5 Best Animals Photo Editors to Improve Your Pet Images

best animals photo editor

If you’d like to ensure your cute pet photos look even more appealing before you post them on your social network feed or print them out for your desk or wall, then installing an animals photo editor on your phone is a must.

The retouchers at WeEdit.Photos have put together a rundown of Android and iPhone photo editors that will allow you to easily transform your adorable pet into a graceful queen, daring astronaut, or cute angle in a single tap.

If you don’t have the time to learn different cat and dog picture apps or you can’t receive the pet images you want, then you should entrust all your editing tasks to the professionals in our agency.

1. Pounce

Intuitive UI

pounce animals photo editor interface
  • Free
  • Large selection of backgrounds
  • Expansive sticker library
  • Terrific performance
  • Free trial lasts only 3 days

Pounce is a good application that you can use to edit dog pictures and design fun pet portraits straight on your smartphone. You can take advantage of its functionality to make your furry friend look like glorious royalty, an adventurous space traveler, or an endearing angel in just a single tap.

Pick from the offered library of studio-grade backgrounds and props and entertain your friends and followers with your unique pet pictures. Additionally, Pounce comes with an enormous selection of stickers that range from colorful balloons to hand-drawn fonts, which you can use to enhance your pet photos even further.

2. YouCam Perfect

Optional in-app purchases

youcam perfect animals photo editor interface
  • Filters, frames, effects, templates
  • Animate selfies and save them as videos
  • Allows designing collages
  • Convenient interface
  • Free version has irritating ads
  • Restricted functionality in the free version

YouCam Perfect is a fantastic pet photo app if you’re looking for a convenient tool for making stickers out of your animal pictures and later adding them to other images.

This app also comes with fantastic templates that can turn your adorable pet photos into stunning artwork. Breathe new life into your favorite photos of your furry friend playing around, sleeping on the couch, or just chilling outdoors by applying one of the offered creative templates and saving the result.

3. Animal Photo Editor

Broad range of creative pet frames

animal photo editor animals photo editor interface
  • Surprisingly good extra editing options
  • Clean UI
  • Large collection of integrated assets
  • Free version can satisfy most of your needs
  • Exclusive to Android
  • Time-wasting ads

Animal Photo Editor is a great Android photo editor that allows you to enhance your pet pictures with minimum effort. Pick an image from your phone’s gallery or snap a picture in real time, choose a suitable frame, and generate the image.

This dog photo editor app also lets you employ two-finger touchscreen controls to place the photo inside the frame as you see fit to ensure the result looks perfect.

The provided picture frames can greatly enhance the quality of your animal photos and infuse them with a completely new atmosphere. Some of the available options add stunning effects to the photos that will make sure the best moments you share with your pet become a long-lasting memory.

4. Wild Animal Photo Editor Frame

Large selection of bright backgrounds

wild animal photo editor frame animals photo editor interface
  • Creates bright, colorful photos
  • Terrific speed
  • Offers a built-in asset library
  • Frequent updates
  • Limited feature set compared to the competition
  • Works only on the newest OS

This is the best animals photo editor if you want to make sure your nature photos are filled with tigers, hippos, pandas, elephants, and wolves. The app comes with an enormous library of eye-catching frames that add both wild animals and domestic pets to the picture.

Enhance or replace the background in your picture with realistic HD-quality wild animals to ensure it catches the attention of anyone who sees it. The application also includes a broad selection of wild animal backgrounds as well as fun and eye-catching wildlife stickers.

5. Dog Photo Editor

Allows removing the background

dog photo editor animals photo editor interface
  • Large library of backgrounds
  • User-friendly and straightforward controls
  • Automated cut background editor
  • Funny dog stickers
  • Only supported by the latest OS versions
  • Infrequent updates

This dog face photo editor allows you to enhance your pet images with new backgrounds, fun puppy stickers, and other cool visual assets. It’s the perfect tool for making your favorite dog photos shine with new colors. While the primary goal of this application is to help you alter the background of your dog pictures, its functionality encompasses much more than that.

You start by picking the dog picture that needs to have its background deleted and the built-in AI background removal tool will do everything else on its own. Afterward, you’ll be able to pick a new background from the enormous list of potential options.

Regardless of whether you want your dog to run around a beach, be the main star of a magazine cover, or decide to do something even crazier, this application has you covered.

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