20 Best Holi Photo Poses for Individual and Group Images

holi photoshoot poses

A holi festival allows you to capture attention-grabbing pictures. Holi photo poses can add some charm to your photos. Make sure to use original and even extravagant positions and avoid banal and boring ones.

Although holi powder is beautiful and colorful, it is not fully safe. Earlier this stuff was considered to be absolutely safe, as it was produced from natural components. However, nowadays the powder consists of synthetic substances, and the manufacturing process is poorly managed. NOTE: when celebrating a holi festival make sure that the fine particles do not get into your eyes, nose, or mouth, and take all the necessary precautions to not breathe it in.

When planning your photo shoot, it is important to check the manufacturer of a holi powder and choose only a reliable one. My recommendations are ColorMarathon, Tota Organic, Satavic Farms, Lustrous Herbal Gulal, etc.

1. Classic Portrait Pose

holi photo poses classic portrait

If you want to snap some serene pictures with holy paints, try to capture several classic portraits. Put on some powder on your face, hair, and body, and stay still for a bit when being photographed. The facial expression depends on the purpose of your images: you can smile, close your eyes, lower your head or turn three-quarters. Do not be afraid of experimenting and the result will be amazing.

Keep in mind that it is quite difficult to wash out holi paints from clothing. Yellow and green shades are the most problematic. Therefore, when planning a shoot, choose clothes that you are not afraid to spoil. Naturally, paints will look better on light-colored clothes without unnecessary patterns, inscriptions, or details.

2. Turn in Profile

holi photo poses profile face

Once your face became colorful because of the paints on it, take a profile picture. The gist is to look ahead as if you were watching what was going on at the festival. Another great idea is to ask a photographer to capture several people in this pose giving the photo a historical feel.

3. Look Back to Show a Bright Face Sprinkled with Holi

Standing with your back to the photographer, turn around so that they could capture your face covered with colorful holi paints. Considered to be one of the most harmonious holi photoshoot poses, this position looks natural, so you won’t need to use a banal model pose. Make sure that your face is relaxed without the sign of anxiety. You should smile and look away. All these aspects make a viewer think that a photo was shot accidentally.

Even a great picture can require some additional editing. If you want to balance colors, improve light, and adjust the basic visual parameters without using в photo editing software, address the professionals.

holi photo poses weeditphotos retouching

The WeEdit.Photos retouchers will make your pictures look gorgeous by processing every finest detail.

4. Shelter Yourself from Flying Holi Powder

holi photo poses attempt to hide

Try to shelter yourself from powder blown on you by other participants of the festival. This is not posed photography, so you won’t manage to think of every move in detail. You may spread your arms near your face as if trying to shelter yourself from the powder, close your eyes, and smile or even laugh. The more paint you are going to scatter, the brighter the photo you’ll get.

5. Blow Holi Powder from the Palm

holi photo poses blowing powder from palm

Another interesting idea is to blow the powder from your hand like sending a kiss. In this case, make sure that the amount of paint applied to your hand is not excessive so that the powder won’t cover your entire face. However, if you aim to hide your face behind millions of colorful particles, you can also try this pose.

6. Wave Your Hair With Pre-Applied Holi Powder

holi photo poses hair waving

Waving hair with some amount of holi powder on it is a quite spectacular photo pose for women. For this purpose, scatter a handful of paint all over your hair and waive it suddenly when a photographer is ready to release a camera shutter button. The result will be beautifully spraying powder along the flight path of the hair. Besides, it is important to set a camera so it snaps pictures with minimal shutter lag.

Although this is probably one of the most beautiful holi picture poses, keep in mind that the paint can spoil your appearance. It makes hair tough and damaged. Therefore, in some cases, it’s better to avoid such pictures. If this pose is one of your favorites, try not to wash your hair a few days before shooting, or use a soft moisturizing shampoo that will provide additional protection to your curls.

7. Clap with Powder in Your Palms

holi photo poses clapping with powder

Clapping hands when having some amount of powder in your hands is a classic and very eye-catching holi photo pose. A colorful cloud that appears because of such an action makes models laugh and feel relaxed, so you are sure to capture emotional and positive images.

