Best Mouse For Photo Editing

If you feel discomfort in your mouse clicking hand, then it’s probably time to consider an upgrade. Choosing between a $10 cheap mouse for Photoshop and $500 one? Don’t know what characteristics to consider? If you are a photo retoucher or a graphic designer, you need the best mouse for photo editing that will give you the optimum level of control and freedom of movement.


How to choose the best mouse for photo editing

Mouses for photoshop rating

You can ask me – what is the difference between the mouse for $20 and $100? It’s just a mouse, some models look strange, some quite ordinary. However, to buy a mouse as well as to buy a laptop for photo editing should be done carefully, so now let’s look at the basic parameters for choosing a quality product.

best mouse for photo editing characteristics

Cheap mouse for Photoshop or expensive?

The price of a good mouse ranges between $20 to $100. Even the cheap mouse for Photoshop or Lightroom around $25 will prove to be quite a decent device – it will have quite good characteristics and at the same time will serve a long service life. Among this price category, you can choose quite professional gaming mice. I do not recommend taking a computer mouse above $100, because it is too much for this device. As a rule, you pay for the brand, but nothing special from the functionality they do not contain.

Sensor type of the best mouse for Photoshop

Optical – there is an installed diode inside the mouse, which determines the movement of the cursor. Laser is the best choice for you. Has a high resolution sensor and excellent cursor accuracy. It also works on any surfaces, including glossy and mirror ones.

The best wireless mouse or wired one?

A wired USB mouse is installed on my home PC, and I’m completely satisfied with it. You don’t have to change batteries or a mouse from time to time. However, while making photo retouching away from home on my laptop I prefer a wireless mouse. It allows me not depend on the wires and carry the mouse in the pocket. A cheap wireless mouse can have problems with the delay of your commands in Photoshop, but with a mouse for $30-50 you will not have troubles. There are 2 types of wireless mouse connection – Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is less common, but has an excellent response rate, and consumes less energy.

Sensor sensitivity

DPI mouse for photoshop

The sensitivity of the mouse sensor is measured in DPI and indicates dots per inch. The bigger sensor sensitivity, the faster the cursor moves on the screen. For example, using a mouse with a resolution of 800 DPI lets you do more physical movements than a mouse, which has 2000 DPI. A typical inexpensive mouse has a fixed DPI of 800 to 1200, which is sufficient for low resolution displays. If you have a 4K display, you should get a mouse by best mouse brands with 2000 DPI.

Additional buttons: should the best mouse for Lightroom and Photoshop have them?

It’s difficult to find a mouse with standard 2 buttons and a wheel. Now even the cheapest mouse has at least one additional button, but most often it can not be configured. Good models have from 2 to 16 programmable buttons. Why can their availability be useful for the photo retoucher? You can set the commands for them, which you always need to use in Photoshop.

Polling Rate

Polling Rate is how often your mouse reports its position to your computer. This indicator is measured in Hz, and the more Hz, the more responsive your mouse will be. A budget mouse will have a polling rate of 115 Hz, which means that it reports its position to the computer 115 times per second. A more professional mouse usually has a higher polling rate, such as 300 Hz, 500 Hz or even 1000 Hz. You will notice a difference between 115Hz and 500Hz. But the difference between 500 Hz and 1000 Hz is invisible.

Types of the best mouse for Photoshop 2018

Depending on what type of work you usually do, you can pick the one that you need.

Basic Mice

basic mouse for photoshop

A classical mouse with a simple design, inexpensive price and ease of use. These mice often go universal in terms of use of both right and left hand and have maximum 2 additional buttons that are already configured for a certain action. If you do not need additional features, then this is your choice – simple and good.

Multifunctional Mice 

multifunctional mouse for photoshop

The mouse of this type has many additional functions, such as – more than a dozen customizable macro buttons, a huge range of DPI settings and the ability to change the weight of the mouse. This type of mouse is called “gaming”. These mice are good for both gamers and photo retouchers who choose the gear that they use very carefully. This best mouse photo editing in Photoshop can be as inexpensive (from $30) as insanely expensive (about $700).

