How to choose a good photographer school?

Why photographer schools are necessary nowadays in the time of Internet and YouTube? Each photographer wishes of becoming as illustrious as for example Herb Ritts or Richard Avedon and David Lachapelle. Even if you are good at photography, have a great number of beautiful shots of a good quality, it does not mean that you will obligatory achieve a success and will become a real professional, who is always in-demand in photo industry. Why photographer schools are necessary nowadays in the time of Internet and YouTube? Each photographer wishes of becoming as illustrious as for example Herb Ritts or Richard Avedon and David Lachapelle. Even if you are good at photography, have a great number of beautiful shots of a good quality, it does not mean that you will obligatory achieve a success and will become a real professional, who is always in-demand in photo industry.

photographer-school-photo-retouching-sampleThere are a lot of really talented photographers who desire to enrich their knowledge in photographing and retouching, develop professional skills. The problem is to find the best photographer school, where they can learn this.photographer-school-photo-retouching-sample  We are sure that you are the one, whose work will be observed in the up-to-date fashion magazines as Vogue or Times. We really believe that a lot of companies dream to see you in the team of their photo editing service and that is why we are eager to help you to unlock your potential and choose the photo school, which gives you the best.



 Top photography schools in the world


Nowadays the profession of photographer is quite common and corresponding to this fact in each city of the USA a big number of online photography schools appear. The question is how to understand which school you can trust. So, especially for you we have made a research and made up a list of the photography schools, which are the best in the world.

1. photographer-school-photo-retouching-sampleThis is well-known contemporary art and design school, which has a really long history. The Design School was opened in 1896 by William Chase. At first the school was based on the idea of modernism but now it has a lot of courses, which are also connected with photography. Besides, you must know the educative program of this school is quite complicated. Moreover, the whole applicants must successfully pass “Parsons Challenge” test.


2. photographer-school-photo-retouching-sampleThis is very prestige professional photo school, which is located in Europe. The school was opened with the support of Francesco Morelli  as early as in 1966. There are following disciplines are taught in IED – design, fashion, management and visual communication.  Speaking about photo courses, it is important to say that there are three kinds of professors:

1) masters,

2) regular professors,

3) tutors.

One more interesting fact is that the lessons are held both in English and Spanish.photographer-school-photo-retouching-sample photographed by Oliviero Toscani

3. photographer-school-photo-retouching-sampleFAMU belongs to the number of the best age-old academies of photo art in the whole world. We can see the school graduates on the prestige movie festivals and even among the names of Oscar nominees. The photo direction appeared in 1975 and included three-leveled program. The particular feature of the FAMU is the interacting of classical and modern art. The photography is studied with the help of the modern technologies. One more advantage of the FAMU that you can get here master’s and bachelor’s degree in photography.

4. photographer-school-photo-retouching-sampleVevey School is well-known throughout the entire world as one of the gratest and the long-runniest school for amateur photo makers. The digital photography school has also its own award for the best creative school project ideas and grands. For those, who want to connect their life with photo industry but they do not wish to work in capacity of photographer, the school offers the students a unique chance to try their hand at photography workshops, labs or sale.

5. photographer-school-photo-retouching-sampleFrance is always associated with high fashion photography and the best model agencies. So, no wonder that Speos photographic institute works in collaboration with such famous art American universities as Chicago Art Institute and Hamilton College. The Institute was opened in 1985 and since that time about 3,600 specialists graduated from the school. It must be said that the institute deals with the greatest photography companies as for example Canon, Gamma, Fuji Film and other.

6. This is a well-equipped college in Europe.  The educational program allows the student to attend classes, seminars and tutorials, where they have the chance to master their photography. The school authorities created the best condition for the students. Studios for photo session organization and special darkrooms for film development are always at student’s disposal. Creativity and experimental approach during the photo making and retouching process are worth its weight in gold in the Royal College of Art.


7. photographer-school-photo-retouching-sampleThis professional photography school was founded by French photographer Emile Brunel. The main benefit of this school is the possibility of online studying. The graduates of this school are very successful photographers and picture editors. So, for example Matthew Lewis Jr. was rewarded the Pulitzer Prize and Michael Doven worked in collaboration with Ton Cruise during the filming of well-known in the whole world Mission Impossible series.


Despite the photo school is situated in Trier, Germany, in Barcelona there is an English department of photography art. It is extremely difficult to matriculate to an academy. Every year only twelve students get this possibility. Moreover, each student has to have professional camera and a tripod as an argument that the photos they will make will be of a real good quality. By the way all the classes, student’s hostel must be paid by students.

9. photographer-school-photo-retouching-sampleThe educative program is quite broad and includes the whole aspects of contemporary photography art. The future photographers have a chance to work with the professional modern equipment and develop their talents in the appropriate conditions. If you choose this school you will get brilliant theoretic knowledge which will be very useful for your future job. By the way if you want to get know more about the main rules of writing photography contract, read attentivly Sample photography contract template for your business. Have you ever heard about Cynthia Rowley or Grant Wood? So, they belong to the list of the famous former learners  of School Art Institute of Chicago.
10. photographer-school-photo-retouching-sampleThis University is the first in innovative education. This digital photo school has very unusual and interesting courses. The particular feature of this photographer school is that theoretic knowledge and practice are combined in such a way that the students work with classic methods and modern technologies at the same time. Speaking about the entry to the university, the selection depends on the grades and nonacademic potential.photographer-school-photo-retouching-sample So, we presented you top photography schools, each of them is unique and has its own special aspects. Now you have only to decide on the school, academy or university matches you the best.

What about digital photography school online?

