WeEdit.photos is looking for talents

All comers, professional photographers and amateur photographers are invited to participate in an interesting photo contest.

Our American photo editing service prepared for photo-lovers the photography contest with cash prizes. You’ve probably heard about the world-famous Sony World Photography Awards, where the most beautiful and interesting photos from around the world are gathered in a variety of categories, you can see a short review of the winner-shots in this video “2017 Sony World Photography Best Photos Will Take Your Breath Away”.

A company with 15 years of experience in the field of photo processing follows fashion trends, and to always be on the same page with photographers and to keep options open, conducts various digital photography contests. The cash prize photo contests are created in order to attract the attention of the target audience to their service, to increase popularity and to gain a loyalty in the minds of users, as a sociable company that offers something more interesting besides the usual photo processing services.


For example, our company has a blog, which it always replicates with interesting articles on hot-button issues. Now the world is going crazy from the cult series “Game of Thrones”, weddings in this style and photography contests cash prizes for the best cosplay are held to everyplace on the world. WeEdit.photos did not take at the flood to please its readers with articles “Game of Thrones Photoshop tutorial for true fans” on the theme of photo processing in this style.

The whole creation of photography and its mission

500 million Internet users leave an immense amount of their memories in the form of photos. More than 50 billion images are simply downloaded to the Internet or published on social networks, and this number is constantly growing. How many of them belong to you? What do you manage with your all pictures? Have you ever participated in photography contests cash prizes?

Maybe you keep them as pleasant flashbacks. Or try out for cash prize photo contests of the all-time photos. Or you take example by Mike Gutkin, who makes money using his smartphone and the photographer’s skills. You will be surprised but this man has about 71 thousand subscribers in Instagram.
Through the use of the large quantity of applications and photo contest websites, you do not have to make much effort to boast your photos or even sell them. The only obstacle is the level of your skill.
Undoubtedly, creativity is a difficult job and always accompanied by criticism. In addition, in our days everyone thinks of himself as a photographer. However, as many have already proved, this is an achievable task. Therefore, do not be shy, participate in competitions, share photos, and create modern art together with us. But first, let’s figure out why we need to participate in contests and what they have in store for you.

Different firms, brands and other small and big companies often purchase photos on public stock services and on sites that conduct different photography contest categories than professional pictures due to its cheapness. Buying public is looking for interesting and realistic pictures, not staged photos from traditional image agencies.
But stock images can gradually become a dull occupation. Sometimes they are not local enough to depict originality of cultures and unexpected moments in our life. They can be taken too late to cover the latest news or even ordinary events like a school football game. Nevertheless, different companies today often give precedence to user-defined snapshots taken from day-to-day routine. For example, photos of weddings, city festivals, funny pets and eye-catching nature or ordinary people and so on.
And in this case, everyone resorts to using photos that were seen in various photo contests. And thanks to a large number of photo contest websites, this search becomes easier for willing participants and people, who are looking for good photos.
In the world, a myriad of ordinary photo contests and photography contests with cash prizes, so there is plenty to choose from. If you do not want to sell your pictures, you can publish them on resources like Photoshare for educational purposes or still hit the jackpot and show your picture to the whole world.

How to take the necessary photo?

With the help of smartphones you can get cool images, you just need to take your mind off selfie and work on your creative side. Of course, all the pictures are preliminarily edited before publishing on the Internet and now almost every second person is fond of an iPhoneography. By the way, in our blog there is an article “Do we need a professional camera if we know some secret iPhone photography tips and tricks?” which can help you in shooting for your iPhone. Many people even earn big bucks on photos from their smartphones, instead of just storing them for sentimental reasons.

In general, sometimes it does not matter what kind of photographic equipment you have taken a photograph, more important what is depicted on it. How do you think the owners of these photos got their viewers “10+ Hilarious Entries to the 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards”, and this is also one of the popular photography contests cash prizes. Each competition has its own idea, and our categories are not limited to anything, it all depends on the imagination and the message that the photo carries.

And now let’s talk about the most important thing!

What do we offer to participants of our cash prize photography contest and why should you take part in this contest.
Our life is always filled with various holidays, events, travel and just a sea of visual impressions, so the desire to share photos with the whole world will reach a local maximum. Soon you will become especially offended that Instagram is no longer the same and just collecting friends’ likes in social networks is no longer interesting. And then our photo contest comes to the rescue. We, like many other organizers, offer several photography contest categories so that more people can take part in them.
1. So, we have three categories: PORTRAIT, LANDSCAPE and WILDLIFE.

2. Next, it’s very simple; you take a picture and send it to us at weeditphotospro@gmail.com with the specified category.

3. In addition, to consider your application for participation in our cash prize photography contest, you must write your short biographical essay (up to 100 words). You can write about your hobbies, where you are from and what you are doing, how you made your legendary photo and what feelings you experienced during what you saw. And do not forget your personal data, otherwise how can we reward an unnamed winner?

Our competition, like all other digital photography contests, has its time frame, namely, the competition starts on September 13 2017 and will be held until February 1 2018. Then we will need some time to evaluate the work and choose the winner. The entry fee is only $10 and you can download up to 3 pictures of each category.
Winners in each category will receive a cash prize; as follows $5000 – first place, $3000 – second place and $1000 for third place. Complementary to cash prizes, our finalists will get a promotion activity on WeEdit.photos website. Other finalists (Top 10) will receive a photobook with the printed photos of all participants and as a consolation prize an annual 10% discount on all our photo editing prices.
Capture the moments of life that surprised you and share them with us. Send your work from September 1 to our mentioned above mail. If you have some questions you can always contact with us via chat or Facebook messanger.
The game begins! Good luck everyone!


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