16 Plus Size Pin Up Photoshoot Ideas For All Girls

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Models participating in a pin-up photoshoot often show some skin but it doesn’t mean that they should be of a certain physique! To make all your clients with completely different body shapes feel comfortable and involved in the shooting process, take a closer look at the following plus size pin up photoshoot ideas. I’ve rounded up the hottest pin-up pose ideas for photoshoots to inspire both model and photographer, along with the most appropriate props, outfits, and makeup to complete the look.

1. Hollywood Starlet

The most important elements of a successful Hollywood Starlet style photoshoot are your model’s hair and makeup. Ask her to imagine that she is slowly walking down the red carpet or the catwalk right now. Jewelry, feathers, and boas, adorning your model, are the must-have props.

plus size pin up photoshoot ideas hollywood starlet

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2. Diner Waitress

In such plus size pin up pictures, the model will look interesting, posing with tempting dishes, her notebook and pen, and imitating a disheveled look at the end of the working day, gathering her hair with her pen. For eye-catching shots in the diner hall, ask a model to lean across the table, lean on the counter or even lie down on the bar – it will be very spectacular.

plus size pin up photoshoot ideas diner waitress

3. Oversized Props

Consider props that can complement and spice up your shoot. Make oversized pin-up duplicates of these items. For example, a huge bright lipstick or a heart-shaped lollipop perfectly matches the photoshoot theme. Make sure to match the color scheme of the model’s clothes.

plus size pin up photoshoot ideas oversized props

4. High School Teacher

One of the traditional images of the pin-up style is the teacher and the librarian. Prepare large stacks of books, a chalkboard, rulers, notebooks, and other stationery as props. Eyewear is an indispensable accessory for a model posing in this role. Having provided everything you need, inspiration will cover both you and the model, and the photo session will be doomed to success.

plus size pin up photoshoot ideas high school teacher

5. Outdoor Pin Up

Usually, pin-up photos are taken in special studios, but it’s a great idea to move the shooting outdoors. This will create additional interest, and will certainly attract viewers’ attention due to an unusual location.

plus size pin up photoshoot ideas outdoor

Choose places with lots of greenery and vegetation. You can also use the same props as in the studio, e.g., a chair.

6. Wearing Corsets

Brassiere and corsets are the most effective embodiment of plus size pin-up photography; they will emphasize the waist of the girls and will accentuate their ample curves.

plus size pin up photoshoot ideas wearing corsets

7. Getting Ready

A traditional racy pin-up image is a model who sits at her dressing table, spraying perfume on herself. Here’s a tip for you: ask a model to do it in a slightly exaggerated and histrionic way, this manner is inherent in pin-up creativity. Also, separate props, such as a bottle of perfume or jewelry on a dressing table, will look great in your pictures.

plus size pin up photoshoot ideas getting ready

Another pro tip: avoid elbows, knees, or armpits pointing directly at the lens, as they will look very unattractive in pictures. On the contrary, try to take such poses in which these parts of the girl’s body will be directed away from the camera, and the result will please both of you.

8. Laying Down on the Couch

It is a spectacular and the most attractive pin up photo pose for girls plus size, in which the view falls on their curves. The lower part of the body falls into focus, and the gaze rests on the buttocks, legs and chest of the model. In this pose, you can make several variations with the turns of the upper body and change the position to choose the best angle.

plus size pin up photoshoot ideas laying counch

Another piece of advice I have for model’s hands: make sure that their positions are soft and smooth; a model should always remember this. Inaccurate hand position or fists can simply ruin your beautiful picture.

9. Complement the Theme of the Shoot with Lighting

Before you start shooting, it is important to determine the desired atmosphere and vibe. It’s a biggie to understand what kind of lighting you need to keep an idea coherent. If the shooting style is Hollywood or glamorous, the lighting should play a dramatic role. Otherwise, if it is still more of a cheesecake style, try to adjust the lighting to be brighter and more poppy.

plus size pin up photoshoot ideas lighting

10. Try the Full-Length Pose

In this position, the emphasis is on the length of the legs, the shape of the hips and the positions of the hands that tell us about the self-confidence of the girl. For such a pose, you can work with backlighting to produce seductive silhouettes.

plus size pin up photoshoot ideas full length pose

11. Shoot from Above

I recommend capturing the model slightly from above, when she is in a sitting or in a lying position. The double chin can be hidden by photographing the model from a high point and taking the camera slightly to the side.

plus size pin up photoshoot ideas from above

The same technique can be used if the model has a plump face. And if the light is placed at an angle to the face, you can form a shadow that will fall on her nose, and make it thinner.

12. Laying on the Side

If your model leans on her arm while lying on her side, this will visually lengthen her legs. Putting one foot on top of the other, she will emphasize the curves of her body, making them more eye-catching. To make a body even more attractive, a model can place her hand, which is on top, on the leg, which lies on top of the other.

plus size pin up photoshoot ideas laying on the side

This pose will look great on any surface, be it a bed, sofa, or even the floor. Use creative portrait background ideas to add visual interest to the photo. Ask your model to point the toes a little, this will extend the shin on the visual level and give the pose a special grace and elegance.

13. Desperate Housewife

Transformation into a pretty housewife occupies a special place in plus size pin-up photography. Let a model simulate cooking, ironing, hanging clothes after washing, and other dynamic household chores. The kitchen will probably become the central place of such a photoshoot, so it won’t be difficult to think over the necessary surroundings in advance. The main accessory in this case is an apron. Make sure that it matches the chosen style.

plus size pin up photoshoot ideas desperate housewives

14. Sitting on a Chair

Sitting on just one chair, A model can take plenty of interesting plus size nude poses. Just make sure it’s large enough so a model has more space to work with. A slightly arched back, chest pushed forward – all these simple tricks will help the girl’s body look spectacular and seductive.

plus size pin up photoshoot ideas with a chair

The design of the chair used is also important here. In terms of color scheme and composition, it should not detract from the model. If a girl is wearing printed lingerie, the color of a chair should be low-key, just completed with proper colors, otherwise, the picture will look gaudy.

plus size pin up photoshoot ideas with a chair

You can also use this pose in combination with photo manipulation ideas, like levitation photography trick. Using this technique, you can remove the chair from under the model in post-production, and you’ll get an illusion of the model floating in the air.

15. Selfie Shot

Give your model a vintage camera as a prop, and ask her to pretend to snap a picture of herself with a playful expression.

plus size pin up photoshoot ideas selfie shot

16. Glare to the Side

One of the most popular curvy plus size photoshoot ideas is to focus on the model’s eyes, which shimmers with light. Prepare a light source: it can be a strobe light, softbox, or umbrella. A girl should look to the side, straight into the light source.

plus size pin up photoshoot ideas side glare

This technique will make the eyes glow. Another useful tip: ask a model to keep her tongue firmly against the roof of the mouth while photographing. With this simple technique, the face will appear slimmer, and the double chin will be less noticeable.

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