30 Maternity Picture Ideas: Indoor & Outdoor

maternity picture ideas

Thinking about your maternity photoshoot, and searching for original maternity picture ideas? Our photo experts from WeEdit.Photos have concluded the most distinctive and unprecedented pregnancy photoshoot ideas to let you obtain the wonderful images.

Note that the best time for a maternity shoot is 26-34 weeks when you have a nice and round tummy. It should have a relevant size to make impression in the pictures but not too big that will make you feel inconvenient.

1. Underwater Maternity Pictures

Beyonce realized underwater maternity pictures with her exemplary underwater shoot to etch her twin pregnancy. Underwater maternity pictures are a unique and spectacular way to demonstrate your pregnancy. Cloth can really improve your photo.

underwater maternity picture ideas

Light fabrics like chiffon look perfect, and the floating fabric creates wonderful shapes when it moves, making your attire look like an angel or butterfly wings. To ensure you will get the best result, you should behave confident in water and be a strong swimmer. You’d better get some practice before the photo session as you will be more vivacious in the water in the period of your pregnancy. Exercise your facial expressions underwater and also try opening your eyes.

underwater maternity picture ideas

2. Silhouette

Silhouette photography is a unique pregnant maternity photo idea without revealing too much. It actually creates an ideal balance between showing and concealing, keeping some of the miracle happening right onsite and making it personal.

silhouette maternity picture ideas

It can also come in handy if you feel confining while being pictured. Stand in profile for the advantageous angles. If a neutral background is not appealing for you, a striking sunset can give a perfect light for demonstrating your tummy.

silhouette maternity picture ideas

3. Milk Bath Maternity Pictures

Opt for milk bath photography with floating blooms, and your pregnancy photos will be fascinating. You can use flowers, fruit, or other requisite to add brightness. Using milk is nice as there have been studies proving the advantages of milk for skin, but it can be worthy and unreasonable for just a prompt photoshoot.

milk bath maternity picture ideas

In fact, you can employ various techniques to get the look. You can apply a bath bomb, milk bath soak product, or do what I normally do: use plain powdered creamer for coffee! It provides the similar effect without any strange smells.

milk bath maternity picture ideas

4. Draped in Fabric Maternity Pictures

Standing bare behind draping fabric will draw attention to the most significant moment of any pregnancy photoshoot – your tummy! The alluring simplicity of this pregnancy photo is what really makes it different! You could arrange it on your own or ask a photographer to assist you in the studio.

maternity retouching weeditphotos

To receive a gripping photo, it is essential to add professional retouching vibes to your picture. If you are not an experienced photo editor, or are just not willing to spend hours trying to get specific effects, do not hesitate to use WeEdit.Photos. Our professionals offer a quick turnaround, and approachable photo editing prices. They can achieve any result they long for.

fabric maternity picture ideas

5. With a Book

Your children’s book will be a great and important prop for you to take it and pose reading.

maternity picture ideas with a book

6. Maternity Pictures in a Future Nursery

You have put a lot of effort and time to arranging a breath-taking nursery. It can be a perfect setting for your indoor pregnancy photoshoot. The iconic “waiting for baby” picture in your nursery is a must!

nursery maternity picture ideas

7. Future Clothes

One of the best classic maternity photoshoot ideas is holding a pair of baby shoes or baby clothes near your tummy.

future clothes maternity picture ideas

8. Feature Your Pet in Maternity Pictures

You can also make your pregnancy photoshoot special if you involve your pet in the process! The result is a unique striking photo for your family. However, it will require some effort to make your pet pose, so some practice before staging the real photoshoot will be helpful.

pets maternity picture ideas

9. On the Couch

Model pregnancy photos can be super-exquisite, but for more cherished feelings, try arranging a maternity photoshoot on a comfortable bed. A natural and warm setting can be one of the top pregnancy pictures ideas for shooting those spiritual moments.

maternity picture ideas bed

Engaging your partner to the shotting process can add more intimacy to your atmosphere.

maternity picture ideas bed

10. Create a Maternity Movie Poster

If you are in search of a fun maternity shoot, take a look at this movie poster idea. Invent a name for your movie, and add the “coming in..” part with the approximate month of your baby’s birth.

maternity picture ideas movie poster

11. Incorporate a Letter Board

Complement your pregnancy pictures with a playful component using letter boards! They have a significant influence on social media, and it’s clear why — it is a lovely way to share amusing messages. You can write your baby’s gender, name, or any memo you like!

maternity picture ideas with a letter board

12. Maternity Pictures at the Beach

If you live near the beach, or are able in some way to realize a photoshoot during your pregnancy vacation, you’ll adore unbelievable pregnancy photos with a calm and undisturbed vibe, and magnificent reflections. No matter what beach photoshoot ideas are: whether you pose on the sand or enjoy the waves, all of these ideas will definitely capture the glory of your maternity.

maternity picture ideas at the beach

13. Get Your Partner Involved

If you’re planning to immerse in the parenthood with your partner, your photoshoot is incomplete without them. Your mutual agitation will radiate in those couple pregnancy pictures.

