14 Superhero Photoshoot Ideas to Use for Your Next Cosplay

superhero photoshoot ideas

Who has not dreamed at least once in their life to try on the image and superpowers of their favorite superheroes? For this, conventions were even organized, giving such an opportunity to absolutely everyone. Although the coronavirus pandemic has made its adjustments to all public events, Comic Con, Anime Expo, Japan Expo, and Megacon are all slowly returning to live events, starting from September. WeEditPhotos has put together an amazing list of fresh superhero photoshoot ideas that are suitable for all ages and will win over the hearts of every client.

1. Recreate Movie Posters

superhero photoshoot ideas captain america

If your superhero is a character from some action movie, find the posters for that movie and try to recreate them as completely as possible. Postures, facial expressions, look – all of this can and should be repeated. To look completely like your character, take with you an item that he always has at hand, for example, Captain America’s shield, like the kid in this picture.

2. Aquaman Cosplay

superhero photoshoot ideas aquaman

The amazing duo of cosplayer Billy Dunston and photographer Lance Reis had an eye-catching superhero photo session where the cosplayer tried on two looks of Aquaman – one with yellow and green armor and the other with tattoos. He complimented both images with the famous trident, Aquaman’s weapon.

superhero photoshoot ideas aquaman

A distinctive feature of Aquaman – his tattoos – are made at the highest level. The team traveled to the Pacific Northwest in the very early hours of the morning to catch the mountain mist, the perfect lighting that makes the waters of the ocean look even more spectacular. As a result, they got breathtaking shots, reminiscent of shots from a real action movie.

3. Shoot on the Rooftop

superhero photoshoot ideas rooftop

What place unites almost all superheroes? Of course, the roof. From there, they can see the city better, which allows them to notice the villains operating in the city as soon as possible, there they can calmly think about the plan of action, and so on. It’s a good idea to have your superhero photo session right there, taking all precautions.

fixthephoto photo manipulation before after

If climbing on the roof is too much for you, then recreate the superhero photoshoot ideas on a solid background so that you can later replace it with a suitable one. This greatly simplifies the organization of a photo shoot, but it requires a lot of skills and time to change the background. If you don’t have enough knowledge about editing and don’t want to spend time on it, then rather contact WeEdit.Photos team. They work quickly and efficiently, and their photo editing prices will please you. It doesn’t matter what your goal is – simple or complex photo manipulation ideas – these true pros can do absolutely everything you can imagine.

4. With Comic Books

superhero photoshoot ideas newborn

As for newborns, there are not many ideas for organizing such a themed photo shoot, but here is a great tip. Take a few comic books and lay them under the baby. This will create an interesting atmosphere that matches the style of the session.

5. Unleash Your Super-Man Powers

superhero photoshoot ideas superman

No superhero photoshoot is complete without a photo like this. Your model should pretend to be holding some incredibly heavy object above it. At the post-processing stage, you should add such an object to the picture.

6. Get All the Superheroes Together

superhero photoshoot ideas group

If you have several models, then this is a great opportunity to implement the most creative friends photo ideas. Have them dress up as their favorite Marvel or DC superheroes and film them all together. Whatэs more, it also works great as superhero family photoshoot ideas. Such pictures will look very impressive in your album.

7. Hulk Holding a Baby

superhero photoshoot ideas hulk

Photo shoots with newborns are another test for all participants in the process. For a flawless experience, you can film the baby while he sleeps. To match the desired style of photography, it is enough to recreate the superhero vibe around the baby model. Consider the Hulk holding the baby in his arms.

superhero photoshoot ideas hulk

Bring your Hulk grip fists to the shoot, and position them around the baby pre-wrapped in a suitable sheet. Spread around other things belonging to different superheroes. It will be very cute if the kid will play with the fingers of the big Hulk.

8. Incorporate Creative Ligрting

superhero photoshoot ideas wonder woman

Lighting plays an important role in bringing your superhero photoshoot ideas to life. Look at the two images of Wonder Woman above. The photo on the left, with regular studio lighting, looks dull and uninteresting. However, the photo on the right, on the contrary, looks impressive and exciting thanks to two color flashes behind, emphasizing the dynamics of what is happening and giving the picture the look of a movie frame.

superhero photoshoot ideas invisible woman

However, when adding bright light to the frames, you need to be careful, because the light can also ruin everything. Here it is important to pay attention to the image of your character and choose the right lighting. For example, Invisible Woman is known for her ability to become invisible and control force fields. She achieves this effect by bending light waves. Therefore, neon lights are just what you need to highlight and complete her look.

10. Add Fire

superhero photoshoot ideas fire overlay

To make your superhero photo session even more natural and organic, try adding some fire to your photo. Don’t worry, just add it to the background in post-processing. This will take your character even deeper into his atmosphere, as well as add dynamics to the shots.

superhero photoshoot ideas fire overlay

Fire will look especially spectacular in a picture of such a hero who has something related to fire in his arsenal of superpowers. For example, Ms. Marvel is capable of killing enemies with fireballs released by her own hands. It would be a good idea to add these fireballs to her hands to get the look of a real Ms. Marvel. If you don’t know how to do it, refer to the photo editing price list and experts will make it as seamless as possible.

11. Spider-Man Kiss

superhero photoshoot ideas spiderman

Among the superhero family photoshoot ideas is one more cute – just dress a baby in a Spider-man costume and ask her mom to kiss him like in a famous movie scene with a kiss on the cheek.

11. Cape Blowing in Wind

superhero photoshoot ideas batman

One of the hallmark shots of a real superhero is his confident pose with his cape fluttering in the wind. If your superhero has a cape, you should definitely use it to add movement and dynamics to your photos. Use a fan or ask someone to help the cape blow in the wind.

12. In the Clouds

superhero photoshoot ideas newborn

For baby photoshoot ideas, try laying a baby dressed like a superhero on a blue sheet or blanket and spreading homemade cotton wool clouds around. This will create an amazing effect of a tiny superhero flying in the sky.

13. Superhero Plushies

superhero photoshoot ideas newborn

Cute baby superhero photoshoot ideas can be implemented using superhero plushies, placed around the kid. Cover all of them with a blanket just like a band of superheroes napping a little after a busy day.

14. What Superhero Are You Today?

superhero photoshoot ideas for kids

If your little model can’t decide which superhero they like best, use them all! Take a suitcase, put a kid on it in one of the costumes, and hang the costumes of the rest of the characters in the background, as if they were drying after washing. This photo will create an interesting and cute effect.

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