How to take plus size boudoir photography

What is a boudoir session? This is the most sensual kind of female photoshoot for the plus size models, generally made in studios. These photo sessions include the women captured in lingerie or boudoir clothes with Photoshop glamour photo retouching, but the trend for naturalness and tasteful plus size boudoir photography is obvious.

This kind of digital photography is usually used in advertising underwear or swimwear. Many fashion boudoir photography houses include it to their portfolios. Let’s find out everything useful to take plus size boudoir photoshoots.This kind of digital photography is usually used in advertising underwear or swimwear. Many fashion boudoir photography houses include it to their portfolios. Let’s find out everything useful to take plus size boudoir photoshoots.

plus-size-boudoir photography-photo-retouching-sample


Popular models in plus size boudoir photography business

Beauty standards are changing, and in the modern world it’s hard to find a person, who has not heard about boudoir plus size models. These girls, by their example, prove that a beautiful half of a society with ample curves can look sporty, healthy, beautiful and very sexy. We have chosen 10 most famous and successful non-standard models, which annually appear in top lists of the best models in the worlds.


plus-size-boudoir photography-photo-retouching-sample She is actively promoting the acceptance of her body in all its beauty. Ashley Graham managed to appear in a dozen advertising campaigns of leading brands, including Levi’s, Lane Bryant, Marina Rinaldi and Addition Elle, a popular brand of plus-size underwear. In 2012 Ashley became a plus size model of the year, and in 2015 appeared in the magazine Sports Illustrated. In 2017 Time magazine included Ashley in the rating of the most influential people in the world in the category of “leaders”.


plus-size-boudoir photography-photo-retouching-sampleThe brightest representative of curvy models in the USA, perhaps, can be Tara Lynn (parameters 110-86-120, height 170 cm, weight 80 kg). She began her career as an actress, but since 2010 the girl has been photographed for such publications as ELLE, V Magazine and Vogue.


plus-size-boudoir photography-photo-retouching-sampleThe parameters of this beautiful model are 99-78-104, height 188 cm, weight 81 kg. Thanks to her 58 size, the boudoir model appeared in many magazines in a candid form. She does not hesitate of her forms, but, on the contrary, demonstrates them in every way, carrying out the most extravagant boudoir photography plus size ideas and poses. Lawley became the first curvy model, whose picture was posted in the Vogue edition.


plus-size-boudoir photography-photo-retouching-sampleThe next popular Frenchwoman is Johanna Dray (96-76-106, weight 88 kg, height 180 cm). Carine Roitfeld compared her with Ava Gardner and Maria Callas. Johanna is the first European plus-sized model, famous for her magnificent shapes around the world. The distinguished appearance of Johanna caught fancy of the most sought-after European photographers globally.


plus-size-budoir-photography-photo-retouching-sampleIf someone is embarrassed by her ample curves, this is definitely not Marquita Pring (104-89-117, height 178 cm, weight 81 kg). Photoshoot in the magazine “V – Curves Ahead” made the model famous, and she signed several profitable contracts.


plus-size-boudoir photography-photo-retouching-sampleIn 2000, V Magazine published photos of curvy models, among which was a photo of Candice Huffine (parameters 97-84-111, height 181 cm, weight 80 kg). After the publication of this picture, the model was invited to Vogue. Candice prefers to be photographed either in nude or in underwear, so that she can demonstrate all her charms. She is not afraid to follow the most extravagant boudoir photography plus size ideas the photographer offers her.


plus-size-boudoir photography-photo-retouching-sampleFamous fashion brand H&M opened up with gaunt model with the help of a famous Jennie Runk (90-84-114, height 175 cm, weight 80 kg) and successful boudoir photo shoot ideas for plus size. The model with seductive forms advertises swimsuits for plus-sized ladies.


plus-size-boudoir photography-photo-retouching-sampleToday the 27-year-old British model Iskra is one of the most popular girls in the “plus size” category of European models. In the modeling business, Lawrence works from the age of 18. She is very pleased with the forms that nature gave her and considers her body beautiful without any Photoshop retouching. Therefore, she does not hesitate to upload photos to Instagram, where she has more than 2 million subscribers.


plus-size-boudoir photography-photo-retouching-sampleThe title of the largest model of plus size models goes to 32-year-old Tess Holliday (124-124-132, weight 155 kg and height about 165 cm). Tess signed a contract with the Vogue magazine on a long-term cooperation. Tess does not hesitate to pose in semi-nude in front of cameras for boudoir pictures and is rapidly building her career. To date, Tess earns a lot of money thanks to her non-standard body.


plus-size-boudoir photography-photo-retouching-sampleA The winner of the 10 season America’s Next Top Model (parameters 92-81-109, weight 80 kg, height 175 cm). Thanks to this program, the curvy model became widely known and appeared in the photoshoot for the company “Panache”. Previously, Whitney was a thin girl, but then decided to change her appearance radically, and succeed in the plus size model business, which she managed to do.The fashion-dictated standards 90-60-90 are gradually becoming a thing of the past. This is proved by the increasing popularity of the plus size boudoir photographers and plus size models. They enjoy great success in the modern fashion industry and effectually dispel the myth of the attractiveness of thin girls.

Boudoir photo ideas for plus size

The plus-sized models demonstrate self-confidence and inner harmony on the photo, which allows women of non-standard complexion to feel beautiful and attractive. We offer you a selection of boudoir photography outfit ideas and other tips that will be useful for plus size boudoir photographers.