Best ergonomic mouse

ergonomic mouse for photoshop

Since the frequency of wrist diseases due to the constant work with the mouse, these special mice have been developed. They do not strain the wrist and forearm while supporting them in a neutral position. Such the mice can be vertical and classic with a special notch for the finger. They were called the best mice 2016 till now. Despite their strange design, they are really convenient to use, but I would not use vertical mice for volume photo retouching, because they need time to get used to.


trackball mouse for photoshop

A mouse of this type looks like the trackpad on MacBook. They are very convenient for basic photo editing, and support 3D gestures, allowing you to rotate the image simply by rotating the ball. There are two types of the trackballs – you control it by your thumb and by the palm. The trackball is considered to be the best mouse for editing video because of the ease of control in video editors.

Best mouse for photo editing

You can just buy one very expensive mouse and use it for everything. But why you need a mouse with a weight regulator, 12 additional buttons if you are doing color correction only? At the same time, if you mostly do photo manipulations and work with images in high resolution where you need maximum accuracy, the usual base mouse will not work for you.

Color correction – the best mouse for Photoshop 2017-2018

best mouse for photo color

This type of photo editing does not require special requirements. Nevertheless, color correction is the longest and most boring process for any photographer. Imagine that you shoot the wedding and you have more than 200 photos requiring color correction, especially if the deadline is close and you need to spend a few nights in front of the monitor. If you do not want to suffer with this stuff – use photo retouching services online. If you want to do this by yourself, make your workplace as convenient as possible. Start with a mouse – you need something simple and suitable for your hand.

Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500 – about $15

Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500

digital camera reviews

If you need a basic mouse without a huge number of buttons, choose this model. It is very comfortable, its shape is universal for left-handers and right-handers. But is not the best mouse for video editing 2017-2018. The rubberized sides do not let it slip out of hand, and by installing a software by Microsoft, you can change the function of the buttons and the speed of the scroll wheel. Its main disadvantage is the size – it is too big. If you have small hands, it is not for you. Consider its wireless version, it has a smaller size, as well as the BlueTrack technology, it will not work on reflective surfaces.

Jelly Comb Wireless Vertical – about $20

Jelly Comb Wireless Vertical

digital camera reviews

A simple ergonomic mouse, which does not much differ from the basic one. It is the best mouse for Photoshop 2017-2018 that has a fairly compact size. If the previous mouse can be large, then definitely not this one. It is wireless, works on Bluetooth technology, has 3 adjustable DPI parameters, and there are no additional buttons on it. The buttons above the thumb control the movement of the web pages, but this function does not work on Mac. But, despite these minor cons, Jelly Comb Wireless Vertical is the best ergonomic mouse with Bluetooth connection and best mouse for video editing 2017-2018.

Kensington Expert Wireless Trackball – about $55 for a wired version and about $64 for a wireless one

Kensington Expert Wireless Trackball

digital camera reviews

Kensington is the most popular brand in the production of trackball mouse for video editing and photo retouching. A mouse with a trackball is ideal for this kind of image retouching, because rotating the trackball you will literally feel the photo. The best in controlling this trackball is that you do not need to rotate the photos or layers with the constant movements of your mouse on the table, just twist it and the object will repeat the movement. These mice work fine on Mac and PC and is the best budget wireless mouse for photographers. The only problems that can arise are a tight ball running just out of the box, it will take time to work out it. If you use a trackpad on laptops, it will be easy to get used to.

Portrait retouching – the best mouse for photo editing MAC and PC

best-mouse-for photo editing portraits

This kind of retouching requires your mouse to have a larger set of characteristics and good sensitivity, because during the work you will perform many different actions. Your mouse should comfortably lay in your hand, but at the same time perform all the functions you need.

