Download Photoshop for Windows 10 for Free (2024 Version)

photoshop download free for windows 10

Photoshop for Windows 10 has professional AI-based filters, automated sky and background replacement features, and pixel-precise selection tools. Whether you are a photographer or a graphic designer, you will like using the pro-level tools available in this software. With the help of Photoshop, you can edit your images using layers, create drawings, and apply a variety of effects.

The only disadvantage of this software is that it has an expensive subscription that costs $20.99/mo. If it’s too costly for you, read on to learn how to use one of the 2 ways to download Adobe Photoshop for Windows 10 free of charge.

Photoshop for Windows 10 Main Features:

  • • Content-Aware Fill

  • • Intuitive Object Selection tool

  • • Quick Actions for background removal and other tasks

  • • Harmonization AI-based filter

  • • Allows importing Adobe Illustrator vector graphics

  • • Collaboration tools

photoshop for windows 10 interface

Way 1. Download a Photoshop for Windows 10 Free Trial

If you aren’t sure whether you need to use photo editing software for photographers, you can download a trial version to test its features for free. There is a 7-day trial available. You can find Photoshop download free for Windows 10 on the official website. When this trial period expires, you will need to pay for the Creative Cloud subscription unless you decide to cancel it.

1. If you want to save the trial version of Photoshop for Windows 10 to your device, go to the official website.

2. Find the Free Trial button and click it to start the download process.

3. Select the type of license you need to use: for individual users, students, or businesses. Click Continue.

4. Select a suitable plan. You can select a plan that includes a standalone version of Photoshop or opt for the Creative Cloud All Apps plan that comes with 20+ apps, including Photoshop.

5. Select a suitable subscription model. You can choose between an annual and monthly subscription.

6. Select additional options, if you need them.

7. Indicate your email. It will allow you to create an ID and use all the available Adobe products.

8. You will have one week to test all the tools available in Photoshop.

Way 2. Download Photoshop Elements Free Trial

photoshop elements interface

Photoshop Elements has many tools that made Adobe Photoshop popular. As its UI is more simplified, it’s suitable even for novice users. You can buy it by making a one-time purchase. There is no need to pay for a costly subscription. Using AI-based tools, you can significantly optimize your workflow. If you have never enhanced your photos before, you can read tips to figure out how to create and share pictures, apply effects, prepare your photos for printing, and organize your files.

To download Photoshop Elements free of charge, follow this step-by-step tutorial:

1. Find the dedicated tab on the official website.

2. Sign in with your Adobe ID or create it for free.

3. Select your OS and language.

4. Find the “Download now” button and click on it. You don’t need to indicate any payment details.

5. Use the program for free until the 30-day trial period expires.

After activating your 30-day trial, you will be able to use all the tools available in Photoshop Elements 2022. It will allow you to test out all the features when editing your photos. Besides, you will be able to create engaging animations and slideshows. When the trial period ends, you can purchase the licensed version without leaving the software.

Free and Easy to Use Alternatives

You can use Photoshop for Windows for free only until the end of the 7-day trial period. It’s not recommended looking for free download Adobe Photoshop for Windows 10 on third-party websites due to safety concerns. This is why many users are looking for free alternatives. While they have limited functionality, they come with plenty of basic tools that will help you give your photos a professional feel.

1. Microsoft Photos

microsoft photos interface

Microsoft Photos is preinstalled by default in Windows 10, so you don’t need to look for it online. Unlike Photoshop, Microsoft Photos has a more streamlined interface, which makes it suitable for beginners who don’t want to learn how to use pro-level tools. You can apply one-click effects to make colors richer as well as adjust contrast and brightness.

You can also use this program for organizing your photos. It allows you to preview photos stored in the Pictures folder and import pictures from other folders on your PC.

Available for: Windows


gimp interface

GIMP can be used as a replacement for Photoshop. This open-source software has versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You will find a lot of detailed tutorials on its official website. The program supports non-destructive editing as you can use masks and layers to make your edits. Besides, it allows you to apply filters to your photos. Whether you are a photographer or graphic designer, you will find all you need here. The program supports an impressive choice of image formats.

After comparing GIMP vs Photoshop Elements, you will see that the latter is more suitable for image editors, photographers, and graphic designers who are looking for a program with an intuitive UI and an impressive choice of editing tools.

Available for: Linux, Windows, Mac

3. Photo Pos Pro

photo pos pro interface

Photo Pos Pro has features that make it similar to Photoshop for PC Windows 10. You can use it to retouch your pictures, create collages, and design business cards. Besides editing your photos, you can create new graphic design projects. Photo Pos Pro is a perfect option for novice users. It supports RAW format. You can edit your images in Novice or Expert modes, which will help you significantly streamline your workflow.

Available for: Windows


  • Is there a completely free version of Photoshop for Windows 10, without any time restrictions?

No, to test out the functionality of this software, you can use a 7-day free trial version of Photoshop for Windows 10. It’s the official version of this software that allows you to access all the features and updates. Once the trial period expires, you will need to pay for the Creative Cloud subscription. If you don’t want to be charged, you need to cancel your subscription within the first 7 days.

  • Why is it dangerous to download Photoshop for Windows 10 from third-party platforms?

If you see a free version of paid software, it might indicate that it is a hacked version infected with malware. By downloading such a program, you risk infecting your PC. Besides, cracked versions of programs often come without important tools or deliver a slow performance. Unless you use a licensed version of the software, you won’t be able to contact the support team.

  • How to cancel Photoshop for Windows 10 free trial?

If you decide that you don’t want to pay for a subscription, go to your Adobe account page, open the Manage Plan tab and find the name of your subscription plan. Remember that you can cancel your subscription only within the first 7 days after starting a trial. You will be asked to provide the reason for cancellation. Then, you can click the Continue button and follow the step-by-step guide to finalize the cancellation.

  • Can students use Photoshop for Windows 10 for free?

No, there is no free version for students available. However, if you are a student, you can get Photoshop for Windows 10 after paying for the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription with a more than 60% discount.

  • Is Photoshop Elements different from the desktop version of Photoshop for Windows 10 that can be accessed via subscription?

Photoshop for Windows 10 is a widely used software that allows you to edit images like a pro and create attention-grabbing graphics. Photoshop Elements is more suitable for novice users who don’t have a lot of picture editing experience. It allows them to organize and enhance their pictures as well as share them online. What makes it different from Photoshop is that Photoshop Elements is available as a one-time purchase, which means that you don’t have to pay for a costly subscription.

  • Is it expensive to get a subscription to use Photoshop?

To edit your images in Photoshop for Windows, you need to pay $20.99/mo. The program is also included in the Photography package. You can access it by paying $19.99/mo. Besides, you can use Photoshop as a part of the Creative Cloud All Apps package which costs $54.99/mo.

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