maternity picture ideas with partner

14. Maternity Pictures During Golden Hour

Lighting can improve or worsen your pregnancy photos, so arrange your maternity photoshoot at an appropriate time of day. Photographers prefer the so called “golden hour” for taking pictures — the time just after the sunrise or just before the sunset — to capture those mild golden shades.

maternity picture ideas golden hour

15. In the Field

Pay attention to open fields close to your home — tall, lush grasses create an exclusively stunning background. If your attire goes with the season colors, it will make your photos even more appealing.

maternity picture ideas in the field

16. Wearing a Floral Crown

Floral crowns are a hot maternity shoot trend nowadays. They can really endow your photo with an arty and celestial vibe. Put the flower crown in pair with a white graceful dress to look like a genuine princess.

maternity picture ideas flower crown

17. Hands Over Belly

Shoot your love for your baby in this magnificent pregnancy photoshoot idea. To capture a unique maternity picture you will treasure, place your hands in the shape of heart on top of your partner’s hands over your tummy, or even make two halves of the heart with your partner over your tummy.

maternity picture ideas hands over belly

As an option, ask him/her to stand behind you while cuddling your bump. Create a breath-taking shot by making it one-color.

maternity picture ideas hands over belly

18. Cozy Maternity Winter Clothes

A winter maternity doesn’t imply an indoor pregnancy photoshoot is the only choice you have. Wrap up and dive into the fresh air in a winter fairytale.

maternity picture ideas winter clothes

19. Graffiti Wall

Check out Instagram and you’ll see plenty of selfies captured against walls covered in luminous urban murals and appealing street art. Why not borrow the idea for your outdoor pregnancy photoshoot?

maternity picture ideas graffiti

20. Holding Balloons

If you would like something plain, utilize balloons to write the word “baby”, while giving a kiss to your partner. To make it more special, opt for a splendid location like the forest, coast or harbor.

maternity picture ideas balloons

21. Going on a Picnic

In summer, choose a warm, bright day with sunset picnic and pregnancy photoshoot! Find a site with magnificent green grass, and admire the picnic with your partner. You can just take a picnic blanket with you, or bring the picnic basket with food and beverages.

maternity picture ideas picnic

22. Look at the Ultrasound Photos

Share a cherished moment with your dearest one while contemplating your baby’s ultrasound.

maternity picture ideas ultrasound

Otherwise, you can zoom the ultrasound, while posing kissing in the background.

maternity picture ideas ultrasound

23. With Older Siblings

You will make your first child feel unique if you arrange your pregnancy shoot for them. Celebrating the new baby’s arrival, you also celebrate your first child becoming an older brother or sister. Capturing your first child will also make them feel their new part even more!

maternity picture ideas siblings

Ask them to give a kiss to your baby bump, or just interact with a tummy in any manner, for instance, making a heart with their hands. For smaller children, putting them carefully at their mummy’s tummy is a jolly way to emphasize the power of pregnancy.

maternity picture ideas siblings

24. Monochrome Minimalism

Black & white creates an eternal, meaningful and exquisite look. The incredible contrast between the colors lets arrange bold and graphic silhouettes that concentrate on the stunning maternity curves and forms. Select something that will go contrast with your skin.

maternity picture ideas monochrome

25. Add Movement to Maternity Pictures

Including motion to a pregnancy picture is an idea that always functions perfectly. The flowing maternity gown takes on an added element of interest as it unwinds in the lane.

maternity picture ideas movement

A long dress in bright colors looks incredible on any pregnant woman. This unfurling cloth emphasizes your eye-catching look in the photo and perfectly shows your feminine shape.

maternity picture ideas movement

26. Flower Swing

When you put on a wonderful pastel dress with frills and laces, it seems you are a charming garden fairy. Include a floral swing to supplement your look. Selecting a swing as a requisite for your pregnancy photoshoot always adds a specific intimate touch to your photo collection.

maternity picture ideas swing

27. Maternity Boudoir

Even if you became worried about your body changes because of pregnancy, maternity is attractive, and so are you! You merit feeling great in your body and boudoir pictures are a great way of increasing your confidence while marking this significant event in your life.

maternity picture ideas boudoir

28. Incorporate Holidays

If the timing allows, involve the nearest holiday into your maternity shoot. Thus, if for instance, your maternity shoot coincides with autumn, apply spooky Halloween picture ideas to add an original twist to your pregnancy shoot. Creative ideas like this can be applied for each holiday season.

maternity picture ideas holidays

29. White Walls and Curtains

Discover a window with some luminous curtains — try to select hours when natural light flows through. Then just pose against the drape for a bright and airy vibe.

maternity picture ideas white walls

30. Fairytale Forest Maternity Pictures

If a forest or woodland is located near you, this idea is fascinating. Convert into a magic queen by wearing an evening dress that highlights your tummy. After that, get the photographer create a mist effect around you — it’s enigmatically incredible.

maternity picture ideas forest

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