Apple Magic Mouse – about $76

Apple Magic Mouse

digital camera reviews

This mouse made by Apple, and is one of the best mouse for Mac. It has a minimalist design and touch control. This best mouse for Lightroom Mac has a gesture control, like on smartphones, which is very convenient during detailed photo retouching. Among the disadvantages of this model it is weight, since it works on two AA batteries, this makes it quite heavy. Its shape is not so convenient for large or even medium hands, because it is very low and the arm is quickly tired. The rubber feet do not allow you slide freely on the table. Another important problem is the time you need a mouse to connect to your tablet, whether it’s a Mac or PC. It isn’t the best mouse for video editing Mac.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse – about $47

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

digital camera reviews

Microsoft, in turn, recently made Art Touch. It is very compact and portable. It is powered by two AAA batteries, its weight is less than the Magic Mouse has. Because of its shape, the hand does not get tired during long photo retouching. You can connect a mouse to any laptop or computer without setting it and work right away. Without doubts, it’s the best mouse for photo editing 2016-2018.

Logitech G602 Wireless – about $38

Logitech G602 Wireless

digital camera reviews

Logitech G602 wireless: one of the best wireless mouse for Photoshop and photo editing-2016-2018. The most popular mouse brand, has an ergonomic body and 12 buttons, 6 of which are optional and customizable, 3 for setting DPI (500 to 2500), and 3 basic ones. The mouse has 2 modes – Balanced and Productive. In the first, it has a Polling Rate of 125Hz, in the second – 500Hz. This mouse can’t be called portable, its weight is about 260 g, and with 6 additional buttons you will only use 4, as it is very inconvenient to reach the last two during photo retouching.

The best mouse for photo editing high end photos

best-mouse-for high end photo editing

Usually while high end photo retouching, you will have to deal with the images in large extensions, where each small mouse movement will be important for achieving the desired result. A large set of additional functions will simplify the work, so you need the best mouse for Mac.

ROCCAT Kova – about $39


digital camera reviews

A symmetrical mouse with very simple control and easy access to additional buttons, which is perfect for more complex tasks in photo retouching. It has a small weight – about 98g, which is both a plus and a minus. On the one hand, it is not subject to inertia in sharp movements, on the other – during smooth movements, there may be a problem with its excessive lightness. This best mouse for designers 2017-2018 has an easy access to the buttons in the corners and to the large buttons on both sides. Here is a wide field for setting up with the help of the software, Polling Rate has a lot of modes – 125, 250, 500 and 1000Hz, and DPI can be changed from 350 to 7000.

Logitech G600 – about $41

Logitech G600

digital camera reviews

A Logitech mouse with a comfortable ergonomic shape can be called a manual keyboard, due to 12 additional thumb buttons. They are located well, you will reach each of them without problems. Also, there is a third button for the ring finger, allowing you to change the mode previously programmed in the settings easily. Let’s say, when you need to work very close on an image with a certain set of commands, change the mode and the commands on the additional buttons change. DPI setting up to 8200 values has a step of 50 that allows you to configure it as accurately as possible.

Logitech G502 Proteus Core – about $55

Logitech G502 Proteus Core

digital camera reviews

This mouse is slightly expensive, but it has functions that were lacking in the models we described above. It has a perfectly balanced body and even with an optical sensor, the maximum DPI value is 12,000. It sounds crazy, but it’s true, although I’m sure that no one will use it on such settings. Its main difference from a basic mouse is the ability to adjust weight and balance. It has several additional cargoes of 3.6 g, which can be fastened to different places thereby weighting the rear, side, or center. There is also an interesting setting that allows you to tune and calibrate your mouse according to the surface of your mousepad. This is the most important function necessary for the correct photo editing. All these pros make Logitech G502 the best mouse for designers.

Best mouse for graphic design 2017-2018

best-mouse for digital drawing

For this type of photo editing, where more time you dedicate to drawing objects and effects, your hand touches should be accurately transferred to the screen, that’s why you need a reliable mouse. The mouse that, even with a small number of buttons, will give you a solid sureness in its work.