8. Toss Holi over the Head

holi photo poses powder tossing

If you are eager to get some original pictures, try this pose. Tiny scattered particles of powder falling slowly on your hair and body evoke the feeling of relaxation and make you look natural. This pose is an optimal solution for both a portrait and a group picture. So do not hesitate and have fun with your friends.

9. Demonstrate Your Palms in front of Your Face

holi photo poses demonstrating palms

Put your hands in front of your face, demonstrating palms. Beforehand, make sure to put your hands down into the powder covering them with a thick layer of paint to take bright shots. While posing, look directly at a camera or sideways, turning your gaze up or closing your eyes.
Another technique that can make your photo more appealing is to focus on hands and blur a face. It is possible to take professional pictures with iPhone when capturing photos in a portrait mode.

10. Hug Your Beloved One

holi photo poses hugging with partner

Holi festival is not only a stunning event during which you can capture pictures with flamboyant colors but is also a great opportunity to tell your love story. Hugging a partner is probably one of the best holi photo poses for couples. Embrace your beloved and ask an assistant to sprinkle the colorful powder over you. A man may hug a woman from behind, a couple can stand and embrace face to face, or they can just hold hands with their backs close to each other.

11. Join Hands with a Partner and Spin

holi photo poses spinning with partner

This pose is also an optimal choice for couples. Join hands and stretch them to the full extent. Staring into each other’s eyes, start spinning slowly while other participants of the festival spray holi powder on you. This is a common wedding picture idea in India or other regions. If you are not going to use such a pose at your marriage ceremony, you can try it during any other family event or a holi festival.

12. Cuddle and Glance Upward

holi photo poses hair hugging looking up

Make sure that your faces are covered with enough amount of colorful substance. A woman should grab her man by his neck while he should hold her by her waist. A photographer should take a shot from an upper angle. Such a pose together with holi paints can attract more views to your love story photoshoot.

13. Sprinkle Holi Powder on Each Other

holi photo poses throwing powder

This is one of the best holi photoshoot poses for taking pictures with a mate or a group of friends. Fill your palms with colorful paints and begin to sprinkle each other. It will allow you to get emotional images. This idea will bring much pleasure to all the participants.

14. Close Your Partner’s Eyes with Hands Smeared with Paint

holi photo poses close partner’s eyes

This is probably one of the simplest but cutest holi picture poses. Approach your partner from behind and cover his eyes with your hands. The holi powder on your bodies will add a special touch to your photos. The more shades will be on you and your partner, the more effective and attention-grabbing the shot will be.

15. Hug with Friends

holi photo poses hugging

Capturing pictures when hugging your friends is an excellent pose for achieving emotional and bright pictures. To realize this best friends photography idea, you do not need to puzzle over how to arrange your friends and select an appropriate position for everyone. Someone can hug a friend, a guy can put a girl on his back, another model can just peek out from behind, etc. Keep in mind that such a photo should be taken in the middle of the festival when all participants are already sprinkled with Holi powder.

16. Feel Free to Dance

holi photo poses dancing

Dancing is the main part of every holi festival, so make sure to capture dancing people. The gist for guests is not to think of how they look and not pay attention to a shooter, as their only task is to dance and enjoy every move. This ensures that the resulted images will be bright and interesting, leaving only positive memories about the event.

17. Scatter Holi Powder in the Crowd

holi photo poses powder sprinkling

Scatter holi powder with other participants asking a shooter to snap this moment. There is no need to take specific poses so nobody will be camera shy when being photographed.

18. Extend Hands Forward in Circle of Other Participants

holi photo poses circle of hands

To imitate this pose, outline a circle together with other participants of the festival. Everyone should extend their arms forward with palms up so that a photographer could capture only their arms. Another great idea is to scoop multi-colored powder up with hands or leave them empty, demonstrating brightly colored palms after playing with paints. These shots are great for building collages and posting on social media platforms.

19. Play the Ape

holi photo poses blowing powder from palm

To capture positive and emotional holi images, make grimaces, wink, wrinkle your nose, show your tongue, etc. Feel free to have fun and try not to think which holi photo poses can show you in the best light. Just enjoy the moment letting the photographer capture your emotions.

20. Lie on the Ground

holi photo poses throwing powder

After an active time and a photo session with holi colors, it is so nice to lie down and relax. Take advantage of this and have a rest letting a photographer take another shot. It can be a single portrait or a hug with a partner – there are a lot of possible options.

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