14 Cute Mom and Son Photoshoot Ideas

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These creative mom and son photoshoot ideas will be useful to you whether you are photographing a parent with a small child or a teenage boy. To do everything well, you should think about the location, props, poses and some other things beforehand. View the work of other photographers to draw some inspiration and interesting ideas. In this article, you will find cute, funny and creative ideas that you can implement at home, in the studio, or outdoors.

1. Take a Photo of Home Fun

mom and son photoshoot ideas at home

You don’t need any props to make cool mother and son pictures. Just have fun with your son. For example, jump in bed, play catch-up or read together.

funny mother and son picture ideas

Before shooting find the right lighting. I recommend shooting near windows so that the room is filled with natural light. Use a photography lighting kit if necessary.

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2. Show Mom Care

caring mom and son photoshoot ideas

Moments like spontaneous kisses on the forehead, straightening clothes, tying shoelaces, subtly show care. Do everything in a familiar way for the child so that it looks natural in the shot.

You can improve the colors in your pictures during editing. Seek help from WeEdit.Photos professional retouchers to get flawless and attractive mother and son pictures.

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If image editing isn’t your forte, or you just don’t want to spend time adjusting brightness, contrast, and other settings manually, entrust this task to the Weedit.Photos team. Professional photo retouchers will cope with picture editing of any complexity.

3. Go for a Walk

mom and son photoshoot ideas on the walk

Capture moments of walking together. For example, take some pictures of you running along the beach or picking mushrooms in the forest. Focus on emotions, photograph smiles and laughter. Watch your son explore the world around you and join him.

cute outside mom and son photo shoot ideas

When thinking about mommy and son photo shoot ideas, you should consider the time when you will be photographing. If you are dealing with a toddler then don’t choose a time close to a nap, meal or bedtime. A golden hour is a great option for teens and adults. The first hour after sunrise and the last hour before sunset provide the most flattering lighting during outdoor shooting.

4. Take Portrait Photos of Mom and Son

portrait mom and son photoshoot ideas

Find a comfortable pose and take some portrait shots. The best thing for such photos is a solid background. Here are some interesting portrait background ideas: a contrasting colored background, a classic black background, a natural background (for example, a beach or forest).

mother and son portrait pictures

When it comes to choosing clothes, prefer simple looks. It can be a plain dress, trousers and a shirt, jeans and a T-shirt. Choose from natural colors or classic white and black options.

5. Turn Your Photoshoot into a Fun Game

mom and son photoshoot ideas while playing

Capture genuine emotions and natural smiles that you can observe while mother and son have fun together. This is one of the easiest mommy and son photo shoot ideas because you don’t need anything but a good mood.

mother and son pictures while playing

Use a tripod to ensure better picture clarity. Moreover, you can take a deeper depth of focus thanks to a slower shutter speed.

6. Wear the Same Clothes

mom and son outfit photoshoot ideas

Experiment with matching outfits and accessories to realize creative mom and son photoshoot ideas. These can be mother-child quote shirts, clothes in similar shades, or some other mother-and-child family looks. This is a good solution to organize an outdoor photo session with a seashore, parkway, famous buildings, or spectacular landscape as a background.

outfit for mother and son pictures

For a photo shoot, choose clothes in a color that matches the details of the image. Check out the color wheel which represents possible color combinations. Analogous colors are the best options. On the color wheel, they are side by side and have a common hue. For example, blue-violet or teal will look great with light blue.

Another solution is to use complementary colors. They are located opposite each other on the color wheel. Also, the combination of neutral colors always looks advantageous.

7. Organize Mom and Son Photoshoot near the Water

mom and son photoshoot ideas near the water

When planning a photo shoot, don’t limit yourself to just one location. Think about interesting places not far away from your home. You can try some cute mom and son photo shoot ideas near a lake, a pond, a pool, or a beach.

snow pictures ideas snowflakes

You can also look for beautiful locations on social networks of family photographers, bloggers or your friends. To find out where the photo was taken, use various websites such as Google Image Search, Photo Location, and Pic2Map.

8. Capture Mother and Son Kiss

mom and son photoshoot ideas while kissing

You can photograph the spontaneous kisses of a parent and a child both in the studio and outdoors. It is not necessary to choose a beautiful background or look for an interesting location for this cute baby photoshoot idea. Focus on emphasizing all the tenderness of the mother-son relationship.

kissing mother and son pictures

Try moving objects off-center when composing your image. Follow the “rule of thirds”. This means that your image is divided into a three-by-three grid. Keep the key elements of the photo within or along the lines of that grid.

9. Do Sports Together

mom and son photoshoot ideas while doing sports

Doing some physical exercise or playing any team game might be a good place to get your camera and try out some mother and son picture ideas. Do what you and your son enjoy. Rollerblade, bike or scooter, run, jump rope or play badminton.

sports mother and son pictures

Experiment with different techniques to get the best shots. Try slow shutter speeds, panning with a moving subject, fast shutter speeds, and more. It allows you to get interesting and dynamic outdoor images.

10. Become Your Son’s Favorite Heroes

cartoon characters for mother and son pictures

For this superhero photoshoot idea, choose the right outfits and location. Then you can take a few shots in the style of your child’s favorite cartoon or fairy tale. Find the costume on Amazon and draw inspiration from our blog and Pinterest.

fairy tale mom and son photoshoot ideas

After the photoshoot, you can change the background of the photo, add effects or details. Use Photoshop or other picture editing programs to make your shots look flawless.

11. Throw Your Child up in the Air

mom and son photoshoot ideas in the air

Children of all ages enjoy flying in their mother’s arms. But if mothers are still able to raise small children, then older sons sit on their backs. Alternatively, you can take a picture of the mom and son sitting in the tiered stands.

mother and son pictures in the air

If you’re shooting outdoors, consider using filters. Even without buying expensive professional filters, you can achieve amazing results. A polarizing filter and a graduated neutral density one are must-have in such cases. The sky color will look deeper with the first option. The second one helps avoid underexposed forest and overexposed white mountains in your mother and son pictures.

12. Capture Mother and Son Hugs

cuddling mom and son photoshoot ideas

The idea is relevant for mothers and sons of any age. Take pictures of hugs from different angles: in profile, in front, and at the level of the child’s eyes.

cuddling mommy and son photo shoot ideas

This idea can be combined with any other. For example, take pictures of hugs while reading books to the son, getting ready for school, going for a walk, or doing some activities together.

13. Joint Preparation for the Holidays

mom and son photoshoot ideas before holidays

If you want to take some staged photos for the holidays, then why not take some more spontaneous ones before the celebration? One of the best Christmas photo shoot ideas is to capture how you choose a Christmas tree with your son, decorate a house or make cookies.

14. Mother and Son Dance

mom and son photoshoot ideas dance

If you’re looking for some great mom and son photoshoot ideas to take pictures with your adult child, try this one. Photos like this help convey the incredible bond between mother and son. Plus, they often look like a scene from a Hollywood movie. Experiment during image editing by turning the shot into a black and white composition. Alternatively, you can make the colors brighter. I recommend using Lightroom for color enhancement.

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