Logitech MX Master 2S – about $95

Logitech MX Master 2S

digital camera reviews

The simple ergonomic design of this best mouse for editing can create many questions, starting from – why is it so expensive, if it looks like a mouse for $10-20? Let’s start with the fact that this wireless mouse is working on the battery, so you will not have to think about buying new batteries, just put it on charging and it will work for you about 70 days. On the right side of it, there are 2 buttons for switching between pages when surfing the Internet, as well as a horizontal wheel, which can freely navigate through photos in Lightroom or Photoshop. Also there is an updated Flow function, just move the mouse to the edge of the screen of your computer and it instantly appears on the screen of another laptop, as it provides easy transfer of files between computers in just a moment. This best Bluetooth mouse is very convenient if you use a laptop and PC at the same time. Previously, Microsoft was trying to make a similar technology, called Smart Switch, but when the mouse moved, there was a visible delay. Logitech MX Master 2S is definitely one of the best mice for photo editing.

Razer Naga Trinity – about $99

Razer Naga Trinity

digital camera reviews

If you are still attracted by the presence of a large number of buttons, but you are not sure that you will always be comfortable with their availability – Naga Trinity will be an ideal choice for you. Razer is the most popular company that produces equipment for gamers, and as I said before – gamers need good equipment too. This is a wired mouse. It has an excellent build and a deep sensitivity setting. This mouse offers you 3 removable panels, essentially 3 mice in 1. You can put a 12-button to access a large number of commands, 8-button if 12 is too much for you, and a classical 2-button mode. If you are looking for the best mouse for photo editing – this is an excellent choice as the main mouse, I would call it – my best choice.

Mouse pad reviews

Many people neglect this accessory, but I had a bitter experience with the mousepad in the past – I noticed that my best mousepad for photo editing started to “jump” around the screen. I tried everything, even bought a new mouse, but the problem was that my mousepad was erased and because of its uneven surface it showed negative results while photoshopping. So remember that even the best mouse needs an excellent surface, especially if it has an optical sensor.

Zazzle Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Mousepad – about $20

Zazzle Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Mousepad

digital camera reviews

A classic fabric mousepad that differs little from other mousepads in this price range, suitable for all mice with any type of sensor. Doubtfully, this Zazzle mousepad is one of the best ergonomic mouse pads for beginning photo retouchers, even among more expensive versions. Why did I highlight this mousepad? Because of its image on the surface, it shows all the commands and combinations in Photoshop. I’m sure that professionals have already learned them by heart, but for beginners, it will be very convenient to have all the combinations at hand.

Logitech G240 – about $25

Logitech G240

digital camera reviews

The mousepad, created specifically for those who often use a small DPI value. Since this is used by photo retouchers to work in a high resolution, thanks to a smooth surface you will not experience problems with “small jumps” of the cursor. Can name this model the best mousepad for photo editing.

Corsair MM600 – about $25

Corsair MM600

digital camera reviews

A solid mousepad with a reversible design that allows you to switch between a smooth surface and a rough one, just by turning it over, depending on the type of work. Four rubber pads on each edge of the mousepad hold it in place, no matter which side is exposed. Universality makes Corsair MM600 not only the best travel mouse pad, but also best mouse pad for photo editing, especially for the retouchers, working in different types of photo editing.

I advise you to choose a mouse, depending on the type of photo retouching you often do. If you spend the evenings for color correction, then choose a comfortable classic mouse, with an ergonomic shape or a trackball. If you are engaged in more complex photo editing, then buy the mouse with the ability to change its characteristics in detail and is adjustable. Well, if you want to show off your friends-photographers and retouchers with a new mouse, grab your wallet and buy a mouse for more than $100. Choosing the best mouse for photo editing is important but difficult as well, but thanks to these small reviews, you can choose the most optimal device for you.


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