How to Download Photoshop CS3 for Free (2024 Version)

photoshop cs3 free trial

Adobe Photoshop CS3 is an old version of a trustworthy program for photo editing. Photographers and retouchers use it to create and manipulate pictures for different purposes – sharing on the net, printing out, including in marketing campaigns, etc.

However, the number of people interested in Adobe Photoshop CS3 free download is decreasing mainly because the developer phased it out and there is no activation server for this version. So, most users opt for the latest edition of Ps that costs $20.99/month.

photoshop cs3 interface

Photoshop CS3 Features:

  • Color channels

  • Top-notch 3D features

  • Mercury graphics engine

  • Hue and saturation controls

  • Import color files from web design

  • Retina display support

#1 Way to Download Photoshop CS3 for Free: Install a Trial Version

You can find Photoshop CS 3 free download links on the net with ease. However, leveraging all the features to the fullest is impossible due to the lack of support from the developer. If you still want to evaluate the potential of this version, you’d better head to the official site and take advantage of a free trial period (1 week). In this case, you receive all functions and tools without limitations.

To download this program, you need to:

1. Open the Adobe official site.

photoshop cs3 plans

2. Click the Start Free Trial button.

3. Choose a suitable subscription variant – billing starts automatically once the trial period expires. You can select monthly, yearly with monthly billing, or yearly with upfront billing.

4. Indicate your email. It will be used for accessing all other Adobe tools. Click Continue.

5. It is necessary to enter your payment data, including a credit card number of PayPal. Don’t worry, money won’t be withdrawn from your account until the trial period is over.

6. After your payment method is approved by the company, you need to enter a password and click Complete Account.

7. Wait till the installation file is downloaded on your computer. Then open it and launch the installation wizard.

8. Log into your account. Click the Start Installer button to initiate installation.

9. When downloading a PC version of Adobe CC, you also receive Photoshop by default.

#2 Way to Download Photoshop CS3 for Free: Install a Mobile App

photoshop mobile

If you are used to handling photo editing tasks on the go, using a mobile or a tablet for photo editing, you should opt for a free and legal Ps version called Adobe Photoshop Express. It is an intuitive photo editor for Android and iOS devices. There are no time limitations for using this application. Besides, it comes with separate cloud storage and allows you to access Creative Cloud.

However, you should expect too much from this app. In fact, it has basic tools for skin editing and color correction, as well as some filters for creative tweaks. Those interested in full-featured retouching of shots will be disappointed.

You can find and download Photoshop Express from the Play Store or App Store. Keep in mind that it’s rather big, so you’d better start downloading via Wi-Fi instead of depleting your mobile traffic.

Free and Efficient Alternatives

If you decided to stop your search for Photoshop CS3 freeware download links because the program is no longer supported by a developer, while paid software versions are too expensive – why not look for affordable or even free alternatives? Though Ps is reference photo editing software for photographers, there are analogs that offer an equally extensive set of tools.

Below, you will see a list of top-notch programs that can substitute Adobe Photoshop without depleting your funds.

1. Luminar

luminar photoshop cs3 alternative

Luminar is a go-to program for users, who want to handle complicated tasks in a quick way. While in Photoshop, you need to perform various changes manually, this software operates in AI and takes care of the most challenging processes. Besides, it meticulously scans a photo, detects the main object, and suggests the most fitting template. Thus, you can replace the sky twice faster than in Adobe Ps.

The collection of tools, presets, and templates is fantastic. You will find intuitive color correction options, tools to alter RAW images, manifold effects, a preview feature, and more.

Available for: Windows, Mac


gimp photoshop cs3 alternative

GIMP is a great program for improving shots and creating unique compositions from the ground up. Here you can use layers, brushes, filters and automatic instruments to make your pictures look interesting. Besides, it is possible to extend the functionality of the program with the help of plugins.

GIMP is completely free and open source. There is a huge community of contributors, who make immediate tweaks when bugs are detected. So, you can be sure the program will work properly. If you have rich experience in image editing, you can even make adjustments to the functionality yourself to get a bespoke program for your current projects.

Available for: Windows, Mac, Linux

3. Photopea

photopea photoshop cs3 alternative

Photopea has a very straightforward interface, so if you are switching from Adobe Photoshop CS3 to this software, you won’t experience any problems. In fact, you will notice that tools and features are easier to find and use in comparison with the Adobe product.

This Ps alternative may satisfy your needs if photo editing and graphic design is your side gig or hobby rather than a full-time occupation. However, as for the variety of layout formatting options, it even offers more than Photoshop. Besides, you can import an Excel spreadsheet into the program to transform it into s design infographic.

Available for: Web

4. Darktable

darktable photoshop cs3 alternative

If you are sick and tired of looking for Adobe Photoshop CS3 free download sources, you can simply get Darktable and use it for photo editing and management. This software is absolutely free and has open-source code. Besides, it supports non-destructive picture processing, which means a source file is left unchanged. The biggest advantage of the program is that it can cater to the needs of photographers of different levels.

Though the pack of tools is large, you won’t experience problems using them. Every feature is absolutely intuitive, so you can achieve the desired result in a quick way. In fact, this free program can stay on par with paid alternatives and even surpass some of them.

Available for: Windows, Mac, Linux

5. RawTherapee

rawtherapee photoshop cs3 alternative

It seems that RawTherape has borrowed the best functions and tools from Photoshop and Lightroom, and arranged them on a user-friendly interface. The main focus of this program is RAW photo editing. In the toolset, you will find instruments for color correction, noise removal, exposure, light and shadow control, tone adjustment, EXIF data processing, cropping, and more.

Moreover, it contains a top-of-the-line demosaicing option, which activates 2 algorithms on the same photo. Besides, you can take advantage of the pixel-shift raw file compositing with auto ghost masking. If you need to handle several RAW shots at once, you can fully rely on the software. Besides, it has tools for dark theme subtraction, flat field correction, and hot/dead pixel correction.

Available for: Windows, Mac


  • How long does the Photoshop trial period last?

The trial period is 7 days. Users state it is sufficient to test all features of the program.

  • Is the program automatically removed from my computer after the trial period finishes?

No. But you won’t be able to use it further without choosing Creative Cloud All Apps or Single App plans. After paying for the chosen version, Photoshop will be automatically licensed upon relaunch.

  • Do I have to register with CC?

Yes. By doing so, you will get access to all Adobe products. They are distributed together in the pack.

  • Can I run Ps on several devices?

Yes, you can download and install the software on different computers regardless of the OS. But it is allowed to activate a license on 2 computers only.

  • Why should I keep away from Photoshop unlicensed version?

Using a pirated (which means illegal) program, you risk losing your confidential information. Besides, such files typically contain viruses, which can make an indelible effect on your computer. Another reason to steer clear of unlicensed programs is the lack of updates.

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