10 Best Free Video Editing Apps for Android of 2024

free video editor app for android

A free video editor app for Android is a win-win option for beginning influencers whose budget is restricted and users who want to share stories on the go. Like other Android photo editors, such applications will become your handy assistants for creating quality social media content.
Each editor described in this article offers impressive visual effects, transitions, stickers, and extra stock media providing content creators with the ability to save money and become more popular on the web.

1. Filmora

Advanced editing UI

filmora free video editing app for android
  • Green screen editing features
  • Can play videos backward
  • Excellent embedded sound effects
  • Cover and mix video files
  • Lacks effects editing capabilities

Filmora stands out among the competition because of its amazing range of video editing effects and also attracts content creators with an extensive range of features that make this app as functional as other value-added services.

Filmora also brags about fantastic text and music effects, transitions, and options for panning and zooming, as well as audio equalization. The collection of more than 5000 stickers and filters, emoji, and backgrounds is another argument in favor of this tool. It is great that the editor can handle not only videos imported from your gadget but clips from Filmstock.

A diverse range of Filmora templates are what you need to produce top-rated TikTok clips, Instagram Reels, YouTube videos, or other type of content. The app is available for free, but to access its pro features be ready to pay $6.99 per month.

2. PowerDirector

Cutting-edge movie maker tool

powersirector free video editing app for android
  • Video stabilization feature
  • Smooth transitions
  • Fantastic video effects
  • Supports automatic captions
  • Limited range of transition effects
  • Cannot animate text

Advantageously, the Android version of PowerDirector offers the same functionality as the desktop tool. Multi-track and 4K editing are the highlights of the app, as they make your videos look as though they were edited by professionals.

The editor is absolutely user-friendly, so even newcomers won’t have trouble working with it. Take advantage of its convenient linear timeline to merge clips effortlessly, and add sound to your project with a functional audio mixer.

When it comes to AI functionality, the tool impresses editors with such great features as a background removal tool. Besides, the video effects it offers are now popular on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. A free version is available, but to get access to more advanced functionality, purchase a subscription that costs $5.99 per month.

3. VN Video Editor

Absence of watermark

vn free video editing app for android
  • Saves drafts automatically
  • Full-screen preview mode
  • Pic-in-pic mode
  • Material length is adjustable
  • Sometimes works slowly
  • Free version with restricted functionality

VN Video Editor is a comprehensive video editing solution not only for Android owners but also for those who own smartphones with other OS, tablets, or laptop/desktop devices. The absence of watermarks or other catches is the main winning aspect of this Android free video editor, which make the editing workflow more enjoyable.

Besides, VN supports different video dimensions and aspect ratios. It provides the basic toolkit letting content creators trim, split, accelerate videos, etc. Additionally, VN comes with an extensive collection of music allowing users to create a stunning library of sounds.

A broad selection of stickers, fonts, and other materials is another considerable advantage. As previously said, this application is free, but if its functionality is too restricted for you, purchase a pro version for $9.99 per month.

4. InShot

For creating impressive social media content

inshot free video editing app for android
  • Multiple filmlike filters
  • Chroma key or green screen
  • Can turn static layers into moving
  • Excellent resolution of the outcome
  • No multi-track or 4k editing options
  • Mediocre technical support

A comprehensive editing toolkit and easy-to-learn functionality are what users like about InShot. This free video editing app for Android even brags about some exclusive features like speed adjustment, which is absent in many other editing tools.

InShot offers both image and video editing functionality, as well as a collection of ready-to-use templates, which makes it an excellent solution to promote photography on Instagram. Besides, there is an ability to add an exclusive vlog and spruce up a video with mp3 or other audio files.

Even if you are not tech-savvy, you won’t have trouble importing, editing, and personalizing your videos, thanks to the app’s intuitive UI. What is more, InShot is available for free, with a pro-level version costing $3.99 per month.

5. Promeo

Multiple templates

promeo free video editing app for android
  • Royalty-free stock components
  • Comes with animated stickers
  • Exclusive color filters
  • Allows isolating object from the background
  • Sometimes sluggish
  • Not subscription-based

Promeo is a free video editor for Android, which offers a 3-step procedure for creating eye-grabbing promos. Offering a collection of 10,000 pre-made templates, the app is a real lifesaver for those who need eye-grabbing content for social media networks.

The editor allows the development of content based on custom videos, photos, and music exported from such platforms as Shutterstock, iStock, or Unsplash. Such extensive support of various file types is a considerable advantage.

The templates are available in different categories such as education, beauty, real estate, food, and more. Besides, this collection is updated every month with promo-specific templates and fresh designs, providing you with interesting ideas for social media content production regularly. Promeo’s basic functionality is available for free, whereas a pro version costs $50 per year.

