing a project. This photography style allows viewing a project from another perspective with the opportunity to showcase what happens behind the scene to complete the story.

If you are new to this genre or looking for some tips to grow professionally in this field, this detailed guide will definitely come in handy. WeEdit.Photos experts will share the most crucial aspects you need to know to succeed as a behind-the-scenes photographer.

1. Shoot with a Continuous Shutter

behind the scenes photography example

As it is impossible to predict the perfect moment to catch some interesting scenes, using the continuous shutter is the way out.

When dealing with fast-changing environments, quick reactions are very important as no one can foresee what happens next. With the continuous shutter turned on, you won’t have problems capturing as many shots as necessary during a short period to pick the best one.

behind the scenes photography example

This allows for catching sincere moments and real emotions. Look through these multiple images later and choose the best ones or merge them to create a stunning composite photo. But this shooting mode has its drawbacks, as it requires your camera to be fitted with a memory card with enough space for storing a great number of pics.

Besides, it is important to keep track of how many images you’ve already taken.

2. Learn to Be Invisible when Shooting

behind the scenes photography example

Interfering with the workflow of other people is a bad idea as you are likely to cause much irritation with your actions. Make sure you do not disturb anyone when taking shots. Imagine that your photoshoot takes place in a filming location where a beep and camera shutter can virtually ruin the whole process.

To work unnoticed, it is reasonable to make some investigation before a photoshoot to know when you can take pics and when it is critical to stay quiet as church mice. One of the most important photoshoot tips is to discuss some event-specific details you need to be aware of with the director, event manager, or photographer on the scene.

3. Focus on the People

behind the scenes photography example

Very often beginners focus on equipment rather than people during behind the scenes photoshoot. The gear should definitely be on your photos, as it is an important part of the event. But capturing people doing their jobs is really crucial.

Shooting specialists in their natural working environment is your primary task. Concentrate on unplanned and candid moments to show the essence of what’s happening.

4. Use a Zoom Lens

behind the scenes photography example

When it comes to the selection of lens for your behind the scenes photography, stick to a zoom lens, as a prime lens will definitely limit you when taking photos of people, gear, and lighting stands. So, lenses for portrait photography won’t work well for such shooting scenarios.

Attach a 24-70mm zoom lens to your camera and take advantage of the array of focal lengths and shot types you can produce while keeping your camera steady. Besides, with this accessory, it is possible to capture more of the action in a single image, which is great for showcasing the chaos happening on a busy set.

5. Keep the Edits to a Minimum

behind the scenes photography example

In order not to ruin the candid feel of BTS photography, be sure to perform minimal editing without trying any photo manipulation ideas, or adding bokeh in Photoshop. It is advisable to correct colors a little bit and adjust the exposure, but make sure not to overdo it.

If you are a newcomer to the editing field, turn to our photo editing service and get your photo retouched at affordable photo editing prices. The specialists will correct the color scheme of your pic, adjust the contrast level, and more without ruining the behind the scenes atmosphere.

6. Use Continuous Autofocusing

behind the scenes photography example

Time is valuable, so shooting with AF enabled is the most optimal option when producing behind the scenes photography. But make sure to use continuous AF instead of a single-shot one.

Single-shot autofocus is activated when you half-press the shutter. Keep in mind that after setting the focus, you won’t be able to customize it as your camera moves. To choose another focus point, you should half-press the shutter again and the camera will do the rest of the job.

With continuous AF enabled, the device with follow the movement of an object adjusting the focus according to the scenario. So, this option is obviously more convenient.

7. Avoid Perfectionism

behind the scenes photography example

During a behind the scenes photoshoot, forget about perfectionism, as this genre is about capturing candid and real moments rather than ideal scenes. So, if you are looking for model poses for photoshoot to take your next shoot, give it up, as your task is to deal with everything that happens in front experimenting with shooting angles to take original shots.

BTS pics should showcase the real workflow of making a film. Capture candid facial expressions, natural movements can add a special flavor to your images.

8. Be Ready to Move Fast

behind the scenes photography example

The inability to predict anything that happens behind the scene is a real challenge for a photographer of this genre. When your day involved much shooting, you should be ready to move fast.

It is impossible to predict whether you will need to relocate to continue the photoshoot or reset the stands, so make sure you react in a flash.

Keeping all your shooting gear in one bag is an optimal solution in this case. Take only the required equipment and keep your bag on hand. By doing so, you won’t definitely attract much attention when moving around the filming location and all the needed gear will be in the vicinity.

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