17 Spring Photoshoot Ideas to Try Something New

spring photoshoot ideas

Spring is a dreamy time when the trees are dressed in fresh green foliage, and the earth is dressed in lush grass and colorful flowers. All this creates a fabulous vibe. This article contains many spring photoshoot ideas, most of which can be implemented right in your yard or the nearest park. Don’t worry if you don’t have a pro-grade camera, lighting, and everything else – the ideas listed here are not demanding.

The WeEdit.Photos experts have prepared newbie-friendly tips that will appeal to those who want to capture stunning spring shots, share them on Instagram or save them in a family album.

1. Take a Spring Shot in the Field

spring photoshoot idea in the field

If there is a flowering spring field near your house, then you are very lucky, be sure to use this. A field of multi-colored flowers is a real find for a photographer because you can use it as an attractive background. Make sure you have permission to visit it.

spring picture idea in the field

I have prepared for you a list of fields available for visiting in the USA:

Carlsbad Ranch, California – Fields of unreal beauty, with Tecolote® Giant Ranunculus flowering from March to May. Everything you need for your March photoshoot ideas is here.

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm, Oregon – the best time to visit is also from March to May. During this period, you can enjoy millions of tulips.

Mount Rainier National Park, Washington is a must-see for those who love wildflowers. Here you can also admire avalanche lilies and asters or fireweed in the company of purple shooting stars.

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California – for those who are after something unusual and exotic. Bring your wildest ideas to life with Desert Woolstar, Apricot Mallow, Wild Heliotrope, and Pink-blooming Cheesebush.

Pelindaba Lavender Farm, Friday Harbor, Washington – perfect for taking photos of eye-catching lavender fields.

2. Add Vibrant Colors to the Shot

spring photoshoot idea with bright colors

Put on bright clothes or complete your outfit with bright accessories. Try using an umbrella and wear matching rubber boots. Tie a hot pink sash around a romantic pastel-colored dress and add stylish accessories in matching colors to accentuate your dreamy look.

To improve spring photos, contact the retouchers working for WeEdit.Photos. They will keep your shots natural by fixing the color gamut and lighting to give them a professional look.

spring photoshoot weeditphotos

Professional retouchers will perform color and light correction, adjust shadows, add sharpness where it’s necessary, and work with contrast and exposure. A nice bonus is that you will get the result in just 24 hours.

3. Create Spring Bed Scene Outdoors

spring photoshoot idea with bed

To implement such spring picture ideas, you will need white bed linen, pillows, and a blanket. The rest of the props depend on what story you want to tell. Share your couple’s romantic story or showcase your hobby.

4. Experiment with the Mirror

spring photoshoot idea with mirror

For these shots, you’ll obviously need a mirror of whatever size and shape you want. Prepare your favorite flowers and scatter them around your shooting location. Experiment with angles to get interesting shots. You can place the mirror on the grass and take a photo from above. Alternatively, you can surround it with flowers and take a full-length photo.

mirror spring picture ideas

You can use both vintage-style mirrors and a more stylish solution. As for a location, both a flower field and a nearby park or your yard are suitable.

5. Take Photoshoot at Sunset or Sunrise

sunset spring photoshoot idea

We often associate the sun with summer, but it is in spring when you can implement many outdoor spring mini session ideas and capture the golden rays of the sunset, which will make the flowers and foliage in your pictures even more attractive.

spring picture ideas on sunset

You can expect the most beautiful pictures when shooting during the golden hour. This term refers to the time immediately after dawn and immediately after sunset. Tools like GoldenHour.One will help you select this time.

6. Decorate the Photo with a Spring Flower Arrangement

spring photoshoot idea with flower composition

For such a photo, you need to get a little creative and build an interesting flower arrangement. It can be a swing decorated with flowers, an arch, or a children’s wigwam tent. You can create a composition both with fresh flowers and with the help of flower art wall decor.

march photoshoot ideas with flower composition

The arrangement of flowers and other props can be done in countless ways. Therefore, it makes sense to read about different methods, perspectives & viewpoints, skewed compositions, and levels of depth of field. Surround your subject with flowers so that it blends in with them. Try to deepen the sharpness as it will allow you to create a bokeh effect with flowers in the background.

7. Hold a Bouquet

spring photoshoot idea with bouquet of flowers

This simple spring prop will make it easy for you to implement indoor spring photoshoot ideas. You just need to buy or make a bouquet (you can use real flowers or even artificial ones from the store) and hold it in your hands. To improve the photo, you can put it on a bench if you are taking photos outside, or even tuck it into a sock or rubber boot.

outdoor spring mini session ideas with bouquet of flowers

So that the photo does not seem boring, consider some interesting photo poses for women. If you are using sunflowers or any other large and bright flowers, put them on your shoulder. Also, try holding the bouquet at arm’s length closer to the camera – this will give you a few different shots. Focus first on the flowers and then on the model. Thus, you will have a photo with an emphasis on flowers and a blurred background.

8. Put Flower Buds in Your Hair

spring photoshoot idea with flowers in your hair

When implementing spring portrait ideas, try inserting small flowers into your hair. This is quite difficult to do on your own, so ask your photographer to help you. Such an insignificant detail at first glance will add a spring mood to your picture. As the backdrop, you can use a colorful flower meadow.

outdoor spring mini session ideas with flowers in your hair

Another way to implement this idea is to come to a field of wildflowers and lie down so that they are visible from under your hair. Choose an angle to shoot this model pose for photoshoot from above or slightly at an angle.

