8 Best Photo Comparison Software in 2024

best photo comparison software

If you have ever tried to edit a pack of wedding photos, you know how difficult it is to spot differences in them. Our retouchers fully understand this struggle. Fortunately, there are many purpose-built image comparison tools, which you can use to cope with the task faster. Besides, these programs will also come in handy if you want to free your internal disk space by locating and deleting duplicates.

The WeEdit.Photos team has selected the most reliable and feature-rich photo comparison tools. With them, you may forget about the necessity to look through hundreds of images to find identical ones. Though all instruments in this overview are fantastic, we believe that Adobe Lightroom comes out on top.

If you are pressed for time to edit your images yourself, you can always reach out to our professional and they will enhance your photos in the quickest way possible.

1. Adobe Lightroom

User-friendly interface

adobe lightroom photo comparison software interface
  • Intuitive image grouping
  • AI-powered Adobe Sensei tool
  • 1TB of cloud storage
  • Amazing color correction capabilities
  • Registration is obligatory
  • A trial version is valid for 7 days only

Adobe Lightroom tops this list because it offers totally fantastic tools for photo comparison. It is a go-to program for photographers, who have to organize lots of images on a regular basis. This image comparison software has an AI Sensei tool that can meticulously analyze a picture, define similar objects, and assign keywords to photos.

Thus, you will understand what shots have duplicates and will be able to increase memory by removing them. Besides, this program comes with an extra 1TB of storage, so you will be able to manage even more photos.

Another highlight of this program is the availability of creative filters, using which you can tweak colors, adjust light exposure, improve crispness, as well as play around with artistic effects. If there are sharpness issues in your pictures, you can fix it in Lightroom as well.

Users with a busy schedule will surely appreciate the possibility to apply free Lightroom presets for instant picture transformations. The best part is that you can manage your assets from any place with an Internet connection thanks to the integration with Creative Cloud.

2. ImageMagick

Absolutely free

imagemagick photo comparison software interface
  • Cross-platform
  • Lots of unique effects
  • Rich format support
  • Photo resizing and conversion
  • UI calls for updating
  • Designed as binary distribution or source code
  • Confusing setup

If you are looking for a free app to compare two pictures, ImageMagick will work just fine. Moreover, it is great photo editing software for beginners that can be used as a binary distribution or as source code. The program supports mega-, giga-, and tera-pixel photo sizes, and will define the difference between 2 pictures either visually or mathematically. Users particularly laud this software for an extensive format support. It recognizes over 200 formats, including JPEG, SVG, TIFF, PDF, and more.

However, the setup process is rather confusing and requires absolute concentration. You can add the application directory to the system path, associate supported file extensions, and install headers and development libraries for C and C++. Upon startup, you will see an intuitive, well-organized interface. However, it looks dated. Keep in mind that most features available in the utility are accessible through the command line console, which may pose difficulties for users with little PC knowledge.

3. Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Fast search results

duplicate photo cleaner photo comparison software interface
  • Side-by-side photo previewing
  • Special Trash folder for all deleted duplicates
  • Bulk scanning
  • 1-click duplicate selecting
  • Limited free version
  • Same Subject Scan feature should be improved

Duplicate Photo Cleaner takes very little storage space while performing terrific work with scanning folders, and managing and removing duplicate files. Though there are many powerful image comparison tools, most of them use file names or dates when locating images. This software follows a different approach and actually leverages cutting-edge algorithms to find edited, cropped, and rotated pictures on a computer with the utmost accuracy.

You will get search results very promptly. Besides, it is possible to indicate different parameters for photo comparisons, e.g., set file similarity to various degrees. The default value is 50%. When enabling the Folder Comparison mode, you can easily discern whether an image from a source folder and one from the target folder are identical or not.

4. ACDSee Photo Studio Home

Offers easy manipulation of photos

acdsee photo studio home photo comparison software interface
  • Quick photo manipulation
  • Very responsive
  • Face recognition and geotagging
  • Parametric image adjustments with the help of layers
  • High cost
  • Finding tools in menus isn’t easy

This is not just a single photo comparison app, but a digital image suite with many interesting features. If you are particularly interested in locating similar pictures, you should use GPU-based software with top-notch comparison & management tools. After that, you can switch to menus with instruments for RAW photo editing and improve your images like a pro.

The developers claim the latest version of the program is amazingly fast, has more processing power and optimization capabilities. Besides, it has numerous filters for creative edits. So, you can not only find identical pictures but also perform image editing and give your shots a unique finish thanks to the variety of creative filters.

5. BolideSoft Image Comparer

Supports all popular formats

bolidesoft image comparer photo comparison software interface
  • Can compare faces in photos
  • Supports 7+ file formats
  • Accurate image matching tool
  • You can change search settings
  • Windows-compatible only
  • Interface should be updated

BolideSoft can cater to the needs of different users, including professional photographers, who frequently work in a burst shooting mode, webmasters, who manipulates lots of graphics on sites, as well as average users, who want to organize their image assets. Here you can open all popular photo formats (JPEG, PNG, BMP, and GIF, to name a few) and perform basic operations with files (delete, copy, and relocate) in batch mode.

The functionality of this image comparison software is awesome. You can use an advanced search and indicate the parameters that are important for you. For instance, you can choose a format, file name, date, compression ratio, and complete or partial match.

Unlike other programs, this software can compare images not only by color gamut, resolution, file format, and other technical parameters, but also analyze them for possible matches very accurately thanks to top-tier AI technology.

6. Duplicate Photo Finder

Advanced scanning

duplicate photo finder photo comparison software interface
  • Embedded selection assistant
  • Works with 10+ formats
  • Feature-rich
  • Quickly detect resized or rotated images
  • For Windows OS only
  • Free version with limitations

As the name implies, this program is specifically made for finding duplicate images on a computer. It stands out with advanced scanning capabilities and is regarded by many Windows users as the best photo comparison software. The range of parameters for comparison is huge.

Duplicate Photo Finder supports more than 60 formats (RAW, JPG, GIF, and more), so you can be sure it will detect identical images even in multi-format collections. The UI is very straightforward with all tools being located in the main menu. You can very quickly get the list of similar images, including resized or rotated duplicates.

7. PictureEcho

Creates a separate folder for duplicates

pictureecho photo comparison software interface
  • In-depth system scan
  • Filter scan option
  • Scans from other software as well
  • Scans with detailed descriptions
  • High price
  • Very basic features
  • Runs on Windows 7 and newer versions only

This is one of the best photo comparison software that excels at finding and deleting similar photos in just several minutes. Thanks to the embedded image similarity finder technology, it can accurately analyze and find identical photos without the user’s manual intervention. The program is packed with efficient instruments for scanning a whole system and selecting photos based on indicated parameters – size, subject, and even background effects.

PictureEcho not only finds exact duplicates but selects images that have a slight resemblance to a source photo. In fact, all detected pictures undergo 4-level scanning. Users can choose a comparison mode and the program will choose pictures based on it.

8. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Different matching techniques

duplicate photos fixer pro photo comparison software interface
  • Preview of scanned duplicates
  • Allows sorting image collection
  • Auto-marking options
  • Cross-platform
  • Limitations in a free version
  • Scanning takes up much time
  • Not for users with a tight budget

This image comparison software has intuitive commands and allows you to add a folder for scanning just by dragging and dropping it into the home menu. The search feature works very accurately and can be customized if you are interested in getting some specific outcomes. The comparison of several files is performed automatically.

In addition to standard instruments, the program contains an image recovery tool. Thus, you can recover lost files even on external storage devices. When looking for photos, you can define whether you need exact copies or just similarities.

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