Game of Thrones Photoshop tutorial for true fans

There are probably zero people who have not heard about the Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones photoshoot is thing that has been happening everywhere since the first book was shown to the world. And now, when the season number seven is already going on TVs along with the computers, this expected new wave of the excitement has taken place. A photo editing service is a must have for everyone trying to shoot like The Game we all love because there are specific backgrounds, dragons, locations, a special Game of Thrones photo effect a person cannot reach just at will. But here is a great Game of Thrones Photoshop template:

What people use to create a Game of Thrones photoshoot?

The most famous Game of Thrones picture editor is Photoshop, which is not surprising at all. People are making photos and post process them because they want to see that their art was perfect. But they often see that Game of Thrones color grading photoshop isn’t enough so it is pretty obvious why the second most often used Game of Thrones picture editor is Lightroom. There are, no doubt, some tricks that you are able to perform with your camera lenses and composition if your idea need such things, for example, this video:

There have been cases when a Game of Thrones Photoshoot was used for a celebration of something important for a person. For example, one man took his wife and children to Cornwall, England, to celebrate his fiftieth birthday! And the shooting is quite impressive. In the similar places usually happens a Game of Thrones cast photo shoot. They are performed in the clothes that is used in the shooting as well as in the usual everyday clothes. For example, actors who are known to the world as the Starks (who are still alive on the screen) were shot be Entertainment Weekly, a special number fully dedicated to this new season.

What do you need to undergo a Game of Thrones photoshoot?

What is actually in the style of the Game? Are you a fan of this television series as well? You wanna try yourself as your favorite character? A professional photo team is going to be happy to help you turn your dream into reality! This is not a Game of Thrones Photoshop tutorial though this is very important as well. Your task is to efficiently prepare for the photo shoot, choose suitable dress, makeup, hairstyle to look just like one or several characters or just a new person in their world.

You have to actively work at the process of searching a suitable outfit, it is unlikely that you will find something suitable in your closet. To help you can either turn to the services of costume rental or you can choose some usual long dress like a simple folk would wear with a variety of accessories (long capes, massive accessories, etc.). Do not forget that shoes should be flat unless you choose to wear boots that can have small reliable heels. It would also be good to choose some open or closed sandals. Of course you can draw them or photoshop as a Game of Thrones photo effect, but only if you believe you can make it look real.
If you do not have the accessory you need or money to get it, then turn to the Game of Thrones picture editor to complement the outfit will the help of some massive jewelry (chains, bracelets, rings and so on), preferably made of metal. You can also use various swords and items of armor. No Game of Thrones cast photo shoot can happen without their jewelry, if we’re talking about a woman, or their weapon, if this time it’s a man.


There is more than one Game of Thrones Photoshop tutorial on the Internet, but they will not tell you how you should look like in the first place. The best location for such photo shoot will be open terrain, namely mountains, fields, forests, river bank. If you have troubles with locations, just read our article “Don’t you know how to take travel photos?“ Your photo shoot can become very spectacular in the presence of a real horse that will also be suited with the horse armor. It will help to reflect the atmosphere of the medieval time, just like George Martin wanted.

Remember that women of that time did not have much diverse range of cosmetics as we are now. Keep this in mind. You shouldn’t make make-up too bright, make it closer to your natural look. But it’s still worth it to do a very small accent or eyes or on the lips. The choice is yours, the main thing is that you look attractive and feel self-confidence! Hair is best to dissolve, if your character is someone simple. Perfect light accent would be on the curls falling down the face or neatly stabbed in the back. If your character is noble, then a complicated hairstyle is a must. A Game of Thrones color grading photoshop is going to be of great help in making light accent and a Game of Thrones photo filter changes the atmosphere for the best.
Your whole body has to express the strength, power, confidence, resistance to troubles, and even a certain sternness. Find these qualities in yourself, open them, and you have to be really bright and professional pictures, and the memory will remain a most memorable experience! A little life hack: a Game of Thrones photo filter is going to change the mood of a shot, so choose wisely which Game of Thrones photo filter is suitable for each case.

Choose any Game of Thrones cast photo shoot as the perfect Game of Thrones Photoshop template and follow it’s style.
Except for the Game of Thrones Photoshop tutorial, you may need other advice. There’re pets and animals in the series as well, so if you are willing to use animals for the better Game of Thrones photo effect, read attentively our article “Free Lightroom presets for pet photography” that sometimes will suit you better than any Game of Thrones photo filter. Wolves, dogs, cats, birds – they will be all canon in this world of fantasy. Dragons will be too if you draw them or turn to a professional retouch studio like ours.
Game of Thrones color grading photoshop is going to give you needed mood, setting, it might be well used to tell the beginning of your story. The most famous Game of Thrones photo effect is used on portraiture mainly and consist of the Game of Thrones color grading photoshop when one half of a face is of the normal colour, and the second is blue like this face belongs to a White Walker. You shall see such portraits of many fans of the series. This effect also appears to be applied for fun in the Game of Thrones cast photo shoot. Such portraits tell about the story of the Starks or other characters turned against their friends and families. Or about a possibility of losing control over one’s body and mind. Every time of the year lasts for several year despite the traditions and climate are similar to the medieval Europe and the Winter is dangerous for people which makes this time of year perfect to depict some battles and tragedies on the photographs or to make a good costume of a White Walker as one of the Game of Thrones Photoshop template.

Of course, fighting for the Iron Throne is also a canon theme to be depicted in the photo session as it is one of the main plot’s directions. You can also order a nude or a boudoir photo session because there is a lot of love and undoubtedly a lot of sex in the series, because it tells us about human people, about their lust for love, for appreciation, for friendship, for power and so forth. If you both read and watch the Game of Thrones, you must have noticed that the books and the series differ. That is why you can use Game of Thrones picture editor to show either book’s universe or the series’ one.

Save some space in your computer for any Game of Thrones Photoshop template you can find online to use it later in your own shooting. The best is that you get to choose character, clothes, story – everything. You have power to give a lot of inspiration to the Game of Thrones community and The World Web will remember you and adore you. We sincerely hope that you will choose our studio to turn your pictures into little movie screenshots because we promise you that the atmosphere will be the same. Take a look at our photo editing prices to choose whatever you want and read our blog to become a little bit more familiar with us. Join us in our adoration of this fantasy universe and see for yourself what we can achieve together!

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