9. Wear White Clothes to the Photoshoot

spring photoshoot idea in white clothes

If you find a photo location full of the brightest and most diverse colors, then it’s better to wear white clothes. White color will act as a symbol of freedom, lightness, and fragility. It will look great against a colorful background.

spring themed photoshoot in white clothes

As a background, choose flowering trees or a forest landscape. Take care of the proper composition settings to get a clean and eye-catching background for shooting. Start with a wide aperture and spring themed photoshoot for cloudless spring skies and luscious fresh grass to get lovely images.

10. Capture Blossoming Trees in Spring

spring photoshoot idea with tree blossom

Take pictures with blossoming trees in public gardens and parks. Cherry blossoms, orchids, and magnolias look especially stunning.

tree blossom spring themed photoshoot

You can implement many beautiful self portrait ideas using the blossoming trees as the background. You can blur the background or foreground to focus on the person in the frame.

11. Add an Umbrella or Rain Boots to the Frame

spring photoshoot idea with rain boots

If it rains on the day of your photo shoot, don’t be discouraged. Put on rain boots and jump in the puddles with your child, because this atmosphere is perfect for implementing spring photoshoot ideas. In case you want to get even brighter photos, use multi-colored umbrellas.

spring picture ideas with umbrella

If you plan to shoot in advance, check the weather forecast first. You can ask Google or install one of the weather apps for your Android or iOS devices. I recommend AccuWeather, Carrot Weather, and Flowx.

12. Go on a Spring Picnic

spring photoshoot idea on picnic

Rest assured that these shots will turn out great, whether you use a lot of decorations or just a couple of simple props. Take with you a beautiful blanket, a picnic basket, fruit, and other food.

picnic spring picture ideas

The blanket must be in a contrasting shade, so as not to merge with grass. The same goes for clothes – it’s better to use light, blue and brown shades.

13. Watch Birds and Animals in Spring

wildlife spring photoshoot idea

All birds and animals, just like us, look forward to spring, and when it finally comes, they enjoy this wonderful time. Even if you are not a big fan of shooting nature and animals, these cute fluffy and winged creatures will make it impossible not to pick up a camera and implement March photoshoot ideas.

spring picture ideas with birds and animals

To capture a clear shot of a jumping cat or a flying bird, set your shutter speed to 1/250, 1/500, or even higher. As for ISO, set this parameter to medium values, in the range from 400 to 800. I also advise you to simplify your task and use autofocus; this will give you a better chance of getting a sharp picture.

14. Capture the Excitement of Spring Break

spring break photoshoot idea

Do not forget that springtime is associated with holidays in schools and universities. Use this for bringing to life even more original spring picture ideas. Tell your followers about student vacation trips, campfire songs, and other fun-filled adventures. The choice of locations and props is almost endless – go to the beach, sit in an open-top car with friends, or meet up at your favorite amusement park for a cotton candy meal together.

excitement spring picture ideas

Think about the composition of your shots in advance so that they are as diverse as possible. Learn various techniques, such as symmetry, the rule of thirds, which involves placing the subject in the frame in the left or right third of the photo, and the rule of odds. The latter requires you to place an odd number of objects in the frame. To give your shots more movement and dynamics, learn how to properly apply guiding lines when taking photos.

15. Throw the Spring Flower Fireworks

spring photoshoot idea with floral fireworks

Add some movement to the frame – throw a bouquet or petals. For instance, you can take a photo with a focus on flowers and a blurred subject. What’s more, you can combine it with baby photoshoot ideas, because children can have fun in the frame, and you just need to capture their emotions.

floral fireworks spring picture ideas

Don’t forget to use burst mode when shooting. This will give you a better chance of capturing flowers in the air, and you will get more sharp shots.

16. Practice Spring Close-Up Shooting

close up spring photoshoot idea

Such outdoor spring mini session ideas involve capturing flowers, foliage after rain, and insects. Extension tubes may be of use to you when shooting. They are ideal for increasing the distance between the sensor and the camera lens, which helps increase the size of the shot, as you get closer to it. To get more magnification, take a longer extension tube.

close up spring picture ideas

If you set a small aperture value while shooting close-ups, you will deepen the field, sharpen it and achieve the effect of blurred background. To keep the grain level as low as possible, set a low ISO value and use a low shutter speed. The speed also affects the clarity of your picture – the lower it is, the sharper the picture.

17. Shoot Through a Crystal Ball

spring photoshoot idea with a lens ball

Instead of copying spring themed photoshoot ideas from Instagram, try to come up with more creative solutions. For example, take a refraction shot. For this, you will need a crystal ball. You don’t have to pay much money for it, and in return, you can add some extravagance to your shots.

lens ball for spring picture ideas

You just need to choose a shooting subject: it can be a flowering tree or a bush, a bouquet, or a spring landscape. Another trendy idea is to take intentionally blurred shots of moving objects. Windy weather is best for this. I advise you to take a tripod and use a low shutter speed. When the wind blows, take a photo of moving flowers. It will allow you to take wonderful abstract pictures.

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