1. Photos in different kinds of swimsuits

Many of the models mentioned above advertise the swimsuits. We recommend you take a few swimsuits (one-piece and two-piece swimsuit), use a studio background or go outdoors to the pool or beach.

2. All girls like dresses

If the model’s dress is with open shoulders, the plus size model will look perfect. Models can wear “naked back” dresses, this unusual trend in clothes today is so popular that the celebrities present similar outfits even on red carpet, so for boudoir photos plus size such dresses will be very photography-photo-retouching-sample

3. What are boudoir photos without underwear?

The photographer can take photographs of individual elements (lace, for example) close-up or in black and white.

plus-size-boudoir photography-photo-retouching-sampleThe boudoir model can try on various sets of underwear and advertise it. plus-size-boudoir photography-photo-retouching-sample

4. Corsets

Brassiere and corsets are the most effective embodiment of boudoir photography plus size ideas; they will emphasize the waist of the girls and will accentuate their ample photography-photo-retouching-sample

5. Short skirt and top

This combination of clothes will also favorably emphasize all the advantages of the plus-sized model; do not be shy about the color scheme, the brighter is the photography-photo-retouching-sample

5. Spectacular photos in shirts or negligee

For tasteful plus size boudoir photography, you can borrow ideas of getting-ready wedding photos. She can try on pearl necklaces, wake up in her fiancé’s shirt, or even flirt with a spectator in dressing photography-photo-retouching-sample

6. Hair in the picture

If a woman has long and voluminous hair, she can let hair down and play with it. If the photo session is held in the studio, you can use hair dryer, through which the hair will photography-photo-retouching-sample

7. Glamour photo shoot themes

In monophonic clothes, fashion poses are becoming available, unnatural bends of the hands etc. The model can wrap in a layer of monophonic fabric and stand on the dais. Models need to take a pose in the profile with a half-turn of the body to the photographer, cover the platform with a cloth or allow the wind to wave the fabric. plus-size-boudoir photography-photo-retouching-sample

8. It’s all about accent

The main accent can be done on makeup, hair, accessories, clothes attributes of plus size boudoir photography. You can add long parts of clothes to the image; this will definitely give lightness and visually stretch the model, adding slimness.  We recommend use one very bright object on the photo to make a photography-photo-retouching-sample

9. Images of famous stars 

Repeat Ashley Graham’s boudoir photos for the New York Magazine or be inspired by ideas from Instagram Kim Kardashian, who like nobody else can effectively present her forms. Analyze the famous plus size boudoir photography by Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and Mariah Carey, who pride of their bodies, making thin models be jealous. plus-size-boudoir photography-photo-retouching-sample

Plus size boudoir photography poses

Most often, the task of the photographer is not only to realize his/her plan and composition, but also to demonstrate the advantages of the model’s body and features. Which plus size boudoir photography poses emphasize the charms of the model the most?

1. Pose Bambi

It is gaining a big popularity among glamour photography poses of Hollywood stars and top models. It is loved for the naturalness and beauty of the bodylines. Girl just needs to sit on her heels, and then vary the position as she likes: put her hand on the hip, stretch herself, or even lie back. Trend is ideal for boudoir session and demonstration of the forms in photography-photo-retouching-sample

2. Full length

In this position, the emphasis is on the length of the legs, the shape of the hips and the “sign” positions of the hands that tell us about the self-confidence of the photography-photo-retouching-sample

3. Lying down

It is a spectacular and the most profitable boudoir photo pose for girls plus size, in which the view falls on their curves. The lower part of the body falls into focus, and the gaze rests on the buttocks, legs and chest of the model. In this pose, you can make several variations with the turns of the upper body and change the position to choose the best photography-photo-retouching-sample

4. Holding the body in the air

One of the most technically sophisticated plus size boudoir photography poses is this one where the model needs to hold her body in the air. This pose can be interpreted differently: the model can lie on the floor and raise the lower part of the body, holding on to the heels in the air. Or she can lie on top of the body on the bed, and the lower one will effectively hang at the edge of the bed. plus-size-boudoir photography-photo-retouching-sample

5. A little pin-up

Take on the armory of boudoir photography images in pin-up style, because this style is best suited to boudoir photo shoot ideas for plus size. Soft bends and stances stir up everyone’s photography-photo-retouching-sample

6. Eyes

It is necessary to make a close-up portrait, where the main emphasis will be on the model’s eyes, in which the confidence is clearly read. We highly recommend to use milk bath photography style  to photograph the model’s eyes the photography-photo-retouching-sample

7. The angle is three quarters

One of the most beautiful poses for the boudoir photoshoot is when the model stays half-face. Thus, it is desirable to straighten the shoulders, so the girl will seem more photography-photo-retouching-sample

8. The ballerina

Ask your model to point the toes a little, this will extend the shin on the visual level and give the pose a special grace and photography-photo-retouching-sample

9. Beautiful bends

When the model sits “legs forward”, and holds a half-turn position is a highly recommended pose. Having taken it, you can ask the girl to place one leg on the other gently, so that they form one photography-photo-retouching-sample Usually, these photos require much photo retouching. Nut is you and your model prefer naturalness, we recommend to take the model slightly from above, when she is in a sitting or reclining position. The “Double chin” can be hidden by photographing the model from a high point and taking the camera slightly to the side. The same technique can be used if the model has a plump face. And if the light is placed at an angle to the face, you can form a shadow that will fall on her nose, and make it photography-photo-retouching-sample Do remember, there aren’t bad models, there aren’t enough skills of photographing.


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