6. Mojo

Excellent choice for businesses

mojo free video editing app for android
  • Templates are easy-to-customize
  • Can remove background
  • Creates multiple-page stories
  • Audio for commercial purpose
  • Reporting feature should be improved
  • No copy or duplicate forms support

To achieve better results when creating top-rated content, you should provide some info about whether you need the app for professional purposes or just for fun. Mojo UI resembles the interface of social media platforms, so if you spend much time browsing Instagram or Facebook, you’ll need little time figuring out how to use the app.

Supporting various video sizes, Mojo is your comprehensive solution for producing content for virtually any platform. A diverse range of templates and topics provides you with an excellent base for creating jaw-dropping publications. Meeting users’ basic editing needs, Moho also offers a range of filter effects like VHS, glitch, or bokeh for more sophisticated adjustments.

Brand owners will benefit from Mojo as well, as the editor allows building your own Brand Kit to add colors, fonts, and your own brand logo, like with logo design software. This free video editor for Android provides access to pro-level features for just $19.99 per month.

7. Quik

The best option for video montages

quik free video editing app for android
  • Supports different orientations
  • Has in-built themes
  • A private content feed option
  • Device-agnostic toolkit
  • Doesn’t offer 4K editing
  • Free version with restrictions

If you are looking for a highly functional app for creating multi-clip highlight reels, Quik is one of the greatest solutions, as it was designed specifically for such a task. Using this editor, it is easy to merge and mix videos, add a theme or audio to a clip and export the outcome virtually in minutes. So, Quik is a go-to option for everyone who needs to produce short videos for Instagram.

Editing your composition using Quik’s functionality is a trouble-free procedure. You can customize videos and add a personal touch to them with impressive filters, titles, fonts, and trims. Besides, its extensive support of 28 different video formats is another strong argument in favor of this free video editing app for Android.

It is to my taste that Quik lets users tinker with video speed by slowing down, accelerating, or freezing its specific part or multiple fragments. Although the app is free, the additional features that can be purchased for $1.99 per month are definitely worth the investment.

8. Splice

For trimming and cropping

splice free video editing app for android
  • Different music genres
  • Diverse transitions
  • Supports basic image editing features
  • Direct export to social media
  • Some music is under copyright
  • Occasional crashes

If you are an aspiring video editor who is seeking a user-friendly Android app for creating stunning Instagram reels, Splice is what you need. As this tool also supports Instagram photo editing, you won’t find a better solution for producing social media content.

Plus, the app makes trimming and cropping the uploaded clips a super intuitive procedure, the result of which is a smooth and clean video. Splice does not support editing in 4K but offers other goodies like a rich library of music and sound effects for customizing your clips.

Using the editor, you won’t have problems adding transitions, applying video effects, and exporting the outcome directly to a social media platform. Although the developers of this Android video editor recommend using its pro version for $12.99 per month, its basic functionality is available for free.

9. CapCut

Cutting-edge video stabilization

capcut free video editing app for android
  • Rich copyrighted songs
  • An impressive collection of templates
  • Uncomplicated UI
  • Almost all options are free
  • Does not offer advanced color grading
  • Accuracy glitches of some functions

CapCut is probably the best free video editing app for Android for loyal TikTok users. Speaking about its functionality, it offers all basic video editing features like text overlay, stickers, colors, and music.

This app will also satisfy your more advanced editing needs by offering keyframe animation, chroma key, stabilization, slow-motion effects, and other sophisticated options. Editors like CapCut for its extensive bundle of exclusive filters, audio tracks, and transitions, as well as several trending styles.

What is more, the app supports background removal options and can add captions to your clicks automatically. The biggest plus is that CapCut’s free version has all the required options, but if you want more, purchase a subscription for $7.99 per month.

10. Film Maker

The dynamic range of audio tracks

film maker free video editing app for android
  • Supports green screen editing
  • Audiometer for voiceovers
  • Linear gradient colors
  • Wrapper background to text
  • Watermarks on videos
  • There are glitchy options

Film Maker makes professional video editing on a smartphone possible. The app offers a diverse range of pro-level features for developing fantastic video projects. Besides, it provides a user with overall control over green screen editing or chroma key settings.

Although Film Maker does not support multi-track editing, you can easily cope with this task using a bunch of other options. They include 30 filters and 17 transitions for 4K video optimization, as well as an Audiometer for jazzing up a clip with a voiceover in virtually no time.

Film Maker provides access to basic features at no cost, whereas a pro-level functionality becomes available for $7.99 per month. However, for basic editing needs, a free toolkit is more than enough.

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