15 Inspirational Wedding Photography Websites: Easy & Beautiful

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This guide listing exquisite wedding photography websites to get inspiration for designing your own resources. Whether you are an experienced or unseasoned photographer, you will benefit from looking at these photography websites. They feature professionally taken wedding photos and serve as examples of smart marketing and self-promotion.

1. Jeremy Chou

wedding photography websites jeremy chou

Website highlight: The best photos are easy to notice

Jeremy Chou is a top-rated wedding photographer with an impressive online portfolio. His website features not only beautiful shots of his models but tells their love stories through pictures.

Besides, in his blog, Jeremy tells about the wedding and engagement stories that he has previously captured. He is friendly and approachable. Nowadays, only a few shooters tell stories of newlyweds in their blogs.

2. Denis Reggie

wedding photography websites denis reggie

Website highlight: Use of featured images and white space

Denis Reggie is one of the most popular wedding photographers in the USA. The portfolio on his website shows a real passion, with which he conducts every photo session. Excellent integration of clients’ happy love stories on the portfolio website proves Reggie’s professionalism.

Check out this wedding photos website to find an inspirational example of how you can win clients’ trust by publishing real reviews.

3. Love + Water

wedding photography websites love and water

Website highlight: Well-thought-out site branding

Love + Water is a web resource that can inspire both beginning and seasoned photographers. Its portfolio will make quite an impression on every viewer. The website was developed by a husband and wife. Both of them are professional photographers from Maui.

A pastel color palette and well-developed website design help visitors imagine the beach where most romantic photo sessions were conducted.

4. Nordica Photography

wedding photography websites nordica photography

Website highlight: Aesthetic slideshow with photos from weddings

Nordica Photography is one of the most iconic wedding photography websites, the developers of which work and live in Stockholm, Sweden. Creativity and professionalism are what come to the front when you visit this web resource. The homepage contains a collection of neatly-organized shots.

The main page features an integrated video that a visitor can pause during playback. Besides, you can browse a site’s map and click on the dots on it to view happy wedding stories.

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5. Christian Oth

wedding photography websites christian oth

Website highlight: His signature style can be traced through various projects

Are you looking for portfolio sites that demonstrate class and style? Christian Oth’s wedding photography page is all you need.

After taking a look at his online portfolio, potential clients will appreciate neatly selected images that convey the photographer’s vision and style. I also like that Christian organizes wedding shots in separate folders naming them by the initials of the newlyweds and indicating the location of the shooting spot.

6. Luminita Photos

wedding photography websites luminita photos

Website highlight: Allows finding out the price by using a special form

When conducting photo sessions, Luminita Photos tries to evoke sincere emotions and show that every person is unique. Below a large, full-width banner, you will see links to the portfolio galleries. A viewer can choose one of the categories or use the navigation in the upper menu.

Minimalist but exquisite website design also appeals to visitors. The main page features the Request Pricing button that opens a special form where you need to indicate your wishes, and choose a type of photoshoot. This option is very convenient.

7. Kirsten Noelle

wedding photography websites kirsten noelle

Website highlight: The use of sticky header

Kirsten Noelle is a wedding shooter who lives and works in San Francisco Bay Area. On her site, you will find a neat yet professional portfolio. Such eye-grabbing elements as a wedding backdrop picture, call-to-action, attractive headline with animated text represented in the hero header, as well as a sticky header improve visitor retention.

This photographer likes minimalist website design. The site’s layout is based on a convenient and eye-pleasing grid. Thanks to it, there is enough free space between the photos.

8. David Rochas

wedding photography websites david rochas

Website highlight: Parallax scrolling

Like many other wedding photography websites, David Rochas’ portfolio conveys the festive atmosphere of the important event. The best feature of this website is its categorization system.

A visitor can view all the photos from a particular wedding. Parallax scrolling is where David excels over other shooters. You can look through the pictures of newly married couples.

9. Samuel Docker

wedding photography websites samuel docker

Website highlight: Unusual navigation

Another wedding photo site that can become your source of inspiration was created by Samuel Docker. He is a professional wedding shooter who works and lives in Derby. Creative photography is Samuel’s strength. He conducts photo shoots in the United Kingdom, as well as in neighboring countries.

Once you open a portfolio, you will stunning wedding shots. They are followed by a short description of the photographer’s services for couples who are looking for their wedding shooter. Besides, the website contains stunning wedding stories.

10. Jorge Lara

wedding photography websites jorge lara

Website highlight: Shots inspired by Hollywood movies

Jorge Lara is a well-known shooter in Mexico and the USA. Besides, he was once an employee of the American television production company NBC. His website contains professionally shot pictures.

Check out his New York design website to appreciate exquisite wedding pictures inspired by Hollywood films. Moreover, Jorge Lara also educates amateurs helping them become more professional by sharing his knowledge about lighting, posing, and other issues.

11. Enrique Oliver Fotógrafo

wedding photography websites enrique oliver fotografo

Website highlight: Very informative section with frequently asked questions

The photographer has received numerous awards and has been nominated for the Goya awards ten times. These are surely considerable advantages that can tip the scales in Enrique’s favor for couples who are in search of their wedding shooter.

The website contains galleries designed like a slideshow where you can appreciate a photographer’s style and evaluate his works. The frequently asked questions section is definitely worth your attention, as this digital retoucher responds to all couple’s inquiries concerning a wedding photo session. The bride and groom can benefit from this info when organizing their wedding.

12. The Arroyos

wedding photography websites the arroyos

Website highlight: An Instagram feed at the bottom

The Arroyos is one of those wedding photography websites that attract many visitors thanks to their sophisticated designs and creative wedding photo ideas. It features many stunning photos that prove the photographer’s expertise. Besides, you can scroll through the wedding pictures using a slider.

The videos posted on the site increase the credibility of the agency worldwide. The carousel displaying professional pictures adds some flavor to a page. The bottom of the website features an Instagram feed.

13. Daniel Pullen

wedding photography websites daniel pullen

Website highlight: Photos are perfectly optimized for the site

The credo of Daniel Pullen’s wedding photography site is to ‘love fiercely’ and this is surely the truth. This message is reflected in all shooter’s samples of wedding photography. Working together with his wife Kate, Daniel manages to showcase the power and beauty of love in his works.

The shooter prefers to work using natural light to make each moment more emotional and unique. He aims to capture the picturesque surroundings and loving gazes of lovebirds. The most important thing is that all the images published on the website convey the philosophy described above.

14. India Earl

wedding photography websites india earl

Website highlight: Integrated online store

The unique photo layout appeals to every website visitor. The platform is designed in a contemporary style. It features a web store, portfolio as well as some info about the owner.

The website has an impressive gallery of natural-looking, creative images. Visitors will also appreciate a special section where India tells about her passion for photography and some facts from her biography.

15. Javier Cintas

wedding photography websites javier cintas

Website highlight: Features videos from photoshoots

On his website, Javier Cintas showcases what a wedding photo shoot will look like if his potential clients hire him. This story is illustrated not only with images but with videos as well. In such a way, couples get a full picture of what it’s like to work with Javier Cintas.

I also recommend heading to the “Who I am, what I do, prices” section first to watch the videos of weddings. The quality of his works is probably the most considerable argument for clients in favor of this photographer.

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