15 Unique Smoke Bomb Photography Ideas to Recreate

smoke bomb photography ideas

Smoke bombs are the optimal tool for adding an explosion of color to your photos. If you’re planning to use them for your photoshoots, then this collection of smoke bomb photography ideas that was put together by WeEdit.Photos retouchers will help you take some truly breathtaking pictures. These ideas are suitable for solo photos, selfies, couple portraits, and group shots.

1. Strap a Smoke Bomb to Your Umbrella

Attach the smoke grenade to your umbrella’s handle and you’ll be able to take photos that make it look like the smoke is coming out of the umbrella itself. Moreover, one of the model’s hands will be freed up, allowing her to stand in more interesting model poses.

smoke bomb photography ideas umbrella

Alternatively, you can ask the model to hold the smoke bomb in their hands and direct it under the umbrella but this approach will limit the number of poses you can experiment with.

smoke bomb photography ideas umbrella

2. Pumpkin Smoke Bomb

If you’re interested in spooky Halloween picture ideas, it doesn’t get any better than this. To double down on the scary atmosphere, consider wearing an appropriate costume that will complement the rest of the scene and the color of the smoke.

smoke bomb photography ideas pumpkin

If you happen to take photos on a windy day, the more widely-spread smoke will look even spookier but such weather might make it more difficult to snap the perfect picture. Lighter smoke colors like yellow and orange tend to dissipate quicker while blue and purple last longer and look more ominously.

smoke bomb photography ideas pumpkin

3. Use Matching or Contrasting Colors to Add Visual Interest

Knowing the color theory is extremely important if you want to take eye-catching photos. Regardless of whether you’re using complementary, matching, or contrasting colors, proper tone selection can increase the visual weight of certain elements in the shot and instantly grab the viewer’s attention. One of the most basic smoke bomb picture ideas involves using a smoke hue that emphasizes or contrasts the subject.

smoke bomb photography weeditphotos color correction

If you want to ensure your photo looks appealing, it’s very important to enhance its colors. If you lack the necessary editing experience to handle this task properly and don’t want to spend days trying to learn how to create specific effects, consider reaching out to WeEdit.Photos. Our retouchers offer a quick turnaround and reasonable photo editing prices. They are also capable of imitating the color correction performed by any renowned photographer that you look up to.

4. Smoke Coming Out of a Book

Open a book and place the smoke bomb inside to create the illusion of smoke coming out of its pages. You can also use a photo compositing technique to add torn-out pages that are flying around the subject to make the photo more eye-catching. Later on, use your favorite photo editing software for photographers to combine both photos.

smoke bomb photography ideas book

5. Get Into Water

This idea resembles what you might see in milk bath photography. Diversify your photos by changing the location and organizing the photoshoot at a river or lake. Be sure to take a couple of test photos before you fire up the smoke bomb to avoid wasting it on poorly chosen angles or lighting.

smoke bomb photography ideas water

Following this tip is crucial since the amount of time such a bomb is actively exuding smoke is very limited. You only have about a minute overall and it only takes a couple of seconds for the smoke to fill the scene to achieve the desired effect.

smoke bomb photography ideas water

6. Match the Outfits’ Colors

Even though standard white or grey smoke looks great, it can’t really beat the effect you get from using more vibrant hues. The colors you pick can either complement the model’s attire or create a stark contrast to make the subject pop even more.

smoke bomb photography ideas matching colors

7. Use Smoke Bombs Instead of Clothes

Smoke bombs can be a fantastic addition to your nude photos. Smoke can be used for censoring the most intimate areas. Other than looking great, it’s also practical since smoke tends to dirty the clothes. If you want to create a mesmerizing effect, pick a color that matches the model’s skin tone. You can also try this technique out if you’re interested in unique self portrait photography ideas.

smoke bomb photography ideas nude

8. Have the Couple Kiss in a Smoke Bomb Cloud

Firing a smoke bomb behind a happy couple is one of the most romantic wedding picture ideas you can think of. As a result, you’ll create a sensual, mesmerizing, cloudlike background that will make the couple look like they were taken out of a fairytale.

smoke bomb photography ideas for couples

When purchasing colorful smoke bombs, be sure to carefully plan out the mood you’d like to set. Additionally, consider how well the chosen colors will match the model’s attire and whether they are vibrant enough to make the photo pop.

smoke bomb photography ideas for couples

9. Shoot Against Neutral Walls

If you’re working at a somewhat dull location or a place with a neutral-colored background, a smoke bomb is just the trick you need. The color added by the smoke will make sure your image carries more visual weight while you implement other portrait background ideas and utilize the neutral look of the walls to make everything else stand out even more.

smoke bomb photography ideas neutral

10. Introduce Motion to the Shot

Ask the model to either jump, dance, or simply walk in front of the camera while waving around smoke bombs. The added motion will create lines of colorful smoke that can be used to reduce the amount of negative space or as another point of interest.

smoke bomb photography ideas dancing

It’s vital to set a high shutter speed (1/1500-1/4000) when implementing smoke bomb photoshoot ideas like this one since you have to capture the motion and smoke in the perfect moment to ensure you don’t waste such expensive props.

11. Create a Smoke Bomb Cloud

Fire up enough bombs to produce a thick smoke cloud that will serve as the backdrop. Let the model first exude a bunch of smoke behind them before they stand in whatever pose you chose for them. Such a background will ensure you don’t feature any unnecessary details in the shot while also adding a sense of mystery to the photo.

smoke bomb photography ideas cloud

12. Create Wings Out of Smoke

This is one of the best smoke bomb photography ideas for photo manipulation artists. With just a bit of effort, you’ll be able to shape the smoke to resemble a pair of wings. Make sure to choose a bomb of the same color as the model’s attire. If you’re not good at editing, you can just attach a pair of smoke bombs to the subject’s back and have them face opposite directions instead.

smoke bomb photography ideas wings

13. Create a Smoke Trail

If you’re going to ask the subject to wave around the smoke grenade to produce a trail, instruct them to do so slowly. Such an approach helps you receive more pronounced trails and visually-appealing plumes. The key here is to take the photo before the smoke obstructs the model’s face.

smoke bomb photography ideas smoke trail

14. Use Two or Three Colors

Most smoke bomb photo ideas rely on using just one smoke color. However, nothing is stopping you from getting 2 or 3 bombs of different colors and firing them up simultaneously. The resulting image will be visually divided into multiple parts and look more interesting.

smoke bomb photography ideas two colors

Once you light up multiple smoke bombs, there’s a high chance that a lot of smoke will spread straight into the model’s face causing them to tear up or frown. Tell the subject that they shouldn’t shy away from moving around the smoke bombs to prevent smoke from blowing into their eyes since their suffering isn’t going to help you take a better photo anyway.

smoke bomb photography ideas two colors

15. Put a Smoke Bomb in the Foreground

Photographers typically ask models to place the smoke bombs in the background but you can also achieve fantastic results by having them in the foreground and partially obstructing the subject’s face.

smoke bomb photography ideas in the foreground

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