Modern technologies and the possibility to study online make the educational process available for the all students independent on the region, their personal timetable and other factors. It is really easy, and quite quick to study in internet. The same is about modern training of specialists in photography sphere. So, if you have no possibility to visit the school you can study online. To help you to make the right decision we have the list of photography schools online.

1. photographer-school-photo-retouching-sampleTo begin with this digital photography school online ensure perfect art degrees, bachelor and certification in photography. There are also special aids, which every student can get. They are grants, either state or institutional, various programs, which help students to find a job, and also different kinds of student’s scholarship. Speaking about admission requirements, the students must complete the application online, give the General Educational Development/ high school /military transcript, write an essay and pass the phone interview. photographer-school-photo-retouching-sample photographer Brian Kaldorf

The Institute graduates are good at the whole aspects of their specialization. They become professionals in studio and location photography, have excellent knowledge at photo editing and picture manipulation.photographer-school-photo-retouching-sample 2. photographer-school-photo-retouching-sampleThis digital photo school is located in Schaumburg, IL. The educational process is made on the base of the highest branch standards.  In comparison to the previous institute the admission requirements are simpler. Entrants must complete online application, have the GED or high school transcripts and pass the test in Math and English. photographer-school-photo-retouching-sampledesigner Christian Siriano

Learners have a chance to get a scholarship, grants, state and private loans, compensation for employer training and additional allowances for military or war veterans. In the institute you can learn all the points, which deals with professional photo shooting, lighting, photo retouching using the newest practicies and methods.

3. photographer-school-photo-retouching-sampleThis is well-known, successful digital photography school online. Over  a million learners  from the different corners of the world apply for a course to this institute. The university is situated in Hooksett, NH. The alumni of the university have great commands of portrait photography, aerial photography, fine art and advertising industry.photographer-school-photo-retouching-sample To become a student of this you must complete the application in internet, present the high school or GED transcripts and special certificate. The main advantage of this institute is the great number of faculties. That allows the graduates to be a sought-after specialist in the sphere of photography.

4.photographer-school-photo-retouching-sampleAs distinct from the high accredited online photography schools, which direct the schedule to the developing practical classes, Stratford Career Institute is based on theory learning. The institute has very profitable aids, as for example low teaching price and different kinds of payment schemas every month.The students take part in the discussion and making creative school project ideas, they pay a lot of attention to the design, and up-to-date methods of photo editing procedure.photographer-school-photo-retouching-sample If you desire to enter this school you must be of full age and have the official duplicate from high school.

5. photographer-school-photo-retouching-sampleThis alma-mater is the superior digital photography school online in the whole country. This is a perfect place, where you can get online photography degree with financial aid such as both outside and institutional scholarship, state grants and special employment assistance programs.The Academy of Art University is located in San Fransisco, CA.photographer-school-photo-retouching-sample If you want to matriculate to the University, you must complete standard online application, have the copy pf documents from high school or GED and a portfolio (if you have).As a rule the graduates of the Academy of Art University are very successful and work in the best photography and image retouching companies.

What are photography degrees and specializations?

As we see there are various types of photographer schools like academies, institutes, colleges, and universities. But not many people know that there are a lot of degree levels. And we are sure that during the choosing a photography school you must pay attention to the educational system and the degree level, which each school can give its students. So, we want you to understand the difference between all the degrees.photographer-school-photo-retouching-sample Photography CertificatesAs a rule such programs are offered in the colleges. Moreover,  the students can complete them jut in a few months. Photography Certificate Programs allow students to learn the basic information about photography. Here students learn how to make use of Photoshop and LightRoom, and how to work in the darkroom during the filming procedure.photographer-school-photo-retouching-sample Associate Degrees  At this level you can learn the basic knowledge about the photo shooting organization, you can get know the main photography techniques and camera settings, you can find out how to use tungstic lighting and camera flash correctly.  You get the necessary knowledge about lenses and film and digital cameras applying.photographer-school-photo-retouching-sample Bachelor’s DegreeThe students can get this degree level after four years studying at digital photo school, art university or institute. At this stage the students study the photography art deeper, they work much at developing practice skills. Everyone, who is going to get bachelor degree, will obligatory know all the secrets of lighting techniques, the new methods of photo taking, and moreover, the bachelor students know perfectly well all the questions dealing with the photography history and development.photographer-school-photo-retouching-sample Master’s Degree

The Master of Fine Art prepares the future photographers to think like the artist. At this stage the photographers learn how to bring their creative school project ideas into life. Here the professional photographers and the specialists of photo editing are prepared. As a rule at the end of study the students present their portfolio or project, which proof their degree. Almost the whole bachelor students who desire to master their skills and to enrich their general knowledge get master degree.


Photography Specializations

When the photographer want to achieve the top level of his career and for example to run the own photography company, he/she can to start the photography specialization. The general specializations consist of:

– Fine art photography:  the photographers learn how to describe the emotions and the psychological state of the model.photographer-school-photo-retouching-sample -Advertising/photo illustration: it is learning the most important rules during the using photos for advertisements.

– Documentary photography: learning the difference between photo session of people of various age, nationality and states in the particular place.


Now you are not a greener in the questions of photography degrees and specializations any more. You know the difference between all kinds of degree levels and we hope that we helped you to make up your mind what photography school you will choose. If you still have some doubts that it is really worth to learn photography, look though the article Photo manipulation artists who can surprise you and will understand that there are a lot of tricks you can also learn.photographer-school-photo-retouching-sample Anyway, if you need to retouch a photo immediately and you are only at the beginning of your photographer career, the specialists of our company are always ready to help you with it. The photo editing prices of our company are not high and that is why everybody, who needs a professional help, can ask us about that at any time.

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