Game of Thrones Photoshoot Ideas for Inspiration

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Game of Thrones is a hugely popular show that allows viewers to fully immerse in the atmosphere of a mysterious world full of legends and betrayals. It owes its success to charismatic characters, magnificent battle scenes, and elaborate storylines with unusual twists and turns.

This TV series is an infinite source of creative photo manipulation ideas, so, below, I have rounded up some not difficult Game of Thrones photoshoot ideas you can repeat with your friends.

1. Character Portraits

portrait game of thrones photoshoot ideas

If your models like specific characters, you can capture them when they are recreating them. For such a photoshoot, you will need to select a suitable setting and use the right costumes. Capture the lookalikes of Daenerys, Jon Snow, Cersei, Arya, and other characters.

Using creative photography techniques, you can take stunning photos for your family album. You may also use the Game of Thrones ideas for Instagram.

2. Throne Room Elegance

throne room game of thrones photoshoot ideas

To implement this idea, you can show the magnificence of the Iron Trone room with its unusual interior. Ask your models to wear appropriate clothes and pose on the replica of the throne. It will allow you to portray them as the rulers of the Seven Kingdoms.

They can assume different poses to exhibit a sense of control and power. It’s better to take close-up photos that convey the emotions of the characters. You may also use these handy tips to improve behind the scenes photos. They will allow you to take wide-angle shots that will demonstrate the scale of the room.

3. Dragon Queen

dragon queen game of thrones photoshoot ideas

If you are a fan of Daenerys, you can show your model surrounded by magnificent dragons. You can add them with the help of a professional photo editing service. Show this beautiful lady as a powerful ruler using different outfits, poses, backgrounds, and decor elements.

You may also take photos of the model with dragon eggs. Show the surprise and delight she experiences when seeing this mystical artifact for the first time.

4. Wedding Elegance

wedding game of thrones photoshoot ideas

It’s one of the best wedding picture ideas to use. If you want to add some drama to your photoshoot, use the Red Wedding theme with beautiful costumes.

Dim lighting will help you create the right atmosphere but you should pay attention to the facial expressions as well. Remember that such photos will have a rather tragic feel, which is why it might be better to refer to other moments from the history of the Seven Kingdoms.

You should pay attention to the background, include animals and props, and select the most suitable costumes for a specific epoch.

5. Pair Photo Shoots

couple game of thrones photoshoot ideas

You may also show popular couples. For instance, you can show Jon Snow with Ygritte or Jaime with Brienne. Don’t portray couples that have questionable relationships as it might make it difficult to make your photoshoot more intimate.

You may also capture the members of competing families in a funny way. It will allow you to create some tension and add a dramatic feel to your photo. Ask your models to experiment with different expressions to make your shot more convincing.

6. Direwolf Companions

direwolf companions  game of thrones photoshoot ideas

The children of the Stark family have a special connection with their direwolves. You can capture your models wearing the clothes of Arya, Bran, or Sansa posing together with direwolf props in a dark setting. In such photos Game of Thrones characters will look as if they existed for real. Alternatively, you may use a big well-trained dog for your photoshoot.

7. Shooting Dynasty

dynasty game of thrones photoshoot ideas

It’s another great idea for a family photoshoot. You can portray the generations of the Targaryen family or show the Stark and Lannister families in all their glory. Try capturing characters from different epochs to demonstrate the differences between their clothing and hairstyles. Select a suitable location outdoors or pick fitting decorations for your studio.

8. Hall of Faces

hall of faces game of thrones photoshoot ideas

Try recreating the mysterious Hall of Faces in the House of Black and White. For this purpose, you may use free black and white Lightroom presets.

Ask your models to close their eyes and try to look as serene as possible. Then, you can add their faces to the wall. You can also ask your model to take a mask in her hands and take a photo of them when they will be putting it on.

9. The Night’s Watch

nights watch game of thrones photoshoot ideas

To show the defenders of the North, find costumes that look like the outfits of the Night’s Watch. Your models should look like they could withstand everything. For this Game of Thrones photoshoot, use eerie backdrops with a lot of snow and show the true scale of the Wall. For a better effect, you may use props, including torches and lanterns.

10. Children’s Photo Session

kids game of thrones photoshoot ideas

Some ideas are also suitable for taking photos of children. For instance, you may put a child on the Iron Throne. Boys may wear furs and the crown. For girls, it is better to select an outfit similar to the ones that were worn by Daenerys. Make sure to take close-up photos. You can also take pictures with a direwolf to portray a child from the